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      Board Minutes - Newcomers 
and Friends


Board Minutes - Newcomers and Friends 


                                                   Board Meeting September 7, 2016

President Diane Millikin called the meeting to order at 1:10pm with 16 members present. Diane thanked everyone for a successful Evening Under the Stars event. She also thanked Barb Ferone for hosting this meeting. The next board meeting will be held at Joyce Brady’s home.

Minutes – Maggie Blanchard – The minutes of July 6, 2016 were read and approved.

Treasurer – Kay Moioffer reported on the Income and Expenses of the Club. The report was approved and was made available. A copy is attached to the minutes.

Vice President – Nalini Amin – Nothing to report.



Joyce Brady reported that the September 6th luncheon is at Dario’s with 61 people signed up.


Sonja Ley and Muriel Usselman reported that the October  luncheon is at Knollwood Country Club, in the ballroom. They will need to go to Knollwood the last week of September to discuss setup, including necessary table dimensions for the Tablescapes program. Donna Cerna will accompany Sonja and Muriel, so she can determine setup for her presentation.

The menu is bread, butter, fruit cup, bbq chicken salad, vegetarian garden wrap, bbq tri tip sandwich, and chocolate mousse. Cost is $22.41 per person. Sonja filed a motion to set the price at $23 per person. Motion approved. Knollwood has a minimum cost which is for 60 guests. There was a discussion on what the deadline would be, to notify the restaurant about guests in excess of the 60 minimum.

Barri Boren discussed the Powerpoint or live website presentation, on how to navigate the Newcomers and Friends website, which Donna Cerna will present. They would like the presentation to occur after initial announcements and before lunch. It will take five minutes, with an additional five minutes for Q&A. A projector, microphone, and computer will be needed. Joyce thinks Knollwood has large screen tvs for viewing. Barri asked if there were funds available, in case the presentation setup will be an additional cost.

There was a lot of discussion about how the Tablescapes will work. Guidelines are available on the website.  There are currently five teams for the small tables but more could be added. The teams will also need to provide a small centerpiece for the actual dining tables. Based on the minimum of 60 attendees, there will be at least eight dining  tables, so at this point we will need 3 additional centerpieces, based on the current 5 Tablescapes teams.

Gwen Halstead also reminded us that October is the luncheon to collect toiletries for the Women’s Shelter.

Kay also announced that former Treasurer, Trish Mooring will be doing check in for the October luncheon.  


The November luncheon is at Valencia Country Club in the ballroom. It is a buffet with  tropical fruits, organic greens, pasta salad, coleslaw, red beet potato salad, deli meats, cheese, bread, and an assortment of brownies and cookies. The minimum reservation is for 60 guests which brings the cost to $19.07. Sonja filed a motion that the Club absorb 7 cents, making the cost $19. Motion approved.

Food donations will be collected at this luncheon.


December luncheon is at Le Chen. Toy donations will be collected at this luncheon.

Programs -

After the November luncheon, Grace Elliot will host an open house at her home, only for luncheon attendees. Logistics were discussed on how and when to announce the invitation, whether it be announced at the October luncheon and in the November  newsletter, or put on the luncheon reservation form. Joyce noted that adding it to the reservation form will be a burden for Mikki Garside. Barri said they would work on a hyperlink which would directly notify Grace. Otherwise, the webmistress will directly notify her.   

Membership – Janice Weiner not present.

Webmistress -

Barri Boren mentioned the website training at the October luncheon, and she also announced that Donna Cerna is on the Facebook development team, which they hope to kick off in October. The page will be visible but you will have to request to join, in order to post anything. Donna will also be maintaining the calendar for the website. Please notify her of anything you would like added. Barri also wants everyone reminded that the calendar and posted events are open to the entire club and are not just for private groups.

Barri discussed the use of last names on the website. Using last initial or no last initial is causing confusion. A motion was approved to put the last names back on the website.

Also, Mikki is having issues with people signing up for luncheons only using their first names, because she has to search the directory by email addresses, so she can determine the last name.

Activities - Barbara Ferone reported that the Game Day had 5 tables. She will have another one in a couple of months; date to be determined. She may try a different approach and only offer 2 games for everyone to try, which will be easier to manage.  

Recruitment – Luana Law reported that the August Coffee Corner was at IHOP with almost 20 people attending, which included 4 or 5 new members. She also commented that the IHOP manager was very accommodating. September is scheduled at Marie Callenders. Barri suggested Saugus Café as a potential location. Denny’s Canyon Country was previously suggested and Luana stopped by, but they will not reserve a table because it’s first come, first serve.

Auditor – Mikki Garside – nothing to report

Birthdays – Maggie Blanchard – nothing to report

Explorers - Donna Cerna created hand outs to give out at the September luncheon with the Explorers activities. She also has signup sheets available for upcoming events, and these will also be at the luncheon. Signup will be for the Moroccan Dinner and Drag Queen Bingo.

Historian – Kathy Kunkel not present.

Hostesses – Jeanine Boren – nothing to report.

Programs – Grace Elliott discussed the January program. Dave Berg was a producer/director and offered to come speak this month. This would replace the auction. A post meeting occurred after the board meeting to discuss moving the auction to another month.  

March is entertainer Irwin Jackson. Grace is trying to book the American Legion Hall so we’ll have space for line dancing, and we can have barbecue catered.

Decorations – Joyce Brady discussed upcoming decorations and possibly setting up signs outside the luncheon locations, so it’s easier for people to locate where the group is. She is not making decorations for the October Tablescapes luncheon.

Reservations – Mikki stated that there were 62 signed up for the September luncheon.

Parliamentarian – Alyce Kesselman not present.

Publicity – Gwen Halstead reported on the upcoming collections during the luncheons. The specifics will be posted in the newsletter.

Opportunity Drawing – Carla Lewis not present.


Pat Oguss stated the Senior Olympics was on target although she was looking for backup participants for members who may have to cancel out.

The Halloween Costume Party is October 29th, 6pm, at Diane Millikin’s house. Costumes are optional. Guests are asked to bring appetizers or dessert, and the club will provide beverages. There will also be a costume contest.

The Cookie Exchange will be December 10th. Sign up with Janice Weiner.

Watch the web news for more events coming up in the new year: Tarot Card Reader,

Murder Mystery, “Bachelorettes and Bullets,” and Julia Child.

Sunshine – Kitty Zimmerman not present.

Old business – None

New business – There is a group from the club which is going on a cruise. It is not being organized by the Newcomers and Friends Club but the group wants to get the word out that others are invited. A motion was moved to post the information under the Explorers tab on the website. Motion approved.

Meeting adjourned at 2:51pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Maggie Blanchard, Secretary







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