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      Board Minutes - Newcomers 
and Friends


Board Minutes - Newcomers and Friends

Board Meeting May 4, 2016


President Jodie Baker, called the meeting to order at 1:12 p.m. with 20 members present.  President Jodie Baker gave an update on her personal and family health situations and therefore  she would not be able to serve as the head of the Luncheons Committee for the new year and was removing herself.  Further the May Installation Luncheon only had 56 reservations.  More participants would be better and asked the Board members to encourage member friends to attend.

Next President Baker stated that Executive Vice President Diane Milliken is now the new President.  The June Board meeting would be at Diane's home at Noon with the outgoing Board bringing the Potluck Lunch for the New Board.  A sign up sheet was passed with suggested menu items.

Diane Milliken then announced that an ICE CREAM SOCIAL would be held at her home from 1 to 3 pm on June 15th.  The ice cream would be provided.  A sign up sheet was passed for suggested ice cream toppings to be brought to the event.

Minutes - The Minutes of the April 6, 2016 Board Meeting were read and approved.

Treasurer - Kay Moioffer was absent   An abbreviated report of the Income and Expense of the Club was given by Diane Milliken.  No copy was available to be attached to these minutes.  A request was made that all receipts for Club expenses be submitted by June 1st so the books could be closed for the past Club year.

Luncheons -Nalini Amin gave the report on the May luncheon to be held at Robinson Ranch.  The special cookies made by Grace Elliott would be distributed by the Hostesses.

Joyce Brady announced that the June luncheon would be at the Hilton Garden Inn.  The luncheon would consist of a caeser salad. a choice of either a chicken or veggie wrap with a side of potato salad.  Cookies would be on each table and the price of $23 per person included a beverage of coffee or iced tea.   After discussion a motion to approve the foregoing was made and approved.

There followed a discussion of Luncheon locations  and costs.

Programs - Grace Elliott reported that the speaker for the June Luncheon is Amanda Benson, the Associate Publisher of ELITE Magazine and Magazine of SCV.

The July luncheon will feature:

            The Honorable Judge Alan Rosenfield

            Sheriff Captain Roosevelt Johnson

            California Highway Patrol Captain Ed Krusey

            Los Angeles Fire Dept. Assistant Chief Greg Hisel

Grace hopes to have media present for this event.

And from last month's minutes:

The September luncheon will feature Assembly representative, Scott Wilk.

The December luncheon will feature the musical group the Memory Makers.

The April 2017 luncheon  will feature Erwin Jackson, a cowboy singer, to coordinate with the annual Cowboy Poetry Festival.

A suggestion was made by Barri Boren that the October 2016 luncheon feature individually decorated tables, and the persons at the table would dress to compliment that table decor.

Membership  Janice Weiner was absent.  The Board was advised that a notice will be published that club membership dues are to be submitted by May 31st.

Jodie announced the following changes to the new Board:

Removed from the Luncheons Committee

                        Jodie Baker

                        Donna Jones

                        Kathy Kunkel

Added to the Luncheons Committee

                        Muriel Usselman

Added to the Opportunity Drawing Committee

                        Marjorie McKenna


Web Mistress Barri  Boren and Sandy Enerle need the Club updates and information for the website from the 1st to the 10th of the month.  The club activities are located on the website.

Activities  Sandy Nichols  Absent  Barbara sFerone volunteered that she will make a Master List of Activities..

Social - Pat Oguss - Absent.  Comments were made that the Eleanore Roosevelt presentation at Pat's home was excellent.

Recruitment  Luana Law - Absent.

A suggestion was made that there be a Back Up person for Shirley Birnholz

Birthdays - It was reported that the $5 gift certificate program was very successful.  After discussion, it was moved and approved to keep the existing program in place for the next Club year.

Old Business -The tabled motion to place NC&F on Facebook was brought up.  A discussion was held.  It was suggested that the NC&F website gives all of the Club information.

After further discussion, a motion was made that NC&F have a FACEBOOK page - which would be closely monitored -the motion was seconded and the motion was carried with a vote of those present at the meeting.

New Business -.None

No further business came before the meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 2:45 pm.

Respectfully submitted

Sonja Ley, Secretary

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