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      Board Minutes - Newcomers 
and Friends

                                                 Board Meeting Minutes 4-5-17

 President Diane Millikin called the meeting to order at 1:08pm with 19 members present. Diane thanked Kay Moioffer for hosting. Last month Diane passed out and requested updates to the job descriptions for each board position. She passed out a few more during the April meeting which still require updating.

Minutes – Maggie Blanchard: The minutes of the March 1st, 2017 board meeting were read and approved as read.

Treasurer - Kay Moioffer reported on the Income and Expenses of the Club. The report was approved and made available. A copy is attached to the minutes.

Vice President – Nalini Amin: Nothing to report

Reservations – Mikki Garside has 44 signed up for the April luncheon as of the day of this meeting.

Auditor – Mikki: Nothing to report

Luncheons – Joyce Brady: April is at JJs; May is at Le Chene with a current cost of $25. Joyce requested a motion to reduce the May cost by $3, so it will be $22 to club members (guests will be $25). Motion approved. The menu is salad, red snapper with lemon butter, chicken breast with cranberry sauce, pasta pomodoro, vegetable, potatoes au gratin, bread, butter, chocolate mousse.

Membership – Janice Weiner reported that there are currently 201 members, but this number may go down after membership dues, which are due May 25th.

Webmistress – Barri Boren says updates are due by the 10th.

Activities – Barbara Ferone announced a game day for 12:30pm on Monday April 24th. There will be Rummikub and a second game, possibly Golf.

Recruitment – Luana Law reported that there were 19 people at Everest for the March Coffee Corner. April will be at Coco’s 10am, on April 20th. They provide a private room so your bill includes a 20% gratuity. Luana asked those present about Nealie’s and the comments varied.

Birthdays – Maggie: Nothing to report

Explorers – Donna Cerna reported that the food tour was successful and very filling. Next trip is San Juan Capistrano. We’ll leave at 7:10am from Santa Clarita train station and will be in the town for about 4 hours. For Sycamore Springs, 11 have signed up. Donna rented a house which sleeps 9 and those spaces have been spoken for. Members may call the resort to make their own reservations. The new Explorers group is already planning events. On their behalf, Donna requested a motion to approve the Vino train trip on July 8th. The cost is $10 more this year. Motion approved. They are also planning a San Diego overnight trip including brunch on the beach; plus Clifton’s Cafeteria.

Historian – Kathy Kunkel: Nothing to reportHostesses – Jeanine Boren: Nothing to report

Programs – Diane reported on behalf of Grace Elliot and she thanked her for a successful and entertaining March luncheon. For April, Barri is our auctioneer. You can bring 3 items; 2 for the silent auction and 1 for the public auction.

Decorations – Joyce: Nothing to report

Parliamentarian – Alyce Kesselman lead a discussion on social club rules as defined by the IRS. There was also discussion about updating the by-laws.

Opportunity Drawing – Carla Lewis: Nothing to report

Social – Kay reported on behalf of Pat Oguss. There was a motion to add $100 for the Julia Child event. Motion approved.

Old business – nothing to report

New business – nothing to report

Meeting adjourned at 2:11pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Maggie Blanchard


Board Meeting Minutes March 1, 2017


President Diane Milliken, called the meeting to order at 1:17 p.m with 19 members present.  President Diane commented that the Nominating Committee had met for a second time and all slots on the Roster of Candidates for the next Club year were filled  with the exception of Programs.  The proposed slate of officers was read to the Board and Diane stated she would email a copy of the slate to the Board.


Next - Job Descriptions were passed out for review and then returned with suggested revisions to be finalized for the Installation Meeting.


The April Board meeting will be held at Kay Moioffer's home.  The May Board meeting will be held at the home of Jean Cruse.  Diane thanked Jean Cruse for hosting the March meeting in her home.


Minutes - Secretary Maggie Blanchard is on vacation and in her absence Sonja Ley read the Minutes of the February 1, 2017 Board Meeting which were approved.


Treasurer - Kay Moioffer reported on the Income and Expense of the Club.  The report was approved and was made available.  A copy is attached to these minutes. 


