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Board Minutes 08/11

Newcomers and Friends Board Meeting
August 3, 2011

Meeting called to order by Vice President Donna Jones, in the absence of President Carol Maul, at the home of Kay Moioffer at 1 PM.

Minutes of July 6, 2011 read by Muriel Usselman, secretary and  approved as read.


Luncheon – Donna announced the September luncheon will be at the Valencia Country Club on Sept. 8th. The Valencia Country Club will also be our host for the October and November lunches.

Membership – Nancy Andrews reported the membership is now at 154 and that the feeling she gets from those not renewing is economy based.

Treasurer – Kay Moioffer, treasurer, reported the account balance, she also passed around the proposed new budget for the remainder of the year and went over the items and the rationale where changes were made.

A proposal was made by Eileen Kircher that we increase our donation toward a members Holiday Lunch, and that this might encourage more participation in these hard times. This would reduce the cost per member with the cost to guests remaining at the higher rate. After discussion as to budget and the budget allotment toward the Installation luncheon as excessive, it was moved by Margaret Gilmer and 2nd by Nalini Amin that, we reduce the cost of the Installation Budget, transferring the remaining funds to subsidize the cost of the Christmas luncheon expense, and that we increase the member donation toward the luncheon ticket. Guests will still pay full price. Motion passed.

Web Mistress – No Report

Coffee – No Report

Historian – No Report

Birthdays – Margaret Gilmer announced due to some planned surgeries she will not be available to distribute the card gifts for the birthday members for the months of October and November. Eileen K. volunteered and hopefully Margaret will get some assistance in making those cards.

Reservations – Pat Passalaqua reported reservations coming in slowly. Some members reported having problems sending her E-mails, this will be addressed by Alyce and the Web server.

Book Club – No Report

Publicity – No Report

Social – Shirley Lamoureaux reported the planned trip for August 25th could use a few more members to participate. The cost is payable to Lois Silverman.

Vagabonds – Alyce Kesselman reported the planned overnight trip in October is full and they are still taking names for the wait list.

Sunshine – No Report

Circulation - Sandi Cates no longer has a need for volunteers for the mailings as we are now publishing the news on our website. She only has a few mailings every month and sees her budget needs should be much lower.

Hostesses – Nalini Amin reports all is well with the hostesses and that they now have badges for the new members, she also still has funds to buy the plastic covers.

Parliamentarian – Millie Ginzburgh reports she still has by-laws for those who do not have them. Also, after receiving several calls from members regarding a motion passed at the July meeting, she read and researched the issue. The subject being a motion had been voted on and passed at the June Meeting to allocate funds to Karen Fine for the entertainer they wanted to schedule for the February meeting. There was a motion made and passed at the July meeting that we increase this amount with a cap to insure this entertainer could accept our invitation. She is not here to discuss the reason for this motion but to assure the members any motion that is made and passed nullifying the previous motion is valid and legal.

New Business – Discussion continued on this subject into new business. Much discussion followed as to where this additional funding would come from as well as the poor choice of venues for this caliber of entertainer. While Le Chene is a lovely restaurant and this is an excellent price we are given, the seating and layout of the restaurant, which can only hold a maximum of 90, is not a good choice for this kind of entertainment. Entertainers who try to perform where they can't be seen or heard often get a poor reception.

Discussion to change the date to a month we go to the Valencia Country Club and advertise this as an event, a Show with Lunch included, and encourage members to bring guests. Members would pay the same price as always but guests would be charge more. This is a great value for Lunch and a show and the country club will accommodate 100 with good visibility for all. Also discussed is the budget for entertainment for the year, this would take up their whole budget. We can go back to finding programs that don't cost, and there are many. Also we could donate our raffle that day to the entertainment fund for this event. Donna stressed that we donate nice gifts, not White Elephants or items we received that we don't want, as we should for every raffle.

Motion was made by Margaret that we donate the raffle funds, that day only, to the entertainment for that event, 2nd and approved.  Grace Elliott, who is in contact with the entertainer will try and contact him regarding his availability for another date. We will finalize this subject based on her report next meeting.

Eileen brought up the subject that all members are entitled to receive the budget.  After much discussion and discussing the inadvisability of publishing our personal finances on the web, it was suggested a notation be made in the newsletter that the information is available to any member who wishes to see it and they may call the treasurer. No official decision was made.

Old business – No Report
Meeting adjourned at 2:54pm

Respectfully submitted, Muriel Usselman, Secretary

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