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Board Minutes - 04/12

Newcomers and Friends Board Meeting
April 4, 2012

Meeting called to order by Carol Maul at the home of Carol Maul at 1:10 PM.

- The May luncheon will be at the Country Club and is the installation of new officers.  The Country Club has informed Donna that they will no longer provide ice cream with their desserts due to the cost.

Membership - Nancy reported we now have a membership of 172 with 17 of those  new members this year.

Treasurer - Kay Moioffer reported the club balance..  She presented the new budget and read line by line.  It was voted on and approved.  It was suggested that next year if our carry over balance is growing that the club consider lowering the dues as we no longer have the expense of the newsletter  and phone book being mailed to all members.

Web Mistress - Shirley Birnholz is being trained to be Web Mistress next year.  Marlene said trying to make changes to the online newsletter is very difficult and she has started mailing the changes to GO Daddy to be adjusted.  So far they have not charged extra but they might in the future.
Minutes – of March 7, 2012 read by Barbara Ferone and taken by Muriel Usselman were approved as read.

Activities – If someone wants to start a new activity they call the activity chairman and co-ordinate the details.  The board does not have to vote on new activities.

Historian - More pictures are needed for the book.   Grace will be called for photos of  the  Greystone Mansion trip.  Barbara Ferone will take pictures on the Vagabond Trip.

Publicity - Gwen asked if we wanted the Web address added to the articles in the Signal but it was decided that it would be better just to give a phone number so Carolyn could speak to prospective members and invite them to the coffee and luncheon.

New Business - The board voted that Karen Forte be added to the board as Co VP for luncheons with Nancy Andrews.  Ann Pfeifer was added to the board working with Carol Costin on reservations.  The Coffee’s will no longer be part of  activities and will be a separate board position on its own.

It was decided that food and toiletries will only be collected in November.  Not enough was being collected monthly to continue the monthly collection.

The May board meeting will be held at Sandi Cates.  Please call and reserve a chair.
 Meeting adjourned at  2:20 pm

Minutes taken by Barbara Ferone
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