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Board Minutes - 08/12

Minutes of the Meeting of August 1, 2012

The meeting was called to order by President Donna Jones at Sandi Cates’ club house at 1 p.m. 

Minutes of the meeting of July 11 were read and approved.

The August luncheon will be at Backwoods Inn.  The menu will consist of salad, baby back ribs, open face steak sandwich, grilled Tilapia, teriyaki chicken.  There will be no dessert, but the club will bring a cake.  As of now, there are 52 reservations.

September luncheon will be at the Valencia Country Club.  The menu consists of rolls and bread, chef salad, ravioli or chicken with capers.

The site for the Christmas luncheon was discussed.  It will be held on December 13.  Our choices were the Hyatt Hotel at $43 or the Tournament Players Club at $35.00.  After much discussion, it was voted to be held at the TPC.  The club will once again pay $5.00 per member so each member will only pay $30.  Guests are welcome and will pay $35.

Irene reported that we now have 158 members.  Directories will be available at the luncheon.  If anyone wants an extra directory, the cost will be $2.  After all members have received their directories, the extras will be available for sale.

The Treasurer reported the balance in the treasury.  At the time of the audit, we will reassess membership fees with a possible reduction for next year.

Trish asked that we have exact change for the luncheons as it is difficult to break a $20 bill for the extra $1.  Also when submitting a bill, please put your name and which position you are requesting it for.

Mikki once again said that she will not make any changes in what is presented to her to be included in the newsletter.  What you write is what you get.  Also, send your requests to her by e-mail.

The trip to the Pitchess Honor Ranch has 20 participants.  Once we reach the parking lot, we will be transported by van through the facility.

Vagabonds trip to the Queen Mary is full, but a waiting list has been started.  They are working on an overnight trip for November. 

Pat said that she is having trouble finding suitable birthday gifts for under $5.  The birthday budget will have to be increased.

Gwen reported that she turned in an article about Newcomers to The Signal, but has not heard back from them.  It was suggested that she contact The Signal to see if they have a speaker we could have at a luncheon.

Sandi reported that there are 38 newsletters being mailed out.

New Business:

Ginger Freed reported that the teas will now be divided into two groups and will be held monthly with each group attending every other month.  This new group will be called Tea for Two. Call Ginger for reservations.

Nancy suggested that the hostesses keep an eye out for new members who appear to be confused as to where to sit at a luncheon and help them find a place to sit.  Alyce suggested a sign be made to the effect of “saved for guest or new member.”

The meeting was adjourned at 2:07.

Respectfully submitted,

Margaret Gilmer, Secretary

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