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      Board Minutes - Newcomers 
and Friends

Board Minutes - Newcomers and Friends 

                                                     Board Meeting July 6, 2016

President Diane Millikin called the meeting to order at 1:07 pm with 20 members present. The August Board Meeting will be at Kay Moioffer’s house starting at 1:00 pm. Diane commented that Shirley Birnholz continues to get responses to her email blasts and these responses should not be directed to her.  

Vice President – Nalini Amin – nothing to report.

Minutes – Maggie Blanchard - The Minutes of June 1, 2016 Board Meeting were read and approved.

Treasurer – Kay Moioffer reported on the Income and Expenses of the Club. The report was approved and was made available. A copy is attached to these minutes.

Luncheons – Joyce Brady

July: Piccola Trattoria

August: Marie Callender’s. There were rumors that they were closing but that is not expected for one to two years and they will re-open as part of a new development, according to an employee.

September: Darios Canyon Country. This will be served as a buffet in a separate banquet room. Cost is $21. After discussion, location approved.

Diane confirmed that Sonja Ley will be in charge of luncheons for the months of October, November, December.

Barbara Ferone commented that there is a new restaurant, Tiburon in Canyon Country. It will be added to the list of potential locations.

Membership – Janice Weiner reported that there are 172 members. There are also 4 applications out to new members. A question was asked about how many new members there have been in the past year. Janice believes it’s 20 to 30 but she will determine the exact number.

Alyce is organizing the new member recognition for the August luncheon. This will include only the new members published in the directory for the first time plus any new members since the directory was published in June. Recognition is not included for prior members who are returning. Alyce will be emailing out 21 invitations; 18 from the directory plus 3 new since publication. Postal mail will be sent to those who don’t have an email address. They will be sent about the same time as the invitation is published on the web site. She will include program information supplied by Joyce, and the location. Mikki Garside will notify Alyce about which new members have signed up for the luncheon. The hostesses will greet the new members and give them corsages as they arrive, and they will also be sitting with the new members throughout the various tables.   Joyce said that their tables typically seat 8 to 10. Alyce will send Diane the information that the new attending members included in their application. Alyce then suggested using the same protocol as last year, whereas during the luncheon, Diane reads a short biography of each new member as they are introduced.

Web Mistress – Barri Boren and Sandy Enerle were absent. The Go Daddy contract has been extended for 2 years which saved a significant dollar amount. Budget is right on target.

Reports are due July 10th.

Activities – Barbara Ferone announced that Game Day went well. They played Hand & Foot and Shanghai Rummy. The next game day was scheduled for August 31st but it has been moved to August 29th so it does not conflict with the San Diego Train Trip.

Recruitment – Luana Law reported that Everest was a very successful location. 14 people attended, which included 1 new member plus 2 guests, of which both joined the club. IHOP is being renovated so the July 21st Coffee Corner will be at Coco’s on Seco Canyon. Luana is looking for suggestions for new places. Barbara suggested Denny’s in Canyon Country.

Auditor – Mikki Garside – nothing to report.

Birthdays – Maggie Blanchard – nothing to report.

Explorers – Donna Cerna passed out an updated list of proposed trips, which is attached to these minutes. 

She reminded everyone of the Vino Train Trip on Saturday, July 9th.

Email blasts will go out for each future trip.

The San Diego Train Trip date is tentatively scheduled for August 30th to 31st. This is an overnight trip and Donna will put together a list of suggested activities for the San Diego area while we are there for the day. The limit for this trip is 20 people. She will take member reservations first, and if there is still room after all reservations are in, she will open it up to friends of members. Diane suggested that there be a payment deadline set up, so if there is a significant wait list for the 20 available seats, the first to pay will get the reservation.

For Descanso Gardens dates, Donna is working out logistics on the best way to meet when we all arrive at the venue.

Motion was approved to add Brazilian Hip Hop July 26th at Descanso Gardens to the schedule.

Donna is requesting access to the web calendar so she can update her activities.

Historians – Kathy Kunkel asked that when she or Alana is not present at an activity, to please take pictures and send them to Kathy for the records.

Hostesses – Jeannine Boren will be out so Muriel Usselman is in charge for the July luncheon.

Programs – Grace Elliott reported on upcoming programs for the year. She emailed a copy of the schedule to the secretary and it is attached to the minutes.

July: 4 law enforcement speakers.

August: Jennifer Schwartz, Professional Life Coach, will give a talk on, “My Quantum Leap Experience.”

September: Assemblyman Scott Wilk and Vanessa Wilk, Deputy for State Senator Sharon Runner. The talk will be about legislation affecting our area, and not politically oriented.

October: Tablescapes. Muriel Usselman is managing this activity. Diane asked for further discussion on the plans at the August Board Meeting.

November confirmed: Lucinda Sue Crosby is a writer and excellent story teller. She can speak about the creative writing process. After the luncheon, Grace has offered to invite members and Lucinda to her house for hors d’oeuvres. 

December: Memory Makers Band

January: Auction

February: Program to be announced.  

March: Cowboy Festival musician Erwin Jackson. If the venue is large enough, Grace will arrange for line dancing instructors to attend.

April confirmed: Heather D’Angelo, Edward Jones Financial Analyst has a 20 minute program titled “Outsmart the Scammers” and also a short segment on how to recognize the signs of Alzheimer’s disease.

Santa Clarita Magazine ran an article on the NC&F Club after the June luncheon with Amanda Benson, Associate Editor.

Decorations – Joyce Brady – Nothing to report.

Luncheon Reservations – Mikki Garside – The current count for the July luncheon is 54.

Parliamentarian – Alyce Kesselman – Nothing to report.

Publicity – Gwen Halstead – We are in the new Santa Clarita Fact Book, listed under clubs. Domestic Violence Shelter is collecting clothes for women on July 7th. They are looking for nicer clothes which someone could wear to court, for example. Gwen also suggested that Linda Davies would be a good speaker for one of our luncheons.

Opportunity Drawing – Carla Lewis stated that she no longer needs extra money to buy gifts as she had requested in the June Board Meeting. There was discussion about making sure members are present for the opportunity drawing.

Social – Pat Oguss not present.

Sunshine – Kitty Zimmerman not present.

Old Business – Sunday deadline to cancel luncheon reservation: We will follow the bylaws and require payment with exceptions on an as needed basis determined by Mikki.

New Business – No further business came before the meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 2:28 pm.

Respectfully submitted

Maggie Blanchard, Secretary


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