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Board Minutes - Newcomers and Friends

Newcomers and Friends
Board Meeting, March 4

Meeting opened by President Milly Ginzburg at approximately 1:06 pm. Milly announced the passing of member Clare Lucas and her services this Friday 3/6/15 at 11AM at St Clare’s Catholic Church. She also mentioned she had visited with Sharon Welch who had a bad fall recently.

Minutes - The minutes of the last meeting were not available for reading. Luncheons – Donna reported the next Luncheon week has 49 members with a limit of 50. This will be an election lunch and all those wishing to vote but unable to attend may do so at a specified time during the luncheon to be announced with the updated slate by Shirley. They may come to cast a vote but the lunch guest list is full.

The April Luncheon will be held at Margarita’s Mexican Restaurant on Valencia Blvd with a guest limit of 55. And the Installation luncheon will be in May at Le Chene with a maximum guest total of 90. They have a nice menu planned for a cost of $35 each. Donna made a motion that in view of the cost the club subsidizes $5 per member. This was seconded and approved by the board in attendance. Donna also added the problems they are facing getting venues for our luncheons at a reasonable cost to the members.

Membership – Reporting for the chairman, Jodie Baker reported a total of 190 members with 2 pending. A discussion followed regarding a request by Janice Weiner that prospective members (now allowed to attend a luncheon or coffee as a guest) be allowed an additional guest visit to a game or activity. In lieu of asking a member to sit out a game or to close a member out of an activity, this arrangement was considered not acceptable and the idea was rejected.

Webmistress – Barri requested all material for the upcoming newsletter be in her hands asap. Coffee – Jodi reporting for Carolyn. They had 8 attending with 1 new member.

Opportunity drawing – It was suggested by Barri that we donate 2 tickets to The Cowboy Festival as one of our drawings in April, since our theme that month is Cowboys in support of the approaching festival.

After much discussion it was approved with a second bowl for that prize to be available for tickets for those interested. A motion was made by Donna and seconded by Muriel, approved.

Explorers – Barbara - The whale watching trip has 12 going so far.
Parliamentarian – Alice continued with her revising of the by-laws, reading the proposed changes.

Publicity – Gwen reported we had 3 entries in the signal this past month. Also the coffee meeting will now be held every 3rd Thursday from now on.

Meeting adjourned at 3:20PM.

Respectfully submitted

Muriel Usselman, secretary
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