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Board Minutes - November 2013

Minutes of the Meeting of November 6, 2013

President Nancy Andrews called the meeting to order at 1:12. The minutes of the meeting of October 2, were read and approved.

Since Berni was ill, Nancy reported that the planning for the November luncheon is going well. As of this date, there are 53 reservations. It appears we might need a bigger room. She reminded us to dress in red, white and blue.

Mikki reported that there are 5 new members, bringing out total membership to 179. There are 3 or 4 reservations pending.

Most of the new members have heard about Newcomers by way of the internet, through the City and from the Signal. Trish reported she will contact Pat Berkery to set up a time and place for the audit. If Pat is unavailable, Alyce volunteered to do the audit. Barri tells us the website is still a work in progress.

Jodie Baker says she has a lot of pictures for the president's book. Several people have sent her pictures in addition to the ones she has taken at various functions. It was decided to continue doing the digital book instead of having to put a scrapbook together.

Mikki suggested that she put some of the newer pictures on the website as the pictures that are there are getting old.

Alyce reported that we will once again do an auction at the January meeting. Patty Finlay and some of her group will entertain at the December Luncheon. We will provide lunch for her group.

Karen Fine said the Singing Sisters are practicing for the November luncheon program. She expressed concern that the room we have will not be big enough for what they want to do. If more people sign up, we will be able to get a bigger room.

Jeanine asked if we wanted centerpieces for December. After discussion, it was decided that we do. There will be a different way of raffling them off. Instead of the regular raffle, there will be a number hidden somewhere at each table. Each person will be given a number at her table. At the end of the luncheon, a number will be drawn and the person holding that number at each table will be the one to take the centerpiece home.

Nancy reported for Gwen. If a person attending the November luncheon parks in back of the hotel, she will collect the food from each one. For those who park in front, she will drive around and pick up their donations. There were 4 notices of the coffee in the Signal. There were errors in them as to date and time.

Jodie Baker reported on the teas. She reminded us that Ginger Freed is no longer her co-chairman.

Janice Weiner has replaced Ginger. Mikki had received complaints that there were non-members and men at the October tea.

Jodie clarified that one man was a photographer who did not take part in the tea except to take pictures. The other man was the hostess’s husband who helped set up tables. He did not participate in the actual tea.

As to the non-member issue, Jodie reported that all ladies were paid members of Newcomers. However, she will once again remind the hostesses that they are not allowed to invite anyone other than paid members to the tea. She will check with the October hostess to clear up the issue. No guests are to be included in the teas. It's a member’s only group. There will now be a waiting list for each tea.

 I asked for someone to help out to take the minutes in December and January due to my upcoming surgery. It was suggested to put a request in the newsletter and also announce it at the November luncheon.

Barbara Ferone suggested that Shirley Birnholz send a notice to all inviting members to attend the board meetings so they can see what goes on. Hopefully this will make it easier to put a slate together for next year.

The December board meeting is a board only event. Lunch will be at 12 noon at Mimi's. Since the January board meeting would fall on New Year's Day, it was decided to move it to the following week. It will be on January 8 at Irene's Clubhouse.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:16.

Respectfully submitted,
Margaret Gilmer
Secretary Secretary
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