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Board Minutes January 3, 2018


President Nalini Amin called the meeting to order at 1:15 pm with 15 members present.  She thanked Diane Millikin for hosting the meeting and then commented that a number of Board Members were sick or scheduled for surgery and therefore could not attend the meeting.

Minutes - Secretary Maggie Blanchard was away.  The Minutes of the December 6, 2017 meeting were read by Sonja Ley and were approved as presented.


Treasurer – Nalini reported on behalf of Marjorie Potechin.  It was reported that at the request of the President, she had sent a check for 50 persons to the Residence Inn for the January 11th luncheon.


Executive Vice President - Donna Cerna stated that one of her jobs is to collect the Annual Committee Reports and she therefore requested that all Committee heads submit their reports by the next Board Meeting which will be February 7th.  The reports will act as a guide for the person heading that committee in the next club year.  Donna said she would not be present at the February Board Meeting so reports could be emailed to her or, the reports could be turned in at the Meeting to President Nalini who volunteered to accept them.  Donna Jones was requested to prepare the report for Luncheons on behalf of the other committee members.Continuing - a discussion was had that pursuant to the Club By-Laws a Nominating Committee for the next year candidates for Board positions was to be established.  Such Nominating Committee was selected and directed to meet on January 10th.  The slate of proposed persons was to be selected.  The selections were to be completed and printed. Donna C. stated that she would have the clipboards with the nominations and space on the page for nominations from the floor set out at each table at the February Luncheon.  Also, if current committee members or heads wished to serve on the same place, they should email their wishes to Donna C.


Luncheons and Programs-

The January Luncheon at The Residence Inn is the Auction and Barri Boren who is in charge of the auction affirmed that she is ready for the event.

February - luncheon at Sand Canyon - our "Coco Channel" themed luncheon - Millie Ginsburgh and Marjorie spoke with the owner, Steve Kim, and negotiated hospitably with him.  A $500 deposit was given to hold the room.  A plated luncheon will include salad, chicken with 2 sides and another food item to be selected.  The cost will be $32 per person with a guarantee of 75 people.

March - luncheon possibly at the Black Angus with a suggested program of a law enforcement person to address local laws, including the new marijuana law.

April - a suggestion was made that the Club try a "Sock Hop" theme and activity.  Jodie Baker stated that a DJ would be available for the activity.


Membership - Janice Weiner reported the Club now has 204 members with 3 applications outstanding.


Activities - Pat Oguss absent but a report was given that the December Cookie Exchange was a success.


Recruitment -Luana Law absent.  The next Coffee Corner on Thursday, January 18th will be held at Mama's Table.

Reservations - Mikki Garside will be unable to continue in this role. Diane Millikin volunteered to take over the February reservations.

Explorers - January 17th is the Bingo at Hamburger Mary's.  Emails will go out with the names and contact information of drivers for the carpools. The activity is set to meet at 6 pm at Hamburger Mary's.

Decorations - Jodie Baker reported that the January Luncheon decorations  theme will be the Chinese New Year.  February decorations are being created.

Publicity - Gwen Halstead absent.  No report.

Opportunity Drawing - Carla Lewis  - No drawings for January or February Luncheon Meetings.

Social - Joyce Brady has received suggestions for a bowling and/or bingo activity - prior to June.  Discussion followed.  Options pending further discussion.

Sunshine - Kitty Zimmerman has sent several cards out.


Telephone Committee - No report.  Discussion followed that this committee may be requested to contact those members who do not have email  to ascertain if they have suggestions for persons eligible to be on the slate for the next Board.


New Business - Discussion followed regarding the procedures used in preparation for the new Board coming in after elections. At the January Luncheon, the business discussion will take place prior to the auction.  In preparing the slate of candidates for the new Board, a co-chair position can be established if there are several persons expressing  an interest in the same position.  Urgency was expressed for the Nominating Committee to begin its work as the slate of candidates is due for the February Luncheon and the election will be held at the March Lunch Meeting.


The next Board Meeting on February 7th will be at the home of Jean Cruse.


Motion to adjourn passed.  Meeting adjourned at 2:35 pm.


Respectfully submitted


Sonja Ley
on behalf of Secretary Maggie Blanchard



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