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Board Minutes - Newcomers and Friends

Board Meeting, August 6th, 2014

The meeting was called to order by President, Milly Ginsburgh at 1:15 pm. The minutes of the July meeting were read by Secretary, Muriel Usselman and approved as read.

The Treasurer, Mikki Garside, was not at the meeting and no treasury report was given.

The August luncheon, to be held at the New Moon Restaurant, will be $21. This was clarified by Donna Jones via Karen Forte. This clarification was made as there will be a charge of $23 for the Sept luncheon. Irene Jansson reported the luncheon for Sept will be held at the Backwoods Inn.
     Donna reported they had a problem with the Claim Jumper for the June luncheon as they wanted to change many of the arrangements already agreed upon. When Donna pointed out they had a contract and we would hold them to it, they backed down. Hence the importance of always getting a contract when settling on the arrangements.

The membership chairperson, Janice Weiner, had no report to give today but stated the membership is in excess of 160.

Alyce Kesselman, parliamentarian, took the floor as we are in the process of changing some of the wording in the by-laws. The wording we agree to will then be taken to a General Meeting (the Luncheon) for voting on by the membership.
      Article 2 and 4. Both contain a sentence that is the same, and they are proposing they read the same. They now read; “The purpose of the club shall be a social group open to all women in the Santa Clarita Valley, who are new to the area, or have had a significant change in lifestyle”. After some discussion it was voted on and approved to change the wording to read, “The purpose of the club shall be a Social Group, open to all women in the SCV who are new to the area or would like to meet new friends”.

      Article 6. The first sentence, second paragraph reads “ There shall be an annual audit of the Club’s Bank and Debit Card records……..” and was voted and approved to read “Credit/Debit Card…..”. This is because we no longer use a debit card but may again in the future.

      Article 7. The Ending sentence states “A Quorum shall be the number of members present at a meeting but shall not be fewer than 10. Earlier in the article it defines the Executive Board of Directors (BOD) which totals 9. It is impossible to have 10 members present and in fact not probable to always have all present. After some discussion it was voted on and unanimously approved to read “ The quorum for the Executive BOD shall be 2/3 of the executive BOD. Every position having only one vote.” Since our Executive BOD total is 9, 6 will be a quorum.

      Article 3 was brought up and questioned as to why it was tabled again. Alyce stated there is a need to research the legal issues and have all questions answered correctly. This is going to take more time. We are hoping to have guest from law-enforcement as a guest at our next Executive Board Meeting, but this is not official yet. Alyce reassured the members in attendance that all of their concerns are heard and we hope to be able to address this issue at the next meeting.

Club 30th Anniversary, chairperson, Barri Boren reported, The party will be held Oct. 9 at Robinson’s Ranch. Hawaiian style buffet and decorations, hula dances, prizes and raffles are being planned. The committee is working very hard and hopes you will all attend and bring guests. Robinson’s Ranch can accommodate 120 persons. The cost for this celebration will be only $25. You may wear your festive Hawaiian clothing and plan to have a great time..

Chairperson Sandy Nichols, is planning a Live Theatre outing. This is for November 15th and if she can get at least 15 more members we can get a $30 rate. Give her a call if interested.

Webmistress/Editor Barri Boren asked that you please get your articles to her by the 10th of the month. It would be helpful to have them standardized. A Times Roman font, size 12 or 14. Please have them written and edited as she doesn’t have time to rewrite them.

Someone brought up the fact that we no longer mail any newsletters and a discussion followed with a couple of people willing to send the 30 women who don’t use computers their newsletters. Janice is going to look into the cost and report back to us.

Raffle committee is in need of a third person if anyone is interested call Charlotte or Laurie.

Social chairperson Jane Conklin passed out flyers for the trip “Hollywood Tour Adventure”, planned for Aug 19. She also mentioned some other ideas and is welcome to suggestions.

Sunshine, Jodi Mentioned our member Joan Perrine, having recently lost a member of her family, is inundated with visitors and could really use a card or phone call. Chairperson Margaret also mentioned Berni Cuttino fractured many bones in her foot. Cards have been sent.

Jeanine says while she wasn’t on the agenda, favors are planned for the luncheon.

Millie, before concluding, mentioned she felt this was a good meeting and it is good to hear from all of us who have issues or concerns. With that said, the meeting was adjourned at 3:15pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Muriel Usselman, secretary

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