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Board Minutes - 11/12

Minutes of the Meeting of November 7, 2012

The meeting was called to order by President Donna Jones at Sandi Cates’ clubhouse at 1 p.m.  

Minutes of the meeting of October 3rd  were read and approved.

Donna reminded the board that the Holiday board meeting will be a pot luck on December 5th at the home of Shirley Lamoureaux.  Each board member is asked to bring a dish and a grab bag gift of $10.00 value.

Nancy Andrews reminded us that the Holiday luncheon will be at the Tournament Players Club.  Reservations should be made no later than November 25th, but payment is not due until the day of the luncheon.  Member’s cost is $30.  If there is room for guests, their cost is $35.00.  Once all members have had a chance to reserve a space, it will be opened to guests.  Since the newsletter might not be out by then, Shirley Birnholz will send an e-mail to all members to remind them to have their reservation in by the 25th.

Lorrie Kurowski once again asked if the Crimestoppers speaker could do his presentation.  Discussion ensued, but it was finally decided that the by-laws prohibit it so it can’t happen.  Several ideas were given to Lorrie for speakers.

Carol Costin reported that there are 52 members signed up for tomorrow’s luncheon.

Irene Jannson reported that there are 8 new members and 5 returning members for a total membership count of 165.

Trish Mooring reported on the balance in the treasury after receipts and expenses were given.

Mikki Garside requested that all corrections to the website be sent directly to her and not to Shirley Birnholz.

Laurie Prince has set the game day tentatively for January 28th.  She needs volunteers to help teach the games.  The game day will be held at Irene Jannson’s clubhouse.  Carla has had one training for hand and foot and has one more set for November 16th.  Laurie Prince requested she do it at the game day in January.

Shirley Lamoureaux said the coffee this month will be on November 29th due to Thanksgiving falling on the regular monthly meeting.

Pat Passalaqua reported that her budget is going okay.  She has only spent about half of it so far on birthday gifts.

Carla reported that the Sunshine committee sent out five cards.  Pat Oguss suggested we send positive greeting cards to members who have had something nice happen.

New Business:

Lists of board position requirements were distributed and reviewed by each board member.  Barrie Boren will get them into final form.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:05.

Respectfully submitted,

Margaret Gilmer, Secretary
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