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Board Minutes - 07/12

Minutes of the Meeting of July 11, 2012

The meeting was called to order by President Donna Jones at Irene Jansson’s club house at 1 p.m.  

Minutes of the meeting of June 6 were read and approved.

The August luncheon will be at Backwoods Inn.  The menu will consist of salad, baby back ribs, open face steak sandwich, grilled Tilapia, teriyaki chicken.  There will be no dessert, but the club will bring a cake.  September, October and November will be at the Valencia Country Club.  Christmas remains a surprise.

Donna reported for Trish the balance in the account..  Since Trish is on vacation, Karen Forte will collect receipts for any bills and give them to Trish for payment.

Irene reported that the directories are ready and will be available at the luncheon.  They must be signed for.  

Mikki reported that Go Daddy has revised the website and $40 was charged for this service.  However, they also gave us a 20% discount to renew our site.

Donna reported Jo Ann Mumby has passed away.  Her services will be Friday July 13 at Forest Lawn Hollywood.  You can send sympathy cards to Karen Forte who will forward them to Jo Ann’s family.

Laurie Prince requested permission to have the tea monthly instead of every other month because several people want to participate and at present there is not enough room for them.  Monthly will open it up for more people.

Carla reported that there are a lot of members who want to learn new games.  New groups can be formed for these games.  The new games must be given to Laurie who will see to it that they get into the bulletin.

Board meetings for August and September will be at Sandi Cates’ clubhouse.  Nalini will host the October meeting; Millie the November meeting and Shirley Lamoureaux will host the December board meeting.

Dorothy Karnes reminded the board about the August 22 trip to the Pitchess Honor Farm.  Cost is $15 and checks should be made out to Dorothy.  The trip will include lunch.  No cell phones, purses, drugs are allowed to be taken inside.  There is a gift shop so you can take in money.  We will be driven around the center in vans, but transportation to the center is on our own.  She reported that the final amount donated to the Firemen’s Fund was $155 from the airport outing.

Carla Crancer reported that she sent out 5 cards for sunshine.  Karen Forte suggested she purchase them at a discount store such as Ross or TJ Maxx.  The boxes run $3.99 for 18 cards.

Alyce reported that the deadline sign up for the Queen Mary trip is August 2.  At that time, if there are not enough signed up, she will “jump ship” and cancel the tour.  The cost of the day is $89 which includes admission to the ship, the Princess Diana exhibit and lunch.

There was no new business

The meeting was adjourned at 1:46 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Margaret Gilmer, Secretary

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