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      Board Minutes - Newcomers 
and Friends


Board Minutes - Newcomers and Friends 



Board Meeting December 7, 2016

President Diane Millikin called the meeting to order at 1:32 pm with 26 members present. In January we will start planning the nomination process for the next board. It is a large group for the luncheon at Le Chene, and it will be crowded, so keep the positive spirit going in the room. Diane thanked everyone and handed out gifts, and she also thanked Nalini for hosting the November luncheon.

Vice President – Nalini Amin said she enjoyed hosting the luncheon at Valencia Country Club, and everything went smoothly.

Minutes – Maggie Blanchard – The minutes of the November 2nd, 2016 board meeting were read. A correction was made to Programs, changing the name Larry Bergh to Dave Bergh. Minutes were approved.

Treasurer - Kay Moioffer reported on the Income and Expenses of the Club. The report was approved and made available. A copy is attached to the minutes.

- There was discussion regarding the cost of the luncheon at Le Chene. The original plan was that members pay a discounted rate of $25 and guests pay the full amount of $27. This cost difference was not mentioned on the website so motion approved to only charge $25 for guests.

Luncheons - Sonja Ley and Grace Elliott visited Le Chene last week. The manager was concerned about the large number of guests, because it will be tight. Gwen will also be collecting Toys for Tots. She will have her car trunk open and we will load directly into her car.

Joyce Brady -  

- January is Hilton Garden Inn – Menu is ranch chicken wrap, veggie wrap, grilled salmon salad, potato salad, and cookies. Motion for cost of $24 was approved. 

- February is Black Angus – Menu is prime rib, sesame teriyaki chicken breast, pork chop, fish and baked potato, wedge salad, baked potato. Cost will be determined.

- March is the Hoedown barbeque at American Legion Hall, behind Newhall Library, and catered by Rattler’s. Menu is tri tip, chicken, side, bread. Cost will be determined.

Donna Jones interjected the importance of being considerate of others when wanting to save seats for your friends at the luncheons.

Membership – Janice Weiner says it’s holding steady at 185. They’ll start having applications available at the luncheons. There was also discussion about adding the application to the website, with direct submission from the website. Kay also pointed out there is a PO Box which could be used for mail ins.

Web Mistress - Barri Boren – Updates are due on the 10th.

- Sandy Enerle renewed the discussion about whether or not to launch a Facebook page, and the privacy settings which should be used. This then renewed the discussion about website privacy issues, and there are outdated pictures on the website which will be taken down.

Activities – Barbara Ferone said the most recent game day went well. Chellee Barash has started a hand knee foot group, and she needs subs. Barbara has been adding new people to the sub lists based on the new member interests.  

Recruitment – Luana Law said 19 people signed up for the Coffee Corner, but only 12 showed up. She had reserved a room at Coco’s with a required minimum of 20 people. Management did not say anything, but Luana asks that if you cannot attend, please contact her. Next event is at IHOP on Soledad.

Birthdays – Maggie – Nothing to report

Explorers – Donna Cerna has 5 signups total, out of 20 spaces for the train trip. The date is set for March 4th and 5th. Time to be determined. Cost is $199. Brunch is $24. We can carpool to Union Station or start the trip at Newhall. Donna needs payment mailed to her by January 31st. Shirley will send out an email blast. Drag Queen Bingo is January 25th.

Historian – Kathy Kunkel still needs someone to put together the scrapbook.

Hostesses – Jeannine Boren – Nothing to report

Programs – Grace Elliott - Nothing to report

Decorations – Joyce – Nothing to report

Opportunity Drawing – Carla Lewis –They have instituted a new policy of confirming winning tickets for cash prizes and gift certificates.

Social – Pat Oguss - December 10th is Cookie Exchange. January 31st is Party Fortune Teller. March 30th is Bachelorettes and Bullets.

Sunshine – Kitty Zimmerman sent out a sympathy and a get well card.

Old Business – New members were all at one table for the luncheon at Valencia Country Club and they all enjoyed the set up.

- Milly Ginsburgh spoke on behalf of her and Jeannine Boren, to say how rewarding it is to see the club flourishing and continuing to grow.

New Business – Next board meeting is at Jeane Cruse’s house.

Meeting adjourned at 2:48pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Maggie Blanchard, Secretary




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