Board Minutes - 5/13

Minutes of the Board Meeting of May 1, 2013

The meeting was called to order at 1:00 p.m. at Sandi Cates' club house by Donna Jones. The minutes of the April 3rd meeting were read and approved. Donna Jones asked Margaret Gilmer to read a tribute to those involved in the Boston marathon bombings. Donna collected the folders from the outgoing board. Nancy read the menu for the installation luncheon. The luncheon will be at the Tournament Players Club. It will be buffet. The entrees are pasta primavera and a chicken dish. The cost is $21 and includes dessert.

Nancy Andrews reported that there were two resignations with 90 renewals to date.

Trish Mooring passed out the updated new budget for next year. There was a short discussion and it was decided to add a category for $500 to the budget for installation expenses. A vote was taken and the new budget was accepted.

Barrie Boren and Mikki Garside requested that all items be submitted by the 10th of May for the June newsletter. Sandi Cates reported that she is sending 40 newsletters by mail this year. So far there are only 15 requests for next year.

Sandi's clubhouse wants us to provide insurance if we continue to use the clubhouse for our board meetings. Sandi says she can add $500k to her existing policy with no increase in her premium. We can have other events there but we would have to provide security guards depending on how many we have in attendance. It would be up to us to set up and clean up.

The next board meeting will be at Shirley Lamoureaux's home. The existing board will provide a pot luck luncheon for the incoming board prior to the board meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:02.

Respectfully submitted,
Margaret Gilmer Secretary
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