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Board Minutes - 9/13

Minutes of the Meeting of September 4, 2013

President Nancy Andrews called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m.

The minutes of the August board meeting were read and approved.

Nancy reported that Karen Forte will be stepping down from her board position.

Bernie reported that the luncheon for October will be at Robinson Ranch and the check for the deposit has already been sent.

It will be a deli buffet.

Donna reported that so far there are 39 reservations for El Trocadero in September.

We will start at noon with soup and salad.

The speaker needs 15-20 minutes and has a scheduling problem.

She will speak after the soup/salad.

The entrees will be served at 12:30.

Alyce reminded us that the speaker is from Newhall Redevelopment and will speak on the changes being made to the Newhall area.

Nalini volunteered her home for the October board meeting.

A place for the December board meeting is still needed.

Mikki reported that there are now 171 members.

Most new applicants come from seeing Newcomers on the internet.

Carla reported that there are three training sessions planned for training in Mahjong.

Since the Greenhouse closed, new meeting places are needed for the games.

Karen Fine says The Singing Sisters will be doing patriotic songs in November in honor of Veterans Day. As such it would be nice to dress in red, white and blue.

Patty Finley and her group will perform for us in December.

In March, Jodie Baker will dance. April will bring a performance by the Damn Yankees troupe from Canyon Theater Guild and Singing in the Rain in June.

Speaking for Charlotte, Carla suggested instead of a gift card, the club gift should be $20 for the member to use as she sees fit.

Ginger Freed has resigned from the teas as she will be moving to Chatsworth. Janet Weiner has stepped in to take her place.

A discussion regarding dress for the October meeting was held.

Since the meeting is so far removed from Halloween, it was decided to leave it to the member’s choice if they wanted to dress up.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:47 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Margaret Gilmer

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