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Board Meeting Minutes: November 1, 2017

President Nalini Amin called the meeting to order at 1:06 pm with 18 members present. She thanked Jeane Cruse for hosting the meeting.

Vice President Donna Cerna not present.

Secretary Maggie Blanchard read the October 4th minutes and they were approved as read.

Treasurer Nalini reported on behalf of Marjie Potechin regarding the Income and Expenses report which was approved and a copy attached to the minutes.

Luncheons and Programs – Millie Ginsburg, Donna Jones and Muriel Usselman reporting.

December luncheon is at Sand Canyon Country Club. The menu is recorded in the October minutes. For vegetarians there will be a plated pasta dish and they can also visit the buffet line. Price with tax is $24.07 and cost to members is $24, which was approved at the October board meeting. As discussed in October, we are guaranteeing 75 people, so please spread the word about this luncheon. Historically, we get 85 to 90 people for December.

January luncheon is tentatively at the Residence Inn and will be the annual auction. The committee is still working on logistics.

February – There was some confusion over location due to a publication error. Location is tentatively at Sand Canyon Country Club and the committee is still negotiating the cost of the room rental.

Membership Chairwoman Janice Weiner not present.

Web Mistress
Barri Boren reminded everyone to send in their updates by the 10th.

Activities –Nalini reported on behalf of Pat Oguss. There will be a Mahjong class starting in January. Details of all activities are on the website.

Recruitment – Luana Law reported that 15 people attended the October Coffee Corner at Coco’s. November is Casa Canela. Address is on the website. There was some discussion regarding getting the new members more involved with committees.

Auditor -- Mikki Garside nothing to report.

Reservations – Mikki has 46 luncheon reservations as of the date of this meeting.

Birthdays -- Sonja Ley not present.

Email -- Shirley Birnholz not present.

Explorers – Nalini reported on behalf of Kathy Giddens and Geri Benne. Next outing is Shambala Preserve on December 10th. Contact Geri to sign up. There will be carpools. January 17th is Drag Queen Bingo. Kathy G. is the contact. There will be carpools. Kathy Kunkel noted that you can sign up for these events via the website. The discussion was revisited about how many Explorers events can a non-member attend in a year. It was determined that they can attend as many as they want as long as members are accommodated first. No motion taken for this decision.

Historian – Nalini asked members to send pictures from the Halloween party to historian Kathy Studden.

Hostesses – Nothing to report.

Luncheon Decorations – Jodie Baker and Geri Benne had nothing to report. Muriel opened a discussion on the cost of Tablescapes for individual members and whether there were funds available in the budget for reimbursement. Diane Milliken made a motion for up to $30 per Tablescapes team to come out of the Programs budget. Motion approved.

Social – Joyce Brady and Diane Millikin reporting.

The Halloween party was successful with about 40 people in attendance. Awards went to costume and game winners. Barri thanked Diane for hosting the party.

Diane then discussed the seating for the Tablescapes program. There are 5 people on each team. Each table will be set up for 8 to 10 guests, which means that besides the 5 person team, there will be seating for an additional 3 to 5 guests. She emphasized that it isn’t appropriate to ask people to sit at your table prior to the luncheon. This will make other members feel ostracized. This is a club of inclusion and all must feel welcome. Seating will be done randomly as members enter the room. Diane and Joyce will coordinate the seating so friends get the opportunity to sit together. They will also decorate the 3 remaining tables that do not have Tablescapes decorations. You can arrive at 10:30 to start decorating. Joyce and Diane will coordinate judges.

The cookie exchange is in December and details are in the newsletter.

Parliamentarian Alyce Kesselman not present.

New Member Liason – Jodi reported that we have one new member and two returning members. Jodi will introduce them at the luncheon.

Publicity – Donna J. reported on behalf of Gwen Halstead. Please remember your donations for the November luncheon. December luncheon will be the Toy Drive. Remember, this is for new, unwrapped gifts.

Opportunity Drawing – Donna J. reported on behalf of Carla Lewis. They are setting up the tables for payment, name tags and drawing next to one another at the November  luncheon.    

Sunshine – Kitty Zimmerman. Cards sent to Grace and Millie. Cards can also be sent to Marie Moreno who lost her home in a fire.

Old Business

New Business – The December board meeting will start at 12pm in order to have our annual holiday potluck. Sign up sheet was passed around during the November board meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 2:17pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Maggie Blanchard



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