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Board Minutes 2/13

The meeting was called to order at 1:10 by president, Donna Jones.  Donna announced it was hers and Milly’s birthday so there would be cake after the meeting.

The minutes were read and approved.

Nancy announced that the Valencia Country Club is now going to charge $21.22 per meal due to increased taxes and food costs.  The board voted unanimously to absorb the 22 cents until such time as the cost approaches or reaches $22.  A notice will be put into the newsletter to this effect.  Nancy also reported that she has checked several other places for luncheons and none are able to accommodate our crowd.

The menu for February is a choice between Chicken Tarragon and Red Snapper.  Each meal will have Au Gratin potatoes and chef’s choice of vegetables and dessert.  March’s menu at Valencia Country Club will be a choice of Corned Beef, fish and chips or Cobb Salad with chicken.  Salad (fruit cup for those who order the Cobb salad), rolls and butter, and New York cheesecake complete the meal.  

Decorations for February are ready.  There are 52 reservations.

At luncheons, the doors will remain closed until the treasurer is ready and opens them.  Each person is to take only her name badge.

Nancy and Carolyn are doing membership in Irene’s absence.  Two new members brought the total to 169.    Nancy is looking into simplifying the membership position, especially the method of putting the directory together.

Trish reported that there is $4,621.44 in the treasury.  Marie Callendar’s added room rental, tax and gratuity to the original total cost of $798 bringing the total for January’s luncheon to $977.00.  The board decided that a written contract including all costs be obtained in the future from each restaurant/Country Club.

Barri is traveling this month so both she and Mikki should be e-mailed with information for the bulletin.  

Laurie Prince reported that there were 16 people attending game day.  Two new memberships came of it.

With regard to board positions, all of the social committee has resigned their positions as have the Vagabonds.  There were not enough signups for the February Vagabond trip, so it was cancelled.

As of this date, the new slate is:

PRESIDENT Nancy Andrews
EXECUTIVE V.P. Donna Jones
SECRETARY Margaret Gilmer
LUNCHEONS Berni Cuttino, Karen Forte
LUNCHEON PROGRAMS Karen Fine (Sing-a-longs)/ Alyce Kesselman
TREASURER Trish Mooring
ACTIVITIES Carla Crancer
AUDITOR Pat Berkery
BIRTHDAYS Barbara Michael, Pat Passalacqua
HOSTESS Luana Law/Nalini Amin/Laurie Prince/Gia Cabaret
RECRUITMENT Carolyn Wolf, Shirley Lamoureaux
PUBLICITY Gwen Halstead
RAFFLE Charlotte Marton, Carol Costin, Judy Guerra
SUNSHINE Pat Oguss, Louise Elerding
TELEPHONE Barbara Michael

Still needed are luncheon reservations, membership, historian and social committee.  Membership and Luncheon Reservations are critical to the continued running of the club.

The board meeting for future months are: March at Sandi Cates’ clubhouse, April at Nalini Amin’s with the board hosting, and May back at Sandi Cates’ clubhouse.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:25.

Respectfully submitted,

Margaret Gilmer, Secretary
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