Happy New Year to all of you.  My family had a wonderful time during the holiday season.  We spent much time visiting and sharing memories of Christmases past. One of the highlights was spending an evening at our youngest son’s San Francisco apartment along with his lady love. Since they were not going to be in town for Christmas the four of us celebrated early. After he cooked us a lovely dinner, we sat in their cozy living room with a tiny decorated tree sparkling with mini lights and reminisced and shared ideas about life. The little tree was sheltering packages that our son and his lady were anxious to share. Surprises were received by all. After returning home, Jack and I got busy getting our home ready for all of the holiday events that were upcoming.  The Christmas Tea was a great success enjoyed by 30 NC&F ladies. We feasted on all the great food everyone brought to share. We then headed to the garage where we each made some lovely, live floral arrangements to take home. Such creativity!

Next up was the club cookie exchange with 22 members bringing their 3 dozen holiday cookies to share with each other. No, we did not just eat cookies.  We had some tasty mini sandwiches, drinks and fruit salad.  We also had a great time posing for photos in a photo booth.  Ask around to see some of the results.

Our December luncheon was a huge success with the Memory Makers singing group there to entertain 97 members! The Paseo Club did a great job and I thank your luncheon committee and Grace for working so hard on this for us.  Bravo to all of them.

It’s January and we need to begin the process of forming a nominating committee for the next club year. At the luncheon there was an interest form for you to fill out thereby letting us know which board or committee position you would be interested in holding in the 2015-2016 club year.  There has been good response so far, but we need to fill all positions and would love for you to be a part of this important process. You can call me or Janice Weiner to let us know what you would like to do next year.

I hope all of you will join us for the January annual Auction at this month’s luncheon.  This is a lot of fun. So, sign up for the luncheon and bring your auction items to convert to cash for your pockets.

One more thing, we will have an exciting Paris Fashion Week style fashion show at the February luncheon. This will be a event not to be missed as our Valentine Girls will be on the runway strutting their stuff in a whole new way. Mark your calendar now!    

As ever and in much friendship, 




                                    BOARD MEETING

The board meeting/pot luck will be held at Nalini Amin's home on Jan.
6th at 12 noon. (No Gift Exchange).  Please contact Donna Jones (her
telephone number is in the directory), if you plan on attending.  This
is what we need: appetizers, main dishes, salads, breads, desserts and
drinks.  Paper goods are already taken care of.

Looking forward to a brand new year in celebrating Newcomers

Sincerely, Donna J. 



                                                AHOY ALL MEMBERS!  


We have 40 people going now and have filled most of our initial reservation of 20 cabins!  Reserve your space now and join in the fun, we want to fill more cabins!!!  See the cruise page for all the details. Come on, let’s go cruising together!

If you are considering going with us but are not yet ready to commit, please let Milly Ginsburgh, Barb Ferone or Barri Boren know so we can add you to our ‘maybe’ list. This helps our planning, especially with roommate matching!

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have already reserved your cabin, the balance of your payment is due Friday, January 15, 2016! You can then make your Cruise shore excursions and other activity reservations!





The December Luncheon and General Meeting was held at The Paseo Club which was beautifully decorated for the holiday season!  Around 95 of us enjoyed a sumptuous Italian feast finishing off with a rich Tiramisu! The “Memory Makers, a  musical troupe  from our SCV Senior Center entertained us all with the beloved songs of the season and we joined in for a sing-a-long.  Jodie thanked several of the hard working board members for their special efforts, especially Janice Weiner with a gift.  The lucky lady with a tag on the bottom of her chair won the center piece – a gorgeous red fabric wrapped vase with a red rose, created by Joyce Brady. She also created a fun snowman ornament for everyone!  Jodie and Kathy, from the ‘Cruise Troupe’, performed a funny skit promoting the cruise. What fun the cruise is going to be! Then the many bounteous gifts were won by various ladies during the ‘Opportunity Drawing.  Thank you for all the generous gifts for the ‘Toys for Tots’ program, it was quite a huge pile of gifts! Thank you to Gwen Halstead for collecting and delivering our donations to the Marine’s! Overheard at the Paseo: Ann P. said that ”Glory L. was especially resplendent in her Christmas green outfit”.  As were all the ladies in their festive holiday finery!

Many heartfelt thanks to Janice Weiner for stepping in and taking care of Luncheon reservations!!  With Mikki Garside out of commission, Jodie and Nalini out of town, Alyce took charge and asked Janice Weiner if she would take it over.  Janice didn’t hesitate to immediately jump-in, go see Mikki in the hospital for instructions and take it over! This is the biggest Luncheon we hold each year and it’s no small task to coordinate the reservations and the facility needs!  You rock Janice, thank you!!!

See you at the January Luncheon and General Meeting featuring an auction that you can make money with items you bring in!   




Please join me in welcoming new and renewing members:

                             Name:                                                       Birthday

                       Gloria Cassidy                                            10/20
                       Linda Simmons                                           11/18         

Are you considering joining our Club? New membership dues for the balance of our fiscal year are mow only $15.00, 50% off. Our year runs from June through May. We are in our 31st year!!!  

