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Board Minutes - Newcomers and Friends

                             Board Minutes - Newcomers and Friends

 Board Meeting December 2, 2015

The meeting was called to order at 1:11 p.m. by President Jodie Baker with 13 members present.

President Baker announced that the January Board Meeting will be held on January 6th at Nalini Amin's home and will be the traditional potluck lunch at Noon.   Persons bringing food should prepare enough to serve 10 people.

Minutes - The Minutes of the November 4, 2015 Board Meeting were read and approved as corrected.

Treasurer - On behalf of Kay Moioffer, Donna Jones  reported on the Income and Expense of the Club.  The report  was made available and a copy is attached to these minutes.  Pat Oguss, Social Chair, reported that she had two very successful events and was over budget.  She requested funds for the third social event planned for March 2016.

Luncheons - First Vice President, Nalini Amin was traveling. and Mikki Garside was curently hospitalized,  so on their behalf Janice Weiner. reported that there were 72 reservations for the December Luncheon.  She requested a list of the hostesses for this event and the person in charge of Name Tags be sure to have them ready for the event.  The average attendance for the holiday party is 95 and the Paseo Club will accept up to 100 attendees.  Note - there are 7 singers in the Memory Makers. 

Milly Ginsburgh, co-chair of reservations, has a list of 15 members who do not have email addresses.  Milly takes the telephone reservations and expressed concern that these members receive all the current information to participate in Club activities.

Sandy Enerle reported that for the January Auction Luncheon, items should be labeled as follows:  "New", "Vintage", or "Antique" . Cash received for the auctioned item will be given to the owner of the item.

 Membership  Second Vice President Janice Weiner announced that the Club now has 180 members with 2 applications out.  President Jodie Baker volunteered that she sends a personal note to each new member.

 Web Mistress Barri  Boren is out of town so Sandy Enerle reported that their committee is open to suggestions for the website and expressed an interest in posting member articles with photos on the site.  Discussion was had that it would be necessary to have the permission of photographed members to post their photo..  The committee has created a "How To" Book for the website activity.

Programs - Grace Elliott  was absent and on her behalf, President Jodie Baker announced that the Merry Makers, the December entertainment group, would have to perform at 1:00 pm as they had another commitment that afternoon.  There followed a discussion and vote on the holiday songs that should be included in the December singalong portion of the program.

Activities  Sandy is willing to help organize a group activity..

Recruitment  Luana Law  the November Coffee Corner had 21 persons in attendance.  The December 17th Coffee will be held at 10 am at Kathy's Deli. Also Luana and Donna Jones explored the IHOP in Canyon Country and found the management to be very accommodating.  Another possibility is Everest on Soledad Canyon where the food is good and there is abundant parking.  Another venue was Bella Crepes on Sierra Hwy and Soledad which was too small.  They also visited Crazy Otto's on Soledad but found it too expensive..

Social Pat Oguss announced that on Wednesday March 16th she will have an event at her home presentating  "Eleanor Roosevelt" including the background and dress of that time.  The maximum she can accommodate is 24 attendees and those guests would  bring a dessert to share.

Pat the addressed the Beauty Queen Mystery event which had a shortfall of $138.91.  A motion was made, seconded and approved to cover this amount from the treasury. 

Publicity Gwen Halstead will submit an historical story of Newcomers and Friends which will include the telephone contact number for the Coffee Corner Committee.

Cruise Report  "Friends A Cruisin' ". Milly Ginsburgh reported that there will be no meeting of the Cruise Committee until January.  Also a reminder - February 7th is the Open House to be held at Milly's house for the purpose of the cruising people to meet and greet each other.  There are some new Club members who will be cruising.  Tom Brewster will handle all the questions or concerns prior to boarding and also on board.  There will be 2 formal nights and a group photo and many more activities.

Old Business -  None..

New Business -.Milly Ginsburgh stated that a listing of offices of the Club will be circulated at the December luncheon for members to sign up as evidence of their interest in a position on the Board.  The Nominating Committee then uses the information to compose a Roster for the Election of Officers - which will be held at the April Meeting, with installation at the May Meeting.

No further business came before the meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 2:45 pm.

Respectfully submitted

Sonja Ley, Secretary

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