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      Board Minutes - Newcomers 
and Friends


 Board Meeting March 2, 2016

President Jodie Baker, called the meeting to order at 1:10 p.m with 18 members present. President Jodie Baker commented on the Roster of Candidates for the next election which will conducted at the March luncheon.

Minutes - The Minutes of the February 3, 2016 Board Meeting were read and approved.

Treasurer - Kay Moioffer reported on the Income and Expense of the Club.  The report was approved and was made available.  A copy is attached to these minutes. 

Luncheons -Nalini Amin reminded the Board that at the March 10th Luncheon the election of new officers will  be held.  Additional nominations can be made from the floor; however the nominee must have agreed to the nomination and be willing to serve.

Nalini commented that some members arrived at the Hilton Gardens for the February luncheon too early which made setup of the room difficult for the venue's staff and it was suggested that only one person from our Club's Board be in charge.

Nalini and her committee negotiated with the Black Angus for the April Luncheon.  She listed the lunch selection options.  The cost per person is $20.46.  A motion was made and approved that members will pay $20 and the Club will absorb the $0.46.   The dessert will be 2 freshly baked chocolate chip cookies individually wrapped.  Black Angus will permit entrance to the restaurant at 11:45 am.

For the May installation luncheon, a reservation at the Paseo Club was discussed.  A $350 deposit is required by the Paseo Club.  Also the cost of an Italian style buffet lunch minus the veggie appetizer would be $26.80 per person.  Further a discussion was had on liability issues at this venue.

After discussion, a motion was made to permit the Luncheon Committee to contact either Robinson Ranch or LeChene  for the May installation luncheon and that the menu should be expanded for this event.  The Motion was seconded and carried.

Programs - Grace Elliott reported that the proposed April speaker will be actor George Chavez who is a member of SAG, has done many characters, will be appearing in the play "Happy Days" at the Canyon Theater,and he is a fifth grade teacher - His favorite color is GREEN.   So green can be the theme for April.

The May luncheon is the installation of the new officers.

The June luncheon will feature Amanda Benson as the speaker.

The September luncheon will feature Assembly representative, Scott Wilk.

The December luncheon will feature the musical group the Memory Makers.

Membership  Janice Weiner  announced that the Club now has 187 members and 2 new members with 2 applications outstanding.  June is the month that the list of new Board Members will be updated.

Publicity - Gwen Halstead has given the Club information to the newspaper.

Web Mistress Barri  Boren and Sandy Enerle prepare the Club updates and information for the website every month.  The club activities are located on the website and the email notices from Shirley Birnholz are "reminders" of the current month luncheons.  Discussion ensued on announcing this information at the luncheon.  The discussion was tabled and set for the next month meeting.

Activities  Sandy Nichols  A trip to the Bunny Museum is scheduled.

Recruitment  Donna Jones reported  on behalf of Luana Law that the Coffee Corner will be held at IHOP in Canyon Country  on March 17th  at 10 am.

Decorations - Joyce  Brady - lost her volunteer assistant.  Several members of the Hostess Committee volunteered to help Joyce set up table decorations as they have to be at all events early - prior to arrival of members.

Reminder - President Jodie Baker requested that all members of the Installation Committee meet on March 11th at 10 am at her house.

Cruise Report  "Friends A Cruisin' ". Milly Ginsburgh reported that the "Meet and Greet" party in her home was a success. There was a special treat - a Lithuanian wedding cake (2-1/2 feet long) was shipped from Chicago for the party and it was well received. Milly also reminded everyone that she is a guest on the cruise - and - that any complaints or problems should be handled by the ship personnel or Shauna.

Old Business - None.

New Business - Opportunity Drawing suggestions were offered for a new prize.  Discussion was had on how the funds from the  ticket sales for the Opportunity Drawing are used.  Further discussion was tabled for the next Board meeting.

The next Board Meeting is set for Wednesday, April 13th at Nalini Amin's home

Also, please remind members that the luncheon at the Black Angus is on April 14th and reservations should be timely made which include the luncheon choice.

No further business came before the meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 2:55 pm.

Respectfully submitted

Sonja Ley, Secretary

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