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Board Minutes - 02/14

Minutes of the Board Meeting of February 5, 2014

President Nancy Andrews called the meeting to order at 1:12 in Sandi Cates' living room.

After minor changes, the minutes were approved.

Trish reported that income for the month was $1,146 and expenses were $1,260.82, leaving a total of $4,609.05 in the treasury.

Barbara Ferone once again brought up lowering the dues. Trish will figure out what the estmated expenses for the remainder of the club year will be and report on it next meeting to see if this is feasible. The majority of the board seemed to be in favor of leaving them the way they are.

Barrie will change the website to reflect that the luncheon is the general meeting and shoud be attended by as many members as possible.

Since the cost of lunches is going up. Carla Crancer moved to have the club subsidize the luncheon if the cost of the luncheon goes to $25 in order to keep the fee at $21. This would start in June. The motion passed.

Donna reported for Karen Fine that Patty Finlay's group will perform songs from "Damn Yankees" at the April meeting. In March, Jodie's dance group will perform Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend." Reservations for the February luncheon currently stand at 52. Mikki reported that we have one new member bringing the total to 184.

Carla Crancer is planning two training days for activities. New groups are forming for games so she is revising the activities list.

Diane Southern will help out for birthdays.

Sandi Cates reported that circulation is going well.

We were reminded to bring Valentines to the luncheon.

There is no need to change the by-laws to reflect the absence of empty positions such as Vagabonds and Social Committee.

Carlsa Crancer also said she has sent cards to Milly, Barbara Michael and Gia.

\\Installation will be May 8. The committee consists of Jeanine, Mikki, Muriel, Nancy, Sandi, Donna, Barrie, Alyce and Nalini. Past presidents will be invited and the club will subsidize their lunch. The March board meeting with be held on March 5 at Irene Jansson's club house.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:45.

Respectfully submitted

Margaret Gilmer
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