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Board Minutes 02/11

Newcomers and Friends Board Meeting
February 2, 2011

Meeting called to order by Lorri at the home of Barbara Ferone at 1:06 PM. Lorrie thanked Pat Passalacqua for hosting the January Meeting and Donna Jones for presiding in her absence.

Minutes of January 5, 2011 read by Muriel Usselman, secretary and accepted as read.

Luncheon - Report by Jane Leach in Donnas’ absence, March Luncheon will be held at the Valencia Country Club. It will be a St. Patrick’s Day celebration with Corned Beef and Cabbage, Chicken Marsala and Chef’s Salad on the menu.

Reservations - Laura will take reservations for the luncheons up until the Sunday before the event. Discussion regarding guest cancelations. It was decided members may make reservations for a guest but need to understand if that guest is a no-show without cancelation the member making the reservation is responsible for the money due the club. In addition, the reservation chairman is responsible for notifying those no-shows who owe money.

Membership -  Marlene Garside reported we have one new member bringing the total membership to 178. Also Nancy Andrews will be taking the chair for the new board in June; Marlene will assist her with the transition. In addition the applications for renewing membership, due June 1, were addressed. Discussion followed regarding the website. The website is now up and running and is updated as soon as our representative receives the information. The members can access the website and read news and can also print any page they want in hard copy. Monthly mailings are very costly to the club. Marlene is proposing a need to consider stopping the mailings to all members. For an additional yearly fee of $10 we can mail a copy to those who have no computer access and wish to continue receiving the news by mail. This will need to be placed on the renewal and new application for membership. Kay DeMuniz made the motion to add this additional fee to the membership form as an option to receive a mailing. Muriel Usselman seconded the motion. Discussion followed by unanimous approval. It was also decided that June will be the last complete mailing.

Treasurer - Kay Moioffer gave her report.

Web Mistress - Muriel announced a need for all information already available, to be placed in the March Newsletter, please send to her by next week, and also to Pat Passalacqua. She will be leaving town for 9 days and Pat will be sending out the information. Alyce issued a big thank you to Muriel for all her work on the newsletter. Also, Pat wished to extend a big thank you to Sandi Cates for her excellent editing as well as circulation chair.

Activities Cards - Margaret Gilmer reported there are 14 birthdays in Feb.

Noreen Motts reported on the Spring Fling for April 17th is to be at the home of Kay Moioffer and the maximum she can accommodate is 30. She asked for and received another $100 for the event. Margaret and Gwen both stated they will have money left over in their budget.

Circulation - No report

Historian - no report

Hostesses -no report

Reservations - Laura Starr will be out of town in April and all reservations; both phone and Email, for the April luncheon are to be directed to La Nell Barnes. Also please put in the newsletter those making reservations need to state their preference on the menu.

-  no report

Publicity - No report

- No report

Vagabonds - Alyce reported the March 14th trip “For the Love of Money” needs more people to fill the bus. Has 16 and needs 32.

Sunshine - No report

New Business - Marlene reported there will be a conflict for our April Luncheon as the Hospital honors their volunteers with a luncheon that same day. No action to be taken.

Meeting adjourned at 2:05 pm

Respectfully submitted,
Muriel Usselman, Secretary

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