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Board Minutes 7/02

Minutes of the Meeting of July 2, 2014

The meeting was called to order by president Milly Ginsburgh at 1:10 p.m.  The minutes of the June meeting were read by acting secretary Margaret Gilmer.  They were approved as read.

Several non-board members were in attendance. Milly thanked everybody for coming and expressed her desire for all members to attend board meetings in order to be informed of what is going on in the club.

Donna reported that there were 35 reservations so far for Claim Jumper.  Irene gave the board their choice of cakes for the luncheon.  The members voted for chocolate.  It was suggested to wear red, white and blue again.

Karen said $21 is difficult for most restaurants to provide lunch.  She suggested we have a range of $21 to $25.  A vote was taken and that was approved.  She also suggested that since she has a good relationship with the owner of Le Chene and that he could keep the lunches at $21.  She suggested that we go to Le Chene for Christmas and the installation luncheon.  Milly suggested that we give Robinson Ranch another try.  The August luncheon at New Moon will be $23.

Alyce then took charge of the meeting for discussion of the revision of the by-laws.  She said we would discuss Articles 1 through 4 this month.

For Article 4, it is suggested to remove the provision for past presidents so that they would now pay dues.  Current past presidents would be grandfathered in.  It was approved by voice vote.

If a member moves out of the Santa Clarita Valley after being a member for 5 years, she will be allowed to stay a member.  This was also approved by voice vote.

A discussion about the word "lifestyle" ensued.  It was decided to be tabled to next meeting.  Margaret will give her idea of wording.

Article 3 regarding playing for money in public places was tabled after a lengthy discussion about the pros and cons.

Sandy Nichols reported that a new member was interested in a poker game.  This would be in a member's home.  She also said training for a new hand, foot and knee game will be held on the 5th Friday of August in her home.

Barri reported that the October celebration of the 30th anniversary of the club will be at Robinson Ranch.  They can accommodate 120 people, including members and guests.  The costs will be $25 per person.  Jodie's group will entertain with dancing.  The theme is Hawaiian so she asked that everybody wear Hawaiian garb.  The deadline for signing up will be the same as for the September luncheon.  

Jodie indicated that she has been asked to hold a morning tea.  One is in the works for August.  It will be on the second Tuesday.

Gwen reported that the Signal had a couple notices in while she was on vacation.  She has an article ready to be sent in for publication.  She would like a picture of sone of the board to go with the article.

Jane reported that the picnic was a huge success.  A trip to the beach on the beach bus is planned for July 26th.  She will have a flyer at the luncheon regarding this trip.  She suggested a Hollywood tour for August.

The next board meeting will be on August 6th at Irene's clubhouse.

The meeting was adjourned at 3 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Margaret Gilmer
for Muriel Usselman
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