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Board Minutes - 6/12

Newcomers and Friends Board Meeting
Minutes of the Meeting of June 6, 2012

The meeting was called to order by President Donna Jones at Irene Jansson’s club house at 1 p.m.  

Minutes of the meeting of May 2 were read and approved.

Nancy reminded us that the June luncheon will be at El Chaparral and will be a buffet.  There will be no dessert.  The cost is now $21.  El Chaparral now requires that the luncheon be paid for prior to the date of the luncheon.  If you sign up and then don’t show up, you will be charged for the cancellation.  All cancellations must be made by Sunday prior to the luncheon or you are responsible to pay.  
Trish Mooring reported the total funds in the treasury.

Donna reported that the Valencia Country Club as changed its mind and will not charge the extra dollar for colored napkins.  They will also decorate the room and provide dessert.

Irene reported that we now have 128 members paid to date.  She requested help with printing the directory.  Marlene graciously accepted the challenge to help.  Marlene has a program for it so it won’t take long.  It will be ready by July 1.  Nancy requested that others step forward to help with the directory as Marlene has done it for many years and would like some rest from it.  The cover to the directory will not be exactly as the rose on the program from the luncheon as it is copyrighted by Hallmark.  It will be a heart instead.

Laurie Prince wanted to be sure the activities list is accurate.  It was suggested she check with the outgoing activities chairman and then send the list to Marlene for insertion in the newsletter.  Irene will make sure that all members of the various activities are members of Newcomers as required by our by-laws.  New activities should be approved by the board before they are put in the newsletter.  Shirley will continue to send e-mails, but they must be approved by Donna prior to sending.  The telephone committee will inform non-e-mail members of information in the e-mails.

Alyce suggested that the requirements for members of activities be put in the by-laws the next time we do a revision.

Marlene Garside said the next audit will be in November.

Pat Passalaqua says she is busy shopping for birthdays.  The gifts will be different every month.

Sandi will have to replenish supplies for Circulation next month as she has 40 copies of the newsletter to mail.

Sandi also said we can have the monthly board meetings in her club house.  The meeting will be at Nalini’s in October.

Barri had nothing to report as Historian.
Luana requested another person to help as hostess at the luncheons.  Barbara Ferone stepped up.  Kay will help in June when Barbara will be away.

The July board meeting will be on July 11, as the regular meeting day would fall on the Fourth.  The luncheon is the day following the board meeting and will be at the New Moon.

Lori is working on getting a speaker from Mike Antonovich’s office for the September luncheon.  The Singing Sisters will perform in November.

Jeanine reported that the decorations for June will be red, white and blue.

Carol and Ann will share the reservations duties.  Carol reported that there are 34 reservations to date for June.  If you reserve by e-mail, e-mail both Carol and Ann.  Cancel by Sunday evening or pay.

Carolyn had nothing new to report for the coffees.

There was no report from Publicity.  Donna reminded us that the November drive for food and December unwrapped $10 toy for a child are still a go.

Barbara has the materials for the June raffle.  A reminder was put forth that there should be no white elephants, only new unused objects for the raffle gifts.

The Social Committee reported that we have collected $155 for the fire department from the cost of the Van Nuys Airport trip on June 27th.  In August, they plan on visiting the Pitchess Honor Farm.  A party is in the works possibly in October.  It will be catered.  It will be at Sandi’s club house.  She is to find out if alcohol is allowed.

Carla reported that she has sent 6 or 7 cards already for Sunshine. She needs to be notified of  a need for a card.  Call or e-mail.  She needs good news as well as bad.

Vagabonds have plans for September and December with more information to follow.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:12 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Margaret Gilmer, Secretary
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