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Board Minutes 07/11

Newcomers and Friends Board Meeting
July 6, 2011

Meeting called to order by Carol at the home of  Karen Forte  at 1:05 PM. 


Luncheon Report from Karen Forte, the August luncheon will be August 11 at  The Tournament Players Club.

Karen Fine and Grace Elliott gave us an update on the entertainment, we OK'd for our February program. While the entertainer very much wants to perform for us it cannot be done for the approved $100 and lunch for two. After much discussion regarding the entertainment and our desire to book it, 'Mikki' Garside moved we increase our budget to include a payment of $300. Discussion followed with the motion amended to make it a window of $300 to $500 plus lunch for this performer and his accompanist. Motion seconded, the motion carried with a majority approving, 2 nays and some abstaining. 

Membership - Nancy Andrews reported directories are here and available for distribution. Board members received and signed for their copy.

Treasurer - Kay Moioffer, treasurer, reported the balance.   Also requested a short meeting with the President and Vice president following the meeting.

Web Mistress - 'Mikki'  reported the broadcast E-mail announcing the website availability for July was sent and hoped all received their notice. The Website host Go Daddy has been helpful and prompt in posting the news. We are also to receive a 15% discount this year.

Birthdays - Margaret Gilmer shared a Thank You card she received from a recipient of a birthday card, Jody Baker, who greatly appreciated the remembrance.

Sunshine - It was reported Sandi Cates had a very bad fall recently and is incapacitated and using a walker. She sent her regrets for missing the meeting.

Coffee -  No report.

Historian - No report.

Hostesses - No report.

Reservations -  The sign-up sheet for the July luncheon was passed around by Pat Passalaqua who reported reservations were slow to come in this month. 

Book Club -  No report.

Publicity - No report.

Social -  Shirley Lamoureux and Lois Silverman reported their plans for a day trip to The Hollywood Museum and lunch to follow at Mel's Diner on August 24th. The trip can be made by Metro-link or by car and should prove to be a very enjoyable trip.

Vagabonds - Gia Cabaret reported the October trip is full and they are now filling a wait list.  Dorothy Karnes mentioned the Placerita Pizza Party, in June, was a great deal of fun.   

New Business Karen Fine announced they have a sing-a-long planned for the September luncheon.

Grace reported she is involved with a Fund Raiser every year, by the Elks Emblem Club. They support feeding the hungry in our valley. They have a boutique and bake sale every fall. This year will be Oct 1st from 9:30 to 3:30. She is offering the Newcomers and Friends a complimentary booth to help us promote our club. A motion was made and seconded that we participate in this fundraiser, manning the booth with a few ladies, in one or two hour shifts. Motion passed. The details will be worked out at a later date.

Carol Costin announced one of our members who hosts many games will be leaving the state at the end of summer. She is planning a farewell dinner for all who wish to attend. The date is August 2. 6:30 at El Chaparral and all who wish to attend please give her your name and $20 for dinner and voluntary $5 for this member by July 15th.

Old business - No report.
Meeting adjourned at 2:15 pm

Respectfully submitted,  Muriel Usselman,  Secretary

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