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 Board Meeting Minutes - July 5, 2017

 President Nalini Amin called the meeting to order at 1:08 pm with 17 members present.  It was announced that the Recognition of New Members will be moved to the September 14th luncheon instead of the August luncheon.

Margie Usrey, a returning former member, is interested in the Craft Group.

The memorial service for long time member Marge Eveland will be held on Saturday July 15th at 10 am at Eternal Valley.  An email notification had been sent to the membership and everyone who knew her was encouraged to attend the service.

Secretary Maggie Blanchard was away.  Sonja Ley read the Board Minutes of the June 7th meeting.  The minutes were approved as amended.

Treasurer Marge Potechin gave the report of income and expenses.  Discussion followed on the amount allowed to be carried in the Treasury.  A motion was made to accept the report and the report was approved.  A copy of the report is attached to these Minutes.

Luncheons - Milly Ginsburgh reported that she is working with Muriel Usselman and Donna Jones to find luncheon locations.  Milly noted that attendance at the luncheons is increasing which then requires venues that can accommodate those numbers, and, as we know, costs have risen making a higher lunch price.

Her committee has visited the Residence Inn on The Old Road which can accommodate 120 guests.  Further the Committee has scheduled a meeting with the management of Robinson Ranch.

Knollwood  Country Club is the location for the August luncheon.  Milly described a hot lunch with several food choices.  Board members then voiced their opinion that August is a hot month and it would be preferable to have a cold buffet.  It was resolved that the August luncheon would be a cold buffet offering 4 kinds of meats, a variety of breads and salads with assorted cookies for dessert.  Coffee and tea, hot or cold, will be available.  The cost is $25.  Program will feature a music presentation.

The September luncheon will potentially be held at the Residence Inn with either a Mexican or American style menu.  There is ample parking space.  The price is still to be negotiated.

Due to the vacant Programs position, Donna Cerna, volunteered to help facilitate programs, in cooperation with the Luncheon Committee.  The Board approved Donna to serve in this capacity.

Membership Janice Weiner reported that there are 3 applications for membership pending.  The new Membership Directory is published and has been distributed.  Then Janice discussed the Holiday Cookie Exchange and volunteered to have it at her home on December 9th.

Web Mistress Barri Boren noted that Alyce Kesselman's name has now been taken off of some of the Club records.  Alyce had approved certain commitments of the Club in past years and her name was still of record.

Activities Nalini reported for Pat Oguss. They enjoyed a successful game day in June.

Some people inquired if there was interest in holding evening games.  The consensus of the Board was that persons wanting evening games should organize them on their own.

Barbara Ferone reported that she has a list of member names for substitutes which also includes new members, so please remember to invite these new members as substitutes, so they can be involved in activities.

Recruitment Luana Law reported 24 people attended the Coffee Corner at Lilly's and although it was loud, it was fun.  There were a few new people in attendance.  The next event is July 20th, 10 am, at Mimi’s.  The August 17th event will be at Mama's Place on Cinema Drive.

Auditor Mikki Garside has 51 reservations for the July 13th luncheon.

Birthdays Sonja Ley - Jeane Cruse has the birthday certificates ready.  Milly Ginsburgh has resigned from this committee as she is very busy as Chairperson of the Luncheon Committee.

 Explorers Geri Benne and Kathi Giddens proposed the following excursions. NOTE: The secretary has revised this portion of the minutes based on updates received July 9th:

                July 8th                 Vino Train

                October 2nd        Reagan Library

                Dec 10th               Shambala Preserve


                January 17th       Drag Queen Bingo

                March 23rd          Cliftons Cafeteria or Phillippe’s

                May 19th             San Diego Train Trip Brunch by the Beach

NOTE 2: Activities sheet with detail is attached to the minutes


Historian  Kathi Studden absent.  It was noted that she will take photos at events and will accept photos from other members.

Hostesses  Muriel Usselman volunteered to obtain the cardstock and prepare name badges as necessary.

Luncheon Decorations Jodie Baker was absent.  Nalini Amin gave the report.

Publicity Gwen Halstead reported that Newcomers was in the SIGNAL Saturday July 1st edition.

Social Diane Millikin was absent.  However the Ice Cream Social on June 29th at her home was a success.

Sunshine  Kitty Zimmerman  several cards have been sent out.

Telephone  No report.

Discussion by the Board as to the number of luncheons, coffees, or events a non-member can attend.  Consensus was 2 luncheons in one year.  Further discussion on other event attendance will be required.

Old Business  None

New Business - None

The August Board Meeting will be at the home of Milly Ginsburgh.


Meeting adjourned at 2:45 pm.

Respectfully submitted

Sonja Ley

on behalf of Maggie Blanchard, Secretary.




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