Luncheons -Jody Baker .has been checking venues for Club Luncheons.  She had looked at Dario's but had no response from them.  She also checked out J J's at 25848 Tournament Road in Valencia.  They are under new ownership and NC&F would be welcome to have a luncheon there.  The food and portions were good.  The lunch would be plated and cloth tablecloths were requested.  The selections would be:Harvest Salad with bread, vegetable lasagna, or 1/2 turkey club sandwich with salad. Dessert would be ice cream with a carmel sauce.   The room is large and the auction items could easily be displayed.  The cost of the lunch would be $20.  A motion was made and passed that the April Luncheon will be held at J J's with a $20 per person cost.


The May Installation Luncheon will be held at LeChene.


They also looked at a Mexican restaurant called Casa Diego on Soledad - past Sierra Hwy.  The cost would be $18 and the capacity would be approximately 60 people.


Programs - Grace Elliott reported that the March 9th Lunch is at the American Legion  Post on Spruce Street - behind the Library on Lyons with a Western Theme.  Doors open at 10 A.M. to do the decorations and preparations.  The Commander of the post will do a short welcome and introduction.   Country Singer Erwin Jackson will play his guitar and sing.  There will be 2 line dance instructors and this will be a pre-celebration for the upcoming Cowboy Poetry Festival.  Rattlers Restaurant will begin their set up at 11:15 with 2 servers.  Rattlers must be packed and leave by 2:15 p.m..  Rattlers charges $80 per server and the servers pick up the food, serve and pack up.  Discussion on what the Club should tip the servers.  $25 per server was agreed to  Grace will pick up and bring the  cupcakes, water, ice, etc.


Grace then told the Board that author Mike Misrathe would like to do a program at a Club luncheon and also sell his book at that time.  After discussion the Board decided to have Grace refer Mr. Misrathe to another venue.


Web Mistress - Barri Boren - deadline for items for the Web is the 10th of the month.

An email went out that the website is up.


Membership  Janice Weiner  announced that the Club now has 194 members with 2 applications outstanding.  Renewal of membership notices will be sent out at the end of April and will be due by May 26th.


Activities - Diane reported on behalf of Barbara Ferone that the next game day will be Saturday March18th at 12:30 p.m. with pinnocle and another card game.  Please RSVP to let her know how many will participate.


Recruitment  Luana Law reported that there were 18 at the last  Coffee Corner and one lady signed up as a member. The next Coffee Corner will be held at Everest on Soledad across from IHOP on March 16th  at 10 am.


Auditor - Mikki Garside - No report.


Reservations - Mikki reported that 35 signed up for March 9th Luncheon.  Email blast to be sent out..


Birthdays - No report.


Historian - Kathy Kunkel reported that Joyce Brady may help with the President's Book.


Hostesses - Jeannine Borren - no report.

Decorations - Joyce  Brady -No report..

Explorers - Diane reported on behalf of Donna Cerna - there are 3 spaces open on the train trip to San Diego at $199 per person - that amount may be reduced to $138 per person.  A discussion followed on how to present the 3 paid available spaces.

Next the Melting Pot adventure to Pasadena is $55 person with payment due on March 10th.  There has been great interest in this outing.

The April 29th trip to San Juan Capistrano plan is progressing.

The May 23-25 spa trip has deposits from 6 members.

Social - Pat Oguss - has had some cancellations for the Wednesday March 30th Bachelor and Bachlorettes event and at this time she has 25 people - but would like 30 -the waiting list was moved up and a list of current participants was sent around and  also she passed a sign up sheet for additional people.

The Julia Child event at her home is scheduled for April 25th.

Opportunity Drawing - Carla Lewis - No report.

Sunshine - Kitty Zimmerman - 2 cards sent out.  Mary Grisaffi had an operation last month

Telephone - SCarol Costin - No report

Parliamentarian - In Alice Kesselman's absence, Milly Ginsburgh stated their concern that new members of Newcomers need to be informed of the functions of the Club.  So they are working on a description to serve that purpose.  Discussion followed.  Barri Boren was given permission to read the Newcomers Club description posted on the website.  Also the statement on the Club Membership application completes that purpose.

Old Business - None.

New Business  - None


No further business came before the meeting.


Meeting adjourned at 2:35 pm.


Respectfully submitted

Sonja Ley, Secretary Pro Tem

on behalf of Maggie Blanchard.


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