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Board Meeting Minutes: October 4, 2017

President Nalini Amin called the meeting to order at 1:06pm with 17 members present.  Nalini thanked Rajinder Dhinsa for hosting the meeting, then she read the president’s message which is posted on the website.

Vice President Donna Cerna had nothing to report

Secretary Maggie Blanchard read the September 6th minutes and they were approved as read.

Treasurer Marjie Potechin reported on the Income and Expenses report which was approved and a copy attached to the minutes.

Luncheons and Programs -- Donna Jones and Donna Cerna reporting.

Donna J. reinforced the requirement for the Sunday reservation deadline.

October Black Angus luncheon. Costume contest, scavenger hunt and prizes are ready.

November is Le Chene. Menu recorded in the September 6th minutes. Open cash bar. Gwen Halstead will be collecting canned goods for Help the Children in Santa Clarita.

Also, bring toiletries for the Santa Clarita Domestic Violence Shelter.

December is Sand Canyon Country Club. We are required to pay for a minimum of 75 people and no charge for use of the room. Plated service is a minimum of $40, so we are opting for the buffet. Menu is Italian mixed green salad, ranch dressing, vinaigrette, penne pasta, bowtie pasta, with alfredo and meat marinara sauce, chicken marsala, garlic rolls, cookies, brownies, water, ice tea, coffee station. Open cash bar. Vegetarian pasta as requested in the reservation. The price is $24.07 which includes tax. Donna C. motioned to make the price $24. Motion approved. Gwen will be collecting new unwrapped toys for the annual Toy Drive. Donna J. asked people to volunteer to help Gwen.

Donna C. discussed having a magician for December entertainment to which there is no charge. He will try to add in holiday theme.

January is the annual silent and live auction. Possibly at Residence Inn.

Membership Chairwoman Janice Weiner stated that we currently have approximately 198 members.

Web Mistress Barri Boren reminded everyone to send in their updates by the 10th.

– Nalini reported on behalf of Pat Oguss. She is determining the date for the next game day. Mary Anne Barranti and Barbara Oliver have started a Hand Knee and Foot group which meets the 1st Friday of each month, 10:30 am at Valencia Country Club.

Recruitment – Donna Jones reporting. November Coffee Corner is at Casa Canela. 

Auditor -- Mikki Garside had nothing to report.

Reservations – Mikki has 41 luncheon reservations as of the date of this meeting.

Birthdays -- Sonja Ley had nothing to report.

Email -- Shirley Birnholz not present.

Explorers – Kathy Giddens and Geri Benne not present.

Hostesses – Jeanine Boren had nothing to report.

Luncheon Decorations – Jodie Baker and Geri have October luncheons under control.

Social – Joyce Brady reported that we need more Tablescapes teams. There are 4 signed up and we need at least 5 for it to work. She will request an email blast. She also reminded everyone of the Halloween Party at Diane Millikin’s house.

Parliamentarian Alyce Kesselman not present.

New Member Liason – Jodi will not be at the luncheon so Nalini will welcome and introduce new members.

Publicity – Gwen Halstead not present. Note dates of donation drives in Luncheons section.

Opportunity Drawing – Carla Lewis has changed the format and she will now ask the guest speaker to draw numbers.  

Sunshine – Kitty Zimmerman sent out one card.

Old Business – Jodie Baker announced that the Coco Chanel Fashion Show will now be in February at Sand Canyon Country Club. Luncheon committee will handle the menu and Decorations committee will handle table décor. She has a guest speaker, models, many planned activities, and she would like more volunteers to help. Arrival time for all volunteers is 11:15 am. There will be authentic and representations of Chanel with a contest to guess which is real. Donna C. motioned to re-approve the program. Motion approved. No raffle since Jodie will have giveaways. Donna J. said the tentative menu is salad, chicken selection, two sides, and a vegetarian dish. Plated price is $32. She will ask about having the room fee waved, which is $250 for the Mountain Room. Cost to members will be revisited in the November meeting.

New Business – None

Meeting adjourned at 2:37pm. Next meeting is at Jeane Cruse’s home.

Respectfully Submitted,

Maggie Blanchard





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