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      Board Minutes - Newcomers 
and Friends



Board Minutes - Newcomers and Friends

 Board Meeting April 13, 2016


The meeting was called to order by President Jodie Baker at 1:16 pm with 17 persons in attendance.  The meeting was held in the home of Nalini Amin.

President Baker announced that the Club has purchased a (much needed) sound system.  She continued that this year of her presidency has been a fun year that included many activities.

Minutes - The Minutes of the March 2, 2016 Board Meeting were read and approved as corrected..

- Kay Moioffer reported on the income and expenses for the prior month and the current balance available in the checking account.  The report was approved.  A copy is attached to these minutes.

First Vice President - Luncheons - Nalini Amin, reported that there are currently 79 reservations for the April luncheon at the Black Angus Restaurant. 

The May 12th installation luncheon will be held at Robinson Ranch with a choice of Chicken Picatta or Pasta Primavera with an ice cream dessert.  The cost is $23.55 per person.  A motion was made and seconded that the member cost will be $23.00 and the Club will absorb the $.55.  The motion was passed.  Also, since this is an installation luncheon the Board members felt the dessert should be special.  Grace Elliott volunteered to bake 200 special cookies for the event.  Further, the deadline for reservations is set at May 4th so the caterer at Robinson Ranch can have a correct count for preparations.

Luncheon Reservations - Mikki Garside brought up that a member called her asking to attend the luncheon program without eating or paying for lunch.  A discussion was had.  Each person attending a luncheon must pay for the meal as the restaurant holds the club responsible for payment for each attendee at the event.  Following the discussion, the Board voted that members asking to attend a luncheon, but who do not wish to have the meal will be required to pay for the event. 

Membership - Janice Weiner was absent and in her stead, President Baker reported the Club has 189 members with 2 applications out.  Also on June 1st dues for the Club membership are due.  A notice will be published shortly.

Webmistress - Barri Boren and Sandy Enerle proposed the Club have a FACEBOOK page with Club news and photos - which would be monitored by Barri and Sandy.  After some discussion the proposal was tabled for the next Board meeting

It was also suggested that the color of the Club web page be changed.  The response was that the color is occasionally changed.

Activities -Muriel Usselman reported that her Hand and Foot game is full with a waiting list.

Recruitment - Luana Law was absent.  President Baker reported in her stead  that the Coffee Corner gathering is on April 21st at Marie Calendar's at 10 am. 

Programs - Grace Elliott encouraged everyone to attend the April Luncheon as the speaker will be actor, SAG member and 5th grade teacher at McGrath School, George Chavez.  It promises to be an interesting event.

For the June Luncheon the speaker will be Amanda Benson, publisher of ELITE Magazine.

There followed a discussion of various possible speakers for future luncheons.

Decorations - Joyce Brady is working on them.

Publicity - Gwen Halstead  - Club news is being picked up from various sources and put into the newspaper.  Also - check the website for current Club news.

Historian - Nancy Andrews was absent but a request was made on her behalf that members send or email any photos of Club events to her so she can complete the President's Book.

Cruise -  Millie Ginsburgh reported that the trip went very smoothly as Shauna and the crew handled all problems.  They had good weather and a good time.  At the stop in Mexico they had a special luncheon event where they could share their cruise stories.

President Baker told about the mystery play that the Club enacted on the ship - the participants had characters to play and masks to wear.  It was a success and greatly enjoyed.

Old Business:  The tabled discussion from last meeting that an additional gift be added to the Opportunity Drawing - being a gift of a one time Free Luncheon Certificate was brought up.  The financial implication and obligation for this Certificate was discussed.  The resolution of the discussion was that this was not viable and the Opportunity Drawing would stay as is.

Meeting adjourned at 2:35 pm.

Respectfully submitted

Sonja Ley, Secretary




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