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      Board Minutes - Newcomers 
and Friends


 Board Meeting February 3, 2016

The meeting was held at the home of Executive Vice President Diane Millikin.

In the absence of President Jodie Baker, the meeting was chaired by Executive Vice President Diane Millikin.  The call to order was at 1:10 p.m with 20 members present.

Diane announced that the March Board Meeting will be held at the home of President Jodie Baker.  The newly completed Roster of Candidates for the next election of Board Members was distributed..

Minutes - The Minutes of the January 6, 2016 Board Meeting were read and approved as corrected.

Treasurer - Kay Moioffer reported on the Income and Expense of the Club.  The report was approved and was made available.  A copy is attached to these minutes. 

Luncheons -Nalini Amin reported that the March 10th Luncheon will be held at Marie Calendars with a cost of $17.34 per person.  Attendees will be charged $17.00 and the Club will absorb the $0.34.  Nalini negotiated a menu change to include 2 new selections.  The dessert will be a slice of pie.  A motion was made, seconded and approved to accept the foregoing.

Nalini and her committee are in negotiations with the Black Angus for the April Luncheon.

For the May installation luncheon, a reservation is holding the Paseo Club location.

Programs - Grace Elliott reported that proposed May speaker will not be available due to breast cancer surgery.  Grace is researching other speakers.  When questioned for future reference where to locate speakers, Grace suggested the City Arts Council and also a listing of available speakers and topics through the Library.

Membership  On behalf of the absent Janice Weiner, Dianne Milliken  announced that the Club now has 2 new members.

Web Mistress Barri  Boren and Sandy Enerle discussed the Web persons and their working relationship.

Activities  Muriel Usselman reported on the games..

Recruitment  Luana Law reported  the January Coffee Corner was held at Marsden on Newhall Ranch Road and McBean with 25 people in attendance..  The February Coffee will be held at IHOP in Canyon Country at 10 am.

Social On behalf of the absent Pat Oguss Diane Milliken reported that 31 persons are registered for the Wednesday March 16th presentation  "Eleanor Roosevelt"   Pat Oguss and Donna Jones will coordinate the refreshments.  They request the participants to car pool.

Sunshine - Kitty Zimmerman - 2 birthdays and 1 condolence card for members

Note:  Grace Elliott thanked everyone for the "Get Well" cards..

Cruise Report  "Friends A Cruisin' ". Milly Ginsburgh -reminded everyone that  February 21st from 3 - 5 pm is the Meet and Greet at Milly's home.  Both Tom Brewster and Shauna will be in attendance.  There are 39 spaces reserved on the Cruise.  It was suggested that some excursions are begining to be booked up. 

Decorations - Joyce  Brady - She is working on centerpices for the March - Marshall Arts Luncheon.

Reservations - Mikki Garside reported that she has 59 reservations for the February 11th luncheon.

Old Business -  None.

New Business - None.

No further business came before the meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 1:55 pm.

Respectfully submitted

Sonja Ley, Secretary

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