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Board Minutes 1/12

Newcomers and Friends Board Meeting
January 4, 2012

Meeting called to order by Carol at the home/clubhouse of  Irene Janssen  at 1:25 PM.

Minutes of  Dec 7, 2011 read by  Muriel Usselman, secretary and  approved as read.

Luncheon -  Donna reports for Karen Forte, the coming luncheon for January will be held at TPC and will be a buffet. We are having a scarf contest as well. Any scarf donations will be gratefully accepted as well. February's Valentine luncheon will again be held at Le Chen.

Treasurer - Kay Moioffer, treasurer, reported  a balance .  A bill for  song sheets has been presented and needs to be paid, funds offered from Publicity. Jody moved to pay bill and Barrie 2nd, approved.

Historian - Margaret reported she is starting in the book now. Donna offered to help with the layout. Barrie continues to snap pictures for the project.

Publicity -  Gwen reports the article for March's event is in the works. Discussion followed regarding asking non-members to pay in advance. No official decision made. Non-members price will be $25, members $21. The non-members as well as members must choose an entree. The selections are: Corned beef and cabbage; Fish and Chips; Cobb salad with chicken.  Gwen continues to present articles to the Signal about the Newcomers and Friends club.

Luncheon Decorations - Barrie reported they are ready for next weeks affair.

Hostesses - Nalini will be assisted by Irene this month.

Vagabonds - Gia reports we are full for our scheduled trip to Santa Anita for a day at the races. Would still like a few names on a wait list in case a seat opens up. Money must be sent when a name is placed on the list.

New Business - Ann Anderson has found it necessary to resign as hostess. Irene Janssen will be filling that position.
The subject of alleviating to cost to the hostess for our board meetings was presented with a suggestion was made; make the meetings a small pot-luck, with members bringing only a small dish for our enjoyment. This will allow those who have size constraints to share in the cost. The hostess will still provide drinks and paper products. Motion made, seconded and approved. Carol will see this is in the February newsletter.
Guest members attending the meeting were introduced. Rita Jepson and Kathy Kunkel were welcomed.

Old business - It was brought to out attention that our newsletter states "non-profit". This is an error, we are a social club not non-profit and this will be corrected.
Meeting adjourned at  2:11 pm

Respectfully submitted,  Muriel Usselman,  Secretary
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