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Board Minutes 05/11

Newcomers and Friends Board Meeting
May 3, 2011

Meeting called to order by Lorrie the home of Muriel Usselman’s  at 1:20 PM.

Minutes of April  6, 2011 read by  Muriel, secretary and  approved as read.


Luncheon - Donna made an announcement from Laura Starr. Laura is unable to attend and has asked Donna to circulate the Luncheon sign-up sheet and follow through with the notifications. At present there have been only 12 responses.

Karen reported the luncheon plans for June will be at the backwoods Inn June 9th.

Membership - Marlene reported she has been working with Nancy Andrews, the incoming membership chairman, and all is going well.

Treasurer - Kay Moioffer, gave treasurer’s report.

Web Mistress -

Coffee -

Luana will join the hostesses next year. She will arrange to meet with Shirley in the transition to membership chairperson.

Char is still working on starting up a Bridge Club.

Historian - Karen will be continuing to work on our scrapbook and is requesting a courtesy newsletter be sent to her as she uses much of it in the scrapbook. Donna moved we gift her a mailed newsletter, Nalini 2nd, discussion followed and all approved.

Hostesses - Nalini reported all is going well with the hostesses.

Reservations - Donna requested a list of all who need the reservation list for the luncheon each month. The list includes: All Hostesses; the President; Birthday Chairperson; Treasurer; Decorations Chairperson; Scrapbook chairperson Karen.

Jeanine announced she needs a head count ASAP. Was told to plan for at least 60 until the count is in.

Book Club - 

Publicity - Gwen, who is in charge of toiletries and food for the needy, would like a back-up person for the summer months she is gone to make the delivery of our collections.

It was decided the hostesses, in her absence, will find a back-up for her. Alyce suggested Lorrie add an addendum to the hostesses duties. Lorrie will take care of the addendum.

Social - Noreen reported the 'Spring Fling' was a great success, a great time was had by all.

Vagabonds - Alyce reported the Flower Mart trip, made by 7 ladies, was a great day and well worth the trip.  The Placerita Park Pizza Picnic day is full and those still wishing to go will be on a wait list. Anyone who signed up and still has not paid, should do so at once or their spot will be filled from the wait list. The time and date is in the newsletter and will be June 8th.

The Vagabond chairpersons are working on an overnight for the end of September but have no announcements as yet.

Sunshine - 

New Business - Lorrie will be hostessing the June meeting, as is tradition. She is planning to rent chairs for the event and the cost is $.89/per chair. She is requesting the club pay for the rental. Karen moved we budget the cost of the rental chairs for Lorrie, 2nd by Donna, all approved.

Old business -
Meeting adjourned at 2:13pm
Respectfully submitted Muriel Usselman, Secretary

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