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Board Minutes 04/11

Newcomers and Friends Board Meeting
April 6, 2011

Meeting called to order by Lorrie Kurowski at the home of Muriel Usselman’s  at 1 PM.

Minutes of March  2, 2011 read by  Muriel Usselman, secretary and  approved as read.


Membership - Chairman, Marlene reported she has been working with Nancy Andrews, who will be our membership chair for next year.

Luncheon - Donna reported our luncheon for May is planned for Valencia Country Club, May 12 and on the menu will be: Pot Roast, Maple-glazed Salmon and Chicken Marsala.
Karen will be planning the June, July and August luncheons.   
Donna is planning to secure our December Luncheon at the Odyssey soon,  with a check of deposit unless there any objections to the locations. There were no objections from the board.

Treasurer - Kay Moioffer, treasurer, was unable to attend, but asked Lorrie to report  the balance.

Historian - Luana reported a new member, Char Tressel, is attempting to organize a Bridge Club and has almost enough members to get started. Questioned if she needed this approved by the board. No approval necessary.

Reservations - La Nell reported a new member, Jody Baker, who has organized a Tea every month, would like to circulate a sign-up sheet at the luncheon but is unable to eat due to dental work and questions if she needs to buy a lunch ticket. No need to purchase a lunch, just bring the sign-up sheet in and someone will be glad to circulate it or she may do it herself. Margaret and Jeanine requested a copy of the reservation list prior to the luncheon.

Social - Noreen reported on the upcoming event "Spring Fling". She is disappointed in the lack of member participation but says planning is going well and all are prepared to have a great time. There will be entertainment.

Vagabonds -The entire board and Lorrie welcomed Giovanna back. Gia expressed her appreciation for all love and concern she received from the club.

Alyce reported the trip planned for April to the Flower mart and garment district  had to be cancelled since there weren't enough members signed up to pay for the bus. Instead, for those who wish to go they will be taking the Metrolink to LA and go from there. No up front costs. Members going pay their own way.  

Sharon - wants to also express her disappointment in member response. The Chairpersons for Vagabonds work very hard to scout out and plan great trips. It is a shame more members aren't taking advantage of these opportunities to broaden their experiences. They have planned for June a trip to Placerita Canyon Park, called Placerita Park Pizza Party. The date is Wed, June 8th and the cost is $18. There are a lot of activities one can pursue at the park and all are encouraged to get their name and money in to Gia as soon as possible. No release slips needed for this activity.

The committee is open to and encourages suggestions for future trips. Alyce said they are planning an overnight for the fall.

New Business - Karen Fine, who will be assisting with luncheon programs next year has a suggestion to bring her audio equipment and theme-type tunes to some of the luncheons and we have sing-a-longs. Discussion followed with a plan to do that 4 times in the year and have other types for places that discourage or refuse that type of entertainment. Other things were offered with the board suggesting Lorrie take charge of some of those plans and Lorrie possibly agreeing to assist with these programs.

Lorrie states she needs the Duty Folders we received to prepare for the new chairpersons.  Please bring them to the luncheon or get them to her ASAP.

Sandi offered a suggestion, whoever needs to get printing done, go to Staples and get a Staples card for a discount for the club.

Meeting adjourned at 2:13pm
Respectfully submitted   Muriel Usselman, Secretary

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