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Board Minutes 09/11

Newcomers and Friends Board Meeting
September 7, 2011

Meeting called to order by President Carol Maul at her home at 1:09 PM.

Minutes of Aug 3, 2011 read by Muriel Usselman, secretary and approved as read.


Treasurer – Kay Moioffer, treasurer, reported the balance

Luncheon – Report given, in Donna's absence, by Jane Leach. Luncheon to be held Oct 13 at the Valencia Country Club, and again in November.

Membership – Nancy reported there are now 161 members, 5 new and 1 returning.

Birthdays – Margaret reported she has plenty of cards made through Nov. Karen Forte will distribute them in Margaret’s absence.

Web Mistress – No report

Coffee – No report

Historian – Karen, who is absent, sent word she is no longer able to continue with the scrapbook of memories for the retiring president at the end of the year. Much discussion followed with the result Margaret offering to put together a photo album with Barri continuing to take the photos. A few others have offered to help. Sandi suggested a similar photo album of events be assembled for the club to review the year’s happenings, that will belong to the club. She will work on that project along with a few others. Jodi Baker suggested making an announcement at the luncheon in an effort to recruit a member to do the scrapbook.

Hostesses – No report

Reservations – No report

Book Club – No report

Vagabonds – Alyce and Giovanna reported the October overnight trip is full but they are happy to take names for the wait list in case someone needs to drop out.
Publicity – Gwen reported the Coffee Club announcement appeared in the Signal 6 times last month.

Also donations for the needy are continuing to  come in.

Social – No report

Sunshine – No report

New Business – The Luncheon tomorrow at the VCC will feature the "Summer Sing-a-long. Final head count is 39.

Lorrie called the city of Santa Clarita for a speaker for Oct. October is full but we may get Marcia McLean, Mayor, as a speaker for Nov.

A list was passed for filling in Board Meeting hostesses for those months still empty.

Alyce introduced the subject of our upcoming participation in an Elks club fund raiser where we have been offered a booth to present our club to possible new members. Since this is a recruitment function on our part, she felt those who are manning the booth should be familiar with the by-laws and the requirements for membership. It was thought it might be prudent to take names and have them get in touch with our membership chair, Nancy. Nancy is more than willing to talk with persons interested in our club. Carol Maul will take care of obtaining flyers for that event. Lorrie will share her Presidents Memory Scrapbook as well. Other past presidents will be asked to share. It was also discussed having a share of past presidents books on a luncheon day in the early part of the year.

Further discussion followed regarding the admission of guests to any of our games or gatherings.

Clarification was given; any one may be a guest one time to a game or social gathering or the luncheon. No guests are permitted on a Vagabond outing, so as to leave room for members.

Old business – The Entertainer we have been talking with for Feb has agreed to perform at the VCC at our March luncheon. 
Meeting adjourned at 2:26 pm

Respectfully submitted, Muriel Usselman,  Secretary

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