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Board Minutes - Newcomers and Friends

Board Meeting, Sep 3, 2014

The meeting was called to order by President Milly Ginsburgh at 1:08 PM

She addressed the members for a few minutes referring to the article that had been tabled in prior meetings and then introduced Deputy Wilson of the LA County Sheriff’s Department. Dep. Wilson addressed the issue of playing games for money. He brought with him copies of CA Penal Code 330P.C. which clearly states playing any games where money is involved is a misdemeanor  and therefore against the law.
He also stated the Sheriff’s Dept. has neither the time or funds, nor do they intend to pursue these violations
Unless there was a complaint made and then they would most likely just request no money be involved.
He answered several questions by several members reassuring us that the department is not interested in these small violations. He then departed with a thank you leaving the members relieved to be able to continue the games as played.

Minutes of the Aug 6th meeting were read by Secretary Muriel Usselman, and were approved as read.

Treasurer - Mikki Garside, reported a balance,   Mikki mentioned she is getting bills for Board meeting expenses and there were no provisions made in the budget for this expense, so she is making the payments as misc.  Margaret Gilmer, who was Secretary for the last 2 years, stated she remembered a motion made and passed, to allow funds for the Board meeting expenses. Alyce mentioned, since it had been moved and passed the budget needed to be corrected to allow for these expenses.

Donna reminded us of the luncheon next week at the Back Woods Lodge and in response to members requesting something besides beef, has arranged for Tilapia to be served to those who wish to have fish. It was also mentioned there will be some surprise guests at this luncheon next week.

The 30th Birthday Celebration, Barri Boren reminded us to be sure and come and bring a guest as we are planning lots of fun and games, dancing, drawings and Hawaiian Style food.  This event will cost only $25 and we will have 2 special guests, an artist who does caricatures and a photographer, both who will offer their expert talent free of charge.

Membership - Janice reported 174 members and one in the works. Also she is sending out hard copies of the newsletter to 10 members at this time and if any needs one please let her know.

Milly mentioned the news of a new member sudden passing was just learned. He name is Evelyn Carpenter.
Carla will get some more information for the Sunshine committee.

Parliamentarian – Alyce Kesselman reported she had a few more items to attend to and read us the duties of office for; President, Executive Vice President, 1st Vice President and Membership. After listening to the duties the members agreed all should remain unchanged.  Also Alyce suggested that positions that had a shared chairmanship, one member should assume responsibility. This was not pursued as a motion.

Activities – Since Sandy Nichols was not in attendance, Carla reported on some of the issues.
The most urgent being the removal of sanctioned games, leaving only 4 games left for new members to choose from. It was suggested a request be made to the coordinators of these games to reestablish their affiliation with the club. A suggestion was made to publish other activities for a response of interest. Barri said that these are already listed in the Web News.

Barri reminded all that their web news is due next week.

Coffee – The next coffee gathering is Sep 25 and a good place for new members to get acquainted.

Teas  - Have become very popular and advance reservations are now a must.

Historian – Sandi and Nalini are working together on a project.

Luncheon Programs – A special guest will be performing at the Nov. Luncheon.

Publicity – Gwen Halstead reported she has information and pictures she’s hoping will be published for our 30th celebration.

Social – Barbara Ferone reported a visit to the Ostrich Farm is planned. Bring a lunch and there is also a gift shop.

Sunshine – A report that Bernie is doing well and will have her cast off soon. She could need another cast or maybe a boot.  Mary Grasiffi has surgery scheduled on her knee soon and will have rehab following.

Luncheon favors – Jeanine reported she has some sweet and special favors for Sep luncheon, plan to enjoy.

After a small address to the members, Milly adjourned the meeting at 2:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Muriel Usselman, secretary.

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