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Board Minutes 6/14

Minutes 2014

Newcomer and Friends
Board Meeting, June 4
           Meeting opened by President Millie Ginzburg at approximately 1 pm. S She gave a little speech and stated this would not be a business meeting, but a meeting for the transition of duties by board members from last year to this year. Millie also made it clear if anyone has concerns or problems regarding club issues, they come directly to her. Dealing with concerns is “her job”. Millie would like to have more members participate in activities other than card games.

Treasurer report by past treasurer Trish Mooring –
Membership – We have 2 new members.
Secretary – Last months’ minutes read by outgoing secretary Margaret Gilmer. Minutes approved as read.

Activities – Sandy is working with Carla to arrange a game day for learning.

           Jodi mentioned Carla, whose husband is very ill, is housebound and would love some company and in particular a few members to arrange to come over and play some games at her home.

Luncheon Decorations - Jeanine Boren has settled on a Red/White/Blue theme for July’s luncheon and would suggest we wear r/w/b colors that day.
Luncheon – The July luncheon to be held at Claim Jumpers, there is an accommodation limit of 52 members.
          Discussion followed regarding the problem that can arise with that kind of limit when we are encouraging more members to come to the luncheons. The committee chose July as our summer months are the least attended. It was suggested to leave the arrangement as is and reevaluate this if a problem arises. This was approved by the majority.

Club birthday celebration, for 30 years, will be held in October. Barri Boren, Chairman, announced it will be an Hawaiian theme

Barri also introduced Diane Milliken as her website assistant.

Secretary, Muriel Usselman, announced due to future plans she will be unavailable for July, September and November. If anyone would volunteer as her back up, it would be appreciated. She has coverage for July. No on volunteered at this time.

The new board members were introduced by Millie.

Meeting adjourned at 1:54 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Muriel Usselman, secretary.

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