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Board Minutes - 12/13

Minutes of the Board Meeting of December 4, 2013

President Nancy Andrews called the meeting to order at 12:40 p.m. The minutes of the meeting of November 6th were read, and after a couple corrections, were approved.

Since Treasurer Trish Mooring was absent, Nancy reported that there is $5,520.36 in the treasury. Trish will present a full report at the next board meeting.

Nancy informed us that Carla will help with Sunshine.

Berni reported that the December luncheon is at Robinson Ranch. There are approximately 45 reservations so far. The cost is $25 for members and $35 for guests. December 8th is the cut off for reservations.

The January luncheon will be held at Don Cuco’s in Canyon Country.

Carolyn Wolf reported that there is no coffee corner in December. The next one will be on January 23 at a location to be announced.

Mikki reported that there are now 181 members.

Jodie reported that the January tea will be held at Irene’s clubhouse so it can be opened to more attendees than usual. The theme will be “Your Favorite Person.” You are requested to come as your favorite person, living or dead. You can also come just as yourself.

It was reported that Milly Ginsburgh’s husband passed away.

Gwen informed us the The Signal is still messing up the coffee notices. She also noted that she cannot accept cash or checks for the donations to the women’s shelter or Toys for Tots.

Carol Costin requested that those attending the luncheons be kept outside the room until those taking money, etc. are ready for them. It is too confusing for all otherwise.

Barri suggested that we consider moving the luncheon so that the three big events for Newcomers, board meeting, luncheon and the teas do not fall in the same week. It was suggested that the luncheon be returned to Wednesday, thus eliminating the board meeting and luncheon falling in the same week as happens about three times a year. The board meeting will be on the first Wednesday and the luncheon on the second.

This was tabled to the January general meeting for discussion. Changes would not take place until our next calendar year.

Alyce reminded everyone of the auction at the January luncheon.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:42 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Margaret Gilmer, Secretary

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