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Board Minutes 12-6-17


President Nalini Amin called the meeting to order at 1:19 pm with 19 members present. She thanked Jodie for hosting the holiday potluck and meeting.

Vice President Donna Cerna – Nothing to report.

Secretary Maggie Blanchard read the November 1st minutes. They were approved as read.

Treasurer Marjie Potechin reported on the income and expenses which was approved and a copy attached to the minutes.

Luncheons – Donna Jones, Millie Ginsburg reporting

-- January is the auction and will be held at The Residence Inn. We have guaranteed 50 people so they waived the $1000 room fee.  Last year there were 62 at the auction luncheon. The menu is a boxed lunch with a choice of turkey or ham on a Kaiser roll with cheese, tomato, lettuce, onion, olives, dill pickles, a cookie, fruit, chips, and a complete salad bar which will be replenished as needed. Donna J. asked for tuna salad at the salad bar but due to food safety concerns, that is still up for negotiation. They don’t have a kitchen so everything is brought in. We will also have coffee, hot tea, and water. Cost is $24 and all self serve. Millie and Donna J. will hand out the boxed lunches. We have the room from 10am to 3pm. Donna Cerna asked about the next price point for more service. Donna J. did not state the next price point but said that it is already at a higher point than the taco bar that we had at our last luncheon at this location. Diane Millikin suggested marketing this as an auction and box lunch event. Board members approved of the luncheon.

--February. A $500 deposit has been given to Sand Canyon Country Club. We are still working on the menu. The room fee is down to $75 for use of both areas and coffee is now free. It will be a plated menu. Marjie received an invoice for $32 per plate but with the service charge and tax, it is $41.44. A buffet menu was then suggested but Jodie suggested that the club kick in $5 per person for 75 people, bringing the cost down to $36. Diane Millikin made a motion for $36 with the club picking up the remainder. Motion approved. 


Marjie then suggested a luncheon every other month. Millie didn’t like the idea because the luncheon is the general meeting. Jodie suggested a hiatus for July and August. Mikki G. thought this was also a bad idea because of new members. Nalini suggested smaller menus on occasion. Hosting in peoples’ homes was also mentioned along with a concern for liability issues.


Social - The annual cookie exchange is Saturday, December 9th from 1 to 3 at Janice Weiner’s house.  A light lunch will be served.

Programs - The January Auction will be a silent and live auction lead by Barri as the auctioneer. You may bring up to 3 items for the auction.

Decorations – Jodie reported they are ready for the December luncheon.

Recruitment – Luana Law stated there is no coffee corner in December.  Mamas Table is planned for January.

Publicity – Gwen Halstead. Bring Toys for Tots to December luncheon.

Opportunity Drawing – Carla Lewis. There will be no drawing in January and February.

Sunshine - Kitty Zimmerman sent a card to Sharon Welch who is recovering from a car accident. You can send cards to Marie Moreno’s address and they will be forwarded to her. It was suggested that we give Marie a housewarming shower and asking her to register with stores so we will know what she needs and wants.

Next meeting at Diane Millikens

Explorers – Kathy Giddens

Shambala Preserve is December 10th.

Drag Queen Bingo is January 17th. Cost is $20 at the door for the bingo card plus cost for dinner. Carpooling is encouraged.

May – Brunch at the Beach. We need 24 reservations and currently have 12.

Clifton’s Cafeteria is Saturday March 24th.


The January meeting will be at Diane Millikin’s house.


Meeting adjourned at 2:13 pm.


Respectfully Submitted,

Maggie Blanchard


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