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Board Minutes - Jan/13

Minutes of the Board Meeting of January 2, 2013

The meeting was called to order at 1:00 p.m. by Donna Jones, president.

The minutes of the December meeting were read and approved.

Nancy Andrews was absent due to illness.  Ann reminded us that the January luncheon will be at Marie Callender's and that the menu consists of salmon, chicken pot pie, meatloaf and veggie ravioli.  The February luncheon will be held at Le Chene on Valentine's Day.  The menu will be Chicken Tarragon or Red Snapper, chef's choice of vegetable, mixed green salad, and chef's choice of dessert.

Trish was also absent due to illness, but Donna reported that there is $4, the treasury.

Mikki reported that Go Daddy was somewhat remiss in getting the newsletter up and running for this month.  They had multiple excuses as to why.  She will be on vacation when the information for the February newsletter is due so Barrie will take care of the update.  She requested that all submissions be sent to Barrie by the 15th.  Mikki also asked that if we know of anybody who can create a website to please let her know.  The club is not asking for someone to volunteer their time, but would pay for their services.  Alyce reported that her husband called Go Daddy in order to get the problem fixed.

Laurie Prince reported that there are 16 or 17 signed up for the game day on January 31.  She will call them to remind them and also remind the club at the January luncheon.

In the event that the meeting falls on or very close to a holiday, the president has authority to change the meeting date/time.  This is spelled out in Article 10, Section 2 of the By-Laws.

Alyce reported that the Vagabonds are planning their last trip to be on February 21 and 22.  If everybody who signed up at the luncheon goes, they still need 3 or 4 more people to sign up by January 10th  to make it happen.  Cost of $245 is all inclusive.

More volunteers are still needed for the board.  Since there have been problems with complaints from members concerning the board, it needs to be stressed that the board is a volunteer position and maybe if they are unhappy, they should volunteer to be on the board.

Pat Passalaqua reported that the gifts for the January birthdays will be all different.  She is still under budget, but rapidly approaching it.

Irene Jansson reported that there is one new member bringing the total to 167.

Gwen was quite pleased with the number of toys donated at Christmas.  She needed the help of 4 sheriffs to take them all inside.

Barbara Ferone suggested again that dues be reduced as in her opinion $4,000 is too much to have in the treasury.  She was reminded that members attending the Christmas luncheon already have a $5 reduction in their dues.  Donna suggested that a $5 reduction in the Thanksgiving luncheon might be an idea.  Marlene stated that there will be no income for the next six months and that the treasury will probably shrink to about $2,000 by June.  It was also suggested that instead of putting the raffle money in the treasury, that it be given as prizes to the members.  Discussion included topics like, if you can't afford the dues, then don't join the club.  It was decided to table the discussion until April.

The nominating committee will meet after the January luncheon.

The February board meeting will be on February 6 at 1 p.m. in Sandi Cates
 clubhouse.  Please note this is a change from what was previously announced.

Respectfully submitted,

Margaret Gilmer

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