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Board Minutes - Newcomers and Friends


Board Minutes - Newcomers and Friends

Board Meeting November 2015

The meeting was called to order at 1:05 p.m. by President Jodie Baker with 19 members present. 

President Baker complimented the Board on their good work and cohesiveness.  She announced surprises for next month (the November 12th luncheon).  She further thanked Diane Milliken for all her work for the Club.

Minutes - The Minutes of the September 2, 2015 Board Meeting were read and approved as corrected.

Treasurer - Kay Moioffer reported on the Income and Expense of the Club.   The report  was made available and a copy is attached to these minutes. A motion was made, seconded and the report was approved.

Luncheons - First Vice President, Nalini Amin reported that the November 12th luncheon location is set for the Black Angus Restaurant, which is not normally open for lunch but will host our club.  The cost is $20.46 but members will pay $20 per person.   The menu will be on the website and will include the Black Angus bread and butter, a wedge salad and the dessert of fresh baked cookies and beverage are included. 

The December 10th Luncheon location will be at the Paseo Club.  A $250 deposit is required to hold the room.  It will be a set up of tables of 8 with appetizer and dessert served at the table.  The lunch will be Italian style and set up as a buffet.  The cost is $30.08 but members will pay $25  and the club will absorb the balance of the cost of $5.08.  The Paseo Club decorates lavishly for the Christmas Holiday.

The January luncheon will be held at Marie Calendars and it is the time of the annual NC&F auction..

The February luncheon with a Valentine Theme is to be held at LeChene Restaurant.  The location was discussed, motion to be at LeChene made, seconded and approved.  

Membership  Second Vice President Janice Weiner is away.  In her absence President Jodie announced that the Club now has 171-172 members. 

Web Mistress Barri Boren had some difficulties with Go Daddy but all was ultimately worked out.

Programs - Grace Elliott circulated 2 sample stationary ideas for NC&F use that she had developed and requested response of interest from the Board.  It was taken  under consideration. 

Grace outlined the following programs:

November Program  - she has been in contact with Terry Sonntag, who is a member of the Appraisers National Association as a possible speaker for the event at the Black Angus Restaurant.  The restaurant can accommodate the speaker.  The cost would be the lunch for the speaker.

December: The 7 member singing and musical group called the "Memory Makers" would entertain including some singalong.  The cost would be lunch for the group and a tip jar would be set up for- donations to go to the Senior Center.  Motion to approve the foregoing was made, seconded and approved.

January:  Auction  the traditional NC&F activity.

February:  with a Valentine theme  will include a :"Paris Fashion Show" produced by President Jodie Baker.

March:  the wearin' of the green and the Program would be the formal welcome of new members and a martial arts demonstration (emphasizing ways to protect oneself).

April: NC&F elections and Nashville singer, song writer, has done TV, Lucinda Sue Crosby who is also the god -daughter of Roy Rogers. -- Motion made, seconded to invite Lucinda Sue Crosby to appear at our April Luncheon.  Motion passed at the September Board Meeting.

Activities  On behalf of absent Sandy Nichols, Muriel Usselman reported as follows:

The Bunny Museum activity is set for October 29th.  Car pooling was suggested to travel to the event.  Lunch would be on your own in Pasadena.

A visit to the Contemporary Museum near Disney Concert Hall in downtown  Los Angeles was discussed as an activity.

Also in spring the possibility of a mystery lunch was suggested.

There is a new game of Hand and Foot and is set at Muriel's house meeting on Monday at 10 AM.

New member, Barbara Jackson, has set a game of RUMIKUB in her home on the second Wednesday of the month.

Recruitment  The last Coffee Corner was at the IHOP at 10 am with 7-8 people attending including 3 new persons.  The October 15th event will be at 10 am at Marie Calendars.  The November 19th Coffee will be at Mimi's at 10 am.  .

Publicity  Gwen Halstead asked the Board to check the Web for November - collection of canned goods for the Food Pantry and December the annual Collection of Toys for Tots.

Gwen has also received many donations of toiletries for donation to the Women's Shelter.

Sunshine is reaching out to members with cards and telephone calls.:

Cruise Report  "Friends A Cruisin' ". Milly Ginsburgh reported that there are 38 people signed up.  Jodie Baker announced there will be a Bon Voyage Party at Milly's home.

Barri Boren requested a check for $325 to cover the expense of prizes for the cruise.  Motion was made, seconded and after discussion, the motion was passed.

It was suggested that there is a possibility of availability of a photo booth from 11 am to 12 Noon at the Christmas party.  Location logistics in the restaurant were discussed.

Jeannine Boren brought up a concern of what constitutes a proper donation for the Raffle.  Discussion ensued.  No motion was made to resolve the matter. 

No further business came before the meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 2:50 pm.

Respectfully submitted

Sonja Ley, Secretary

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