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Board Meeting Minutes 5-3-17

President Diane Millikin called the meeting to order at 1:09 pm with 21 members present. She thanked Jeane Cruse for hosting the meeting. This is Diane’s last board meeting as president and she thanked everyone who worked on the board the past year.

Vice President: Nalini Amin – nothing to report.

Secretary: Maggie Blanchard - The minutes of the April 5th, 2017 board meeting were read and approved as read.

Treasurer: Diane reported on behalf of Kay Moioffer. The Income and Expenses report was approved and made available. A copy is attached to the minutes. In order to close out the fiscal year, please give Kay your receipts by the luncheon or at latest, end of month.

Luncheons: For June, Milly Ginsburgh has reserved Piccola Trattoria. It is a buffet with salad, vegetarian bowtie pasta with mushroom crème sauce, chicken with lemon caper sauce, garlic bread, cannoli, beverages. They are providing a private dining area in a room which holds 65. They also have free valet parking. She requested a motion to approve the cost of $24. Motion approved. Milly would like suggestions from members for new venues. Janice Weiner brought in an article about the Sand Canyon Country Club as a place to check out. Motion approved.

Membership: Janice Weiner has 4 applications out, and the membership number continues to be around 200.

Web Mistress: Barri Boren sent out an email to new board members, explaining the process for posting updates. For the website orientation, Donna Cerna is still willing to do this but it will have to be at location with A/V equipment. It was suggested that the orientation occur at the new member recognition during the August luncheon.

Activities: Barbara Ferone hosted another game day. They played Classic, Shanghai and Horserace Rummikub.

Recruitment: Donna Jones reported that they had 23 in attendance during Coffee Corner at Coco’s. The next gathering is May 18th, at IHOP on Soledad.

Auditor: Mikki Garside reviewed the fiscal year end reports with the treasurer.

Birthdays: Maggie Blanchard – nothing to report.

Explorers: Donna Cerna reported that it was a fun day at San Juan Capistrano. Sycamore Mineral Springs is next, and so far there are 11 signed up. She and Barri are determining activities for this trip.

Historian: Kathy Kunkel – nothing to report.

Hostesses: Jeannine Boren – nothing to report.

Programs: May luncheon is the installation of the new board. Barri will cover 3 months; auction, cowboy festival and one more. For July, Nalini suggested a patriotic theme with possibly a hat contest. August will be computer training and new member recognition. We’ll also do the Tablescapes program. Grace had some remaining program ideas; Jerry Mathers and elder issues. Pat knows a Coco Chanel impersonator. We could also do a fashion show.

Decorations: Joyce Brady – nothing to report.

Reservations: Mikki has 42 signed up as of this meeting. If you know anyone who is not receiving the email blast from Shirley Birnholz, have them contact her to check their email address.

Parliamentarian: Alyce Kesselman – nothing to report.

Publicity: Diane reported for Gwen Halstead – nothing to report.

Opportunity Drawing: Carla Lewis – nothing to report

Social: Pat Oguss apologized for postponing the Julia Child event, and she is working on a reschedule.

Sunshine: Kitty Zimmerman sent out several cards.

Old business: No old business.

New Business: Diane requested a motion to add a New Member Liaison to the board positions. During discussion it was noted that no budget is needed. Motion approved. Also, during the reservations update, it was noted that currently, there is no backup person to cover for Shirley and the email blasts.

Nalini stated that the next meeting on June 7th, is a potluck at her house. Outgoing board members provide the food.


Meeting adjourned at 1:52 pm.


Respectfully Submitted,

Maggie Blanchard






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