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Board Minutes - Newcomers and Friends

Newcomers and Friends
Oct 1, 2014

Meeting opened by President Milly Ginsburgh at 1:10PM.
Minutes: Muriel Usselman, secretary read the minutes of Sep 3. Minutes had a correction of the Sep luncheon location. Minutes approved as corrected.

Treasurer: Mikki Garside, treasurer gave a report. Mikki stated some of the committees with budgets have yet to submit bills and this needs to be addressed for her to keep records and begin to prepare for next year’s budget.

Luncheon: Donna Jones, reported the luncheon for Nov (Thanksgiving luncheon) is to be at TCP. The cost for Hand-carved Turkey and the trimmings will be either $29.24 for a plated luncheon or $26.52 for a buffet, no dessert supplied for either. After a discussion the board members in attendance settled on a buffet with attendants and a dessert supplied by us. The cost will be rounded to $27 to allow purchasing dessert. The Dec Luncheon (Christmas, Hanukah) will be held at Le Chen

Membership: Jodi reported in Janice’s absence that we have 2 new members, one who is returning. Both are interested in working for the club. Also Jodi and Nancy have membership applications available.

Parliamentarian: Alyce Kesselman plans to Email past presidents, attending the luncheon, a reminder to bring their memorabilia to the Oct party. Those in attendance now will not receive another reminder. In continuation of reviewing the executive board positions descriptions and making some needed changes Alyce continued from where she left off last month, starting with the Secretary. In addition we covered Treasurer, Webmistress and Activities coordinator. Suggested changes discussed and approval given. The final draft will be then presented to the board and if approved will then be presented to the general membership at a Luncheon meeting. An additional discussion regarding letting members know they can eliminate waiting in the luncheon line if they prepay for a luncheon they plan to attend.

Activities: Jodi reported, Sandy needs members who wish to attend the theatre event to call her asap. The activities coordinator and game chairpersons should make sure they accept only members.

Webmistress: Barri Boren reported web news is due for the next newsletter.

Coffee/Recruitment: Birthdays: Nancy reported there are 13 birthdays for October.

Teas: Historian: Nalini Amin, Sandy Cates would like to receive pictures at activities other than lunches. A suggestion to ask the coordinator to request a few pictures from those with cameras.

Hostesses: Jeanine has 116 favors made for Oct and the centerpieces are finished.
Luncheon programs
Luncheon reservations:
Publicity: Gwen Halstead reported and shared the publicity we received from the signal for our upcoming birthday party. Opportunity Drawing


Next Board Meeting will be Nov 5 at the home of President Milly Ginsburgh
Motion for adjournment

Meeting adjourned at 3Pm

Respectfully submitted,

Muriel Usselman, Secretary
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