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BOARD MINUTES- September 6, 2017 


President Nalini Amin called the meeting to order at 1:12pm with 19 members present. Nalini thanked Muriel for hosting the event and thanked Muriel’s son for the use of his house.

Vice President Donna Cerna reviewed upcoming luncheon programs, to make sure there is something planned for each month in the near future. December has no program. Kathi Giddens suggested Linda Bakkom’s husband, who is a professional magician. Kathi will ask Linda to contact Donna. 

Secretary Maggie Blanchard read the August 2nd minutes and they were approved as corrected.

Treasurer Marje Potechin reported on the Income and Expenses report which was approved and a copy attached to the minutes.

Luncheons and Programs -- Milly Ginsburgh, Donna Jones and Muriel Usselman reporting.

at Knollwood Country Club with a Coco Chanel program has been cancelled. The country club was understanding about the cancellation and welcomed us to come back another time. Donna Jones reported that the luncheon is now at Black Angus at a cost of $21.50. The menu is prime rib, grilled salmon, teriyaki chicken, garlic grilled pork chop, salad, baked potato, rolls, butter, cookies, ice tea, coffee, water. Alyce Kesselman made a motion to make the amount $22. Motion approved. Several program ideas were floated: The final decision was a scavenger hunt; “What’s in your purse?” Joyce Brady recently did this at a party and she has a list of items to hunt for, which she can provide to us. Joyce will coordinate with Donna. Wear fall colors or costumes if you like.

November is Le Chene. Joyce and Diane Millikin are heading the Tablescapes program and they revisited the discussion from the August board meeting. Since there will be 5 members per team and the tables will seat 8 members, please remember to provide some type of embellishment for each person so they all feel they are part of the team and the theme. Team Table Theme sign up sheets will be available at the September and October luncheons. The Tables will be judged on creativeness, uniqueness, menu, theme representation, and eye appeal. Donna Cerna wants to make sure the restaurant understands that we want white tablecloths and napkins. She asked Donna Jones and Muriel to confirm with management. The menu is salad vinaigrette, roast turkey with the trimmings, red snapper, vegetable plates, potatoes au gratin, puree of butternut squash, vanilla ice cream with strawberry sauce, coffee, and tea. Price is $30. Diane made a motion to make the price $28. Motion approved. Guests are $30.

is Sand Canyon Country Club. The menu was listed in the August 2nd minutes and the comments were that there should be at least one more main course option, so Milly and Muriel are still reviewing the final menu. Also, at the August meeting, the cost was stated as $23.80 based on 100 guests, and Nalini had requested that they negotiate for a lower attendance number, so Donna Jones and Milly are still working on that aspect.  The program is also still to be determined.

On a final note, Donna Cerna has been looking for places with large rooms and will keep the committee posted on her findings.

Membership – Janice not present. 

Web Mistress – Barri Boren reminded everyone to send in their monthly updates. Also, the web domain has been renewed for the year.

Activities – Pat Oguss not present, but there were 8 people at Game Day.

Recruitment -- Luana Law reported that the August Coffee Corner at Mama’s Table had 21 people and 4 no shows. Everyone was pleased and we will go back. September Coffee Corner is at Everest. October is Coco’s. November is Casa Canela.

Auditor -- Mikki Garside –Nothing to report.

Reservations – Mikki reported that 47 have signed up as of the date of this meeting and the Club is paying for 50 meals. Notice will be sent out reminding people that the deadline to sign up is Sunday.

Birthdays -- Sonja Ley reported that the birthday cards are under control. On a side note, she has the Senior Center news bulletin for the luncheon.

Email -- Shirley Birnholz not present

Explorers – Kathy Giddens reported that they have collected the $1000 down payment for the San Diego trip. They will need the remaining money by the end of January. They also have not hit the limit of 24 participants, so they will open it up to friends and family at the end of October if not filled. Kathy will ask Shirley to send out an email reminder regarding the Reagan Library trip on Oct 2nd. Questions were raised regarding the future trip to Clifton’s Cafeteria on a Friday, due to rush hour concerns, even on public transportation.

Hostesses – Jeanine Boren - Nothing to report.

Parliamentarian – Alyce Kesselman reported that 14 new members are attending the recognition event at the September luncheon.

Luncheon decorations – Jodi Baker says they’re ready.

Publicity – Gwen Halstead. Another article in the signal. 

Opportunity Drawing – Carla not present.

Social – Diane and Joyce reporting.

The October 28th Halloween party details are in the August board meeting minutes. Signup sheet will be available at the September and October luncheon.

Sunshine – Kitty Zimmerman. Sent out several cards.

New Business – Next meeting is on October 4th at Rajinder Dhinsa’s house.

Old Business -- None

Meeting adjourned at 2:37 pm.    

Respectfully Submitted,

Maggie Blanchard


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