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Board Minutes 06/11

Newcomers and Friends Board Meeting
June 1, 2011

Meeting called to order by President Carol Maul at the home of Lorrie Kurowski  at 1:19 PM.  Lorrie thanked the outgoing board and welcomed the new board. Lorrie read a letter by Peggy Schauer, auditor, praising the treasurer Kay Moioffer and thanking her for a job 'Well done'. All budgeted committees came in under budget except the newslette.


Luncheon -  Report from Donna, the July luncheon will be held at Marie Callender’s.  The Holiday Luncheon for December has been reserved for the Odyssey, for December 8th. Donna gave the Odyssey a check for $500. The receipt given to Lorrie, in Kay's absence, for reimbursement. The cost for the luncheon has been increased to $40 per person. The club usually picks up a portion of the cost. The board will address this at a future meeting to determine what we will contribute this year. Donna was able to negotiate this cost and the minimum member participation to 50. The board expressed appreciation for Donna and Karen's hard work in planning our luncheons.

Membership - Nancy Andrews reported, as of today we have a total membership of 150, down from 184. There are 25 members who have requested and paid the fee to receive their monthly newsletter in the mail.

Treasurer - Kay Moioffer,  treasurer, is on vacation and sent a report to be read. Muriel read the report and reported  the balance to be carried over from 2010-11. She reported an overpayment to Jeanine Boren . Suggestion was made that Jeannine not submit her receipts totaling up to the overpayment amount next year to prevent her need to return the overpayment. Motion to allow this was made by Donna J. and 2nd by Barbara F, approved by the board.   Muriel has the documents requested by Kay authorizing the incoming president to the signature card for the bank account. She will leave them with Carol.  
Minutes of May 3, 2011 read by  Muriel Usselman, secretary and  approved as read.

Web Mistress - 'Mikki' Garside reported on the website. The deadline for the next month's news will be the 18th. It was suggested an E-mail be sent to all members as a broadcast to remind them when the news is posted on the website. Shirley Birnholz offered to send the e-mails. Carol Costin, of the Telephone Tree, offered to work with her on this project. 

Activities - Shirley Birnholz would like to obtain a list of players from each group and for substitute back-up players. This is needed to ascertain all players are members in good standing.


Hostesses - Nalini Amin reported all is well with the hostesses.

Reservations -  Pat Passalaqua - referred to Alyce to explain how the link on the website will go directly to Pat and to Kay when you click on the link. The only thing you need to be sure and include is your menu selection. You should receive an E-mail from Pat confirming her receipt of your reservation. If none is received, give her a call. Pat also reminded us no denim is to be worn at the Country Club luncheons.

Book Club - 

Publicity - Gwen reported no calls have come in offering to deliver the collected food and toiletries to the shelter in her absence. Nalini said the hostesses are prepared to delegate this next month. Luana offered for July.


Vagabonds - Alyce - All is ready for our Placerita Park Pizza Picnic Party next week June 8th. Come, wearing whatever you like, and prepare to have a fun time. A little information regarding the fall overnight they are planning. It will be Oct 20 and 21.  She gave us a little of the highlights we can expect on the trip and promises it will be a great trip. The cost will be $245, which includes everything - lodging meals, sights, bus, tips and extras. The committee needs a head count and a check ASAP. They need to know there is an interest so they can continue to make their plans.  a reminder, no check is cashed until the event has enough participants and is a go.

Sunshine - Pat Culp - sent out 8 cards this past month.

New Business - Nancy presented, for our approval, the card we distribute to our new members. A few errors were noted, but over all the literature presents very nicely.

Old business - Luncheon program chairperson Karen Fine told us of a fabulous singer she spoke with and is interested in having him for one of our lunches. After some discussion, Carol Costin moved we ask him for our February Valentine Lunch at Le Chene, offer him $100 and lunch for him and his accompanist. 2nd by Barbara Ferone, approved.   Karen will check on the microphones available.  Lorrie and Karen are working on other programs to come.
Meeting adjourned at 2:30 pm

Respectfully submitted,  Muriel Usselman,  Secretary

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