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Board Minutes - 1/14

The meeting was called to order at 1:12pm by President Nancy Andrews.

The minutes of the meeting of December 4 were read and approved. Donna thanked everyone for coming and announced that Margaret Gilmer, Secretary, is doing well after knee surgery.

Nancy asked who would like to be on the nominating committee for next year’s board. Mikki, Donna, Alyce, Jodie and Barri volunteered. The announcement will be made to the general membership at the luncheon at Don Cuco’s. Nancy asked if you know someone who would like to be on the board to let her know. It was suggested by Mikki if you are not keeping your position you should try to find someone to fill it. Trish thought it should be mentioned at the luncheons and games.

The luncheon at Don Cuco’s will be a buffet and not a plated lunch as originally thought. As of now, there are 49 reservations. The auction will also take place at this luncheon with a maximum of 3 items per person to be auctioned off.

It was noted that Bernie has done a remarkable job finding restaurants for us to have our luncheons and it is very much appreciated by the club.

February’s luncheon will be at Le Chene. There will be salad, a chicken dish and a red snapper dish with scalloped potatoes and the chef’s choice of vegetables. A small scoop of ice cream and a small cookie will also be included. The board was asked to bring a “special” Valentine, signed not with your name but like how much you love our Newcomers friends, Love being a club member, etc. It will also be announced at the luncheon. Everyone who brings a Valentine will leave Le Chene with a Valentine.

Robinson Ranch and TPC are two of the restaurants for upcoming luncheons.

Mikki said we have two new members. Starting in January the dues are $15 for the remainder of the year.

Mikki has planned an outing to Pinot Palette in Granary Square for the membership. It is on January 30 at 10am and is $35. Ten members are needed to make this outing possible. Alyce said it’s time for others to step up and plan outings. A train trip, walking, lunch and a movie were some of her suggestions.

There was no fee for the holiday singers at Robinson Ranch because they got lunch. It was also decided to shred previous year’s receipts and only keep the others for the year.

Pat Berkery, Auditor, met with Trish and went over the books. Everything is in order and every penny accounted for.

Milly thanked everyone for their cards and wishes on the death of her husband. She said over 200 people attended his funeral in Chicago.

Gwen announced we filled 5 huge bags with toys for the Toys for Tots program. The Domestic Violence Center sent her a letter thanking us for all the health and beauty items we donated to them. Last year they served 625 women and children and appreciated our donations.

Gwen said she sometimes has trouble getting our announcements in the Signal since they no longer have the Life Style section. Jodie suggested putting the news of our installation in the paper. It was suggested she, or someone else, could write an article for the new section where people of the SCV send in their own news and information.

Jodie introduced Janice Weiner as a Tea hostess. February teas are full but there are openings in March at the home of Pat Oguss. Jodie said she got great pictures of guests with Santa at the December tea.

Jeannine asked if Tea was a board member position. It was clarified that Tea would come under Activities. Jodie will give her information to Carla Crancer, Activities Chairwoman.

Diane Southern has volunteered to help Pat Passalacqua with the birthdays at the luncheons.

Sandi Cates told us she sends out 30 newsletters by mail each month.

Jodie offered to have the meeting of the nominating committee at her home on January 22nd at 1:00pm.

New Business:
  • Barri said some weeks there are 4 Newcomers events in the same week. It was suggested the luncheons go back to Wednesday starting in June. Alyce made a motion for the lunch to be moved back to original day of 2nd Wednesday of the month starting in June. Sandi Cates seconded it. The vote was 14 yes, 1 no.
  • It was suggested by Mikki that we have an agenda for the board meeting which would make expressing thoughts easier.
  • The February board meeting will be at the home of Sandi Cates. She said her home is small and she would like you to RSVP so she will have enough chairs.
  • The meeting was adjourned at 2:44pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Pat Berkery (for Margaret Gilmer, Secretary)
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