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Board Minutes - Newcomers and Friends

Newcomers and Friends
January 29, 2015

The meeting was called to order at the home of Jodie Baker by Jodie herself at 1:10 pm. She then read the minutes from last month's board meeting. The minutes were approved by Karen Forte and Nalini Amin.

Karen Forte said the February luncheon is in the back room of Le Chene where we had our Christmas party. The cost is $25.00 per person. The Installation Luncheon will be at Le Chene also and will be $30.00. All luncheons at Le Chene will be in the back room as it is easier for the staff and nice for the ladies with a bar and restroom in the same room.

Donna said the auction was a great success but the food at TPC was not. They refused to work with her to provide what had been promised. She was very upset. It was explained to her it was not her fault and to not take it personally. Treasurer Marlene said they charged more than the price they quoted. She and Alyce are working on a contract for any restaurant to sign to avoid this happening again.

Irene Jansson said the March luncheon will be at the Olive Terrace in the same center where New Moon is. They are charging $21.81 and it will be $22.00 each. They can accommodate 50 people.

Irene said she wanted to dispel any rumors about her health. She said she is under Hospice care and would like anyone to call her if there are any questions. Alyce explained Hospice care can be a positive thing.

It was announced that Kay Moioffer's mother passed away, that Margaret Gilmer is feeling better after her surgery and that Jeannine is doing well.

There are 188 current members and 1 on hold. A vote was taken to allow former members out of the area to rejoin if they have been a member for 5 years. The vote was approved. Janice (membership) suggested everyone get a hard copy of the by- laws to go over. She also suggested new members get to come check us out before they join. There was much discussion about everyone getting a copy of the bylaws.

Alyce talked about changing the by-laws. She will accept suggestions she can read -no talking. Let her know how you feel about this. She said the "blurbs" sent out by Shirley should also be sent to the people who get mailed copies of the newsletter.

Carol, Jodie, Janice and others felt we are becoming too regimented. Supposed to be a social group.

Carolyn and Shirley will not be doing the Coffee Corner for prospective members next year.

Pat Berkery agreed to do birthday cards next year. It will be a gift card for $5.00 to use on a luncheon during the year.

Trish said the Hostesses are doing fine.

Donna and Charnell are raffling off special prizes at the Valentine luncheon in addition to our regular opportunity drawing.

March luncheon will be a western fashion show. In April we will have a speaker about the Cowboy Festival.

After a short break we started on the by-laws....Article 14 Section 3 - Circulation by mail to the 12 people who get it will be discontinued.

Historian - Keep first paragraph. Talked about Memory Books. Other by-laws were discussed.

There should be a program at every luncheon. Must be approved first.

There will be a slight change in the Publicity by-law.

Change raffle title to "Opportunity Drawing". Put in the newsletter that the club gives a $20 prize and a cash prize at every luncheon during the drawing.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:50 pm.

Minutes taken by Pat Berkery in the absence of the Secretary.
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