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Board Minutes - 3/12

Newcomers and Friends Board Meeting
March 7, 2012

Meeting called to order by Carol Maul   at the home of Karen Forte at 1:05 PM.

Luncheon - Donna reported, the April Luncheon will be held at Valencia Country Club and the choices and details were provided to the board. The decorations this month are provided by Donna and will be raffled.

Membership - Mikki, filling in for Nancy, reported we now have a membership of 170 with 15 of those as new members this year.

Treasurer - Kay Moioffer, treasurer, absent. No report available.
Minutes of Feb 1, 2012 read by  Muriel Usselman, secretary and  approved as corrected.

 Activities -
      Game Day - comment from Alyce, reporting Shirley had a very nice a successful day.
       Coffee - a reminder that those interested please call ion advance, as the numbers are growing and an available site needs to be arranged.
       Teas - Jody reported they are growing and looking for more hostesses. Also she wishes to have the teas made an official activity and was under the impression it needed board approval per the by-laws. She was informed all she needs to do is present it to the activities chairperson.

Social -  The plans for the Greystone Mansion are going very well.

Circulation - Sandi reported the numbers have gone up and she now mails to almost 35 members.
The subject of members who do not have Email and are not getting the broadcast notices of subjects that come up between newsletters was discussed and decided Sandi would make a list and submit it to the telephone chairperson to ascertain that all members receive special notices.

Historian - Margaret reported  All is up to date thanks to Donna. She will need someone to take pictures at our April outing, Any and all pictures need to be submitted no later than May 2. Barri Boren, will accept the position next year but only if the scrapbook can be done digitally. Moved to accept digital book 2nd and approved.

Reservations -  Pat has had some problems receiving E mails in the past and is not pleased to have received calls late in the evening because of this. She reports 73 will be attending tomorrows Luncheon Event.

Book Club -  Judy P wants approval to start a new Book Club as those in existence are full. She needs to be informed, all she has to do is submit the proposal to the activities chairperson.

Publicity - Gwen reports we had 6 entries in the Signal last month.

Vagabonds - The April Outing is 4 members short and must be filled or they must cancel.  An announcement will be made at the luncheon tomorrow.  

Sunshine -  Reports that Lois Silverman has been hospitalized and is doing better after a rough spell..

New Business -   

Old business -
Meeting adjourned at  2:25 pm

Respectfully submitted,  Muriel Usselman,  Secretary
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