Prospective members are always welcome at our monthly "Coffee Corner". See the information under Coffee Corner below.     

We are going on a cruise, join the fun!  Contact us with any questions you might have and to receive an application if you are interested in joining us for Fun, Friends and Happy Times Together!!!

For information on Membership, New Member or Renewing Member Applications, contact Janice Weiner, V.P. Membership by opening the home page on our website ( and click on the word ‘membership chairman’ in red letters.



"The great thing about new friends is that they bring new energy to your soul.”

 Shanna Rodriquez



                                                    Autumn Forest - Morning Sun Rays XXXL image stock photo       




December Sunshine receivers were: Loes Guske, Judy Guerra and Barbara Behrens who had a bad motorcycle accident. She is at home and recovering but will need future medical procedures. We are rooting for you gals.

If you or anyone you know has a special celebration or an illness, please send the information to Kitty Zimmerman, Sunshine Chairperson, she will send them a card and if given permission, include the information
in our monthly Webnews.




Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear,  an honest compliment or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a day or a life around!


Upcoming General Meeting and Luncheons


(See the Luncheon page for details, reservations & cancellations)


"Where one Newcomer's unloved stuff becomes another Newcomer's treasure!" 

Thursday, January 14, 2016, 12:00 noon

Marie Callender’s Restaurant  

27630 The Old Road, Valencia 91355


 "Where one Newcomer's unloved stuff becomes another Newcomer's treasure!"

Happy New Year to you all! Guess what, it’s time for our 4th Annual Auction! Join us for a relaxing, fun and casual Luncheon where you can even make some money, honey!  Barri and her crew will try to make you sort of semi-rich! You might even earn enough to pay for your Lunch or more! You can then bid on any of the items available, pay the owner with cash or check and it becomes your very own new treasure!

 Just bring any 2 items, either those new, unused and unloved gifts you received and don’t want or any Antique/Collectible items of 25 years and older for Barri to auction off and you take home the moolah! You get to keep all the dough, loot, green stuff, wampum, big bucks and greenbacks your item sells for!!!

 Easy peasy!

 We have had jewelry, artwork, purses, accessories, clothing, food/beverage, a vintage tea set, antiques/collectibles and many more beautiful treasures change hands in past years!

 At Marie Callender’s, you will fill out an info card with your name, item name, item details and your starting bid amount. We will not sell it for less than your starting price and alas, it may not sell at all, (boo hoo hoo). Barri and her crew, horde, bevy and posse of happy delirious helpers will be doing their best to boost the bidding!

 Everyone at the Luncheon can bid on any item, highest bid wins! Don't forget to bring cash and/or your checkbook (no credit cards) to pay for the treasures you win! You will pay the seller directly for your item.

 After the all the hoopla and bling wearing of the holidays, you are welcome to dress casual for this event. You won't want to miss the laughs, flippant repartee and silliness of this annual event!

Make your reservations by January 10th!! See Luncheon page for details and reservation information.  





“Our time together is just never quite enough” (unknown)





                                HOLIDAY COOKIE EXCHANGE

Jodie Baker generously hosted our Holiday Cookie Exchange with about 20 ladies participating! Jodie donated a 'photo booth' that she had won at another event just for us. Everyone was hilarious donning accessories and teaming up for various poses! They all made creative use of  the holiday themed props, hats, masks, boa's and signs, etc. Barri was awarded the 'creative photo of the day' for her combination of props into a shall we say, rather bold outfit! The fun continued with lunch and laughs after photo's were taken. Then the big cookie swap began with everyone going home with over 3 dozen goodies, lots of delicious treats were shared! Then the ladies danced around the home to celebrate the season with much merriment! Thank you Jodie for your generosity!


Meet Eleanor Roosevelt!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

1:00 p.m. at the home of

Pat Oguss

Interested in participating in an intimate chat (24 guests) with the First Presidential Wife to

  • Hold news conferences
  • Write a newspaper column
  • Speak at a National Convention

All after having suffered a very unhappy childhood, a controlling Mother-in-law, and FDR’s affair with Eleanor Roosevelt’s social secretary? 

For reservations, please call Pat Oguss

Spend the afternoon with Eleanor Roosevelt - - actually, Louise M. Willard - - in full costume, with backdrop and handouts. Ms. Willard has conducted extensive research into the life of Ms. Roosevelt who, among other responsibilities, served as Chairman of The United Nations Commission on Human Rights during the administration of Harry S. Truman and, during the administration of John F. Kennedy, served as Chairman of the Presidential Commission on the Status of Women.        

Please bring dessert for 6-8 guests

Drinks will be provided


The Coffee Corner

cups of coffee stock photo


Coffee Corner welcomes potential new members and current members for a morning of friendship at different locations around SCV. The event is scheduled on the third Thursday of the month.  New members are encouraged to attend as it is a great way to make new friends and find out about the Club's activities.

Let’s try something different for the new year.  The January coffee will be held at Marston’s, 24011 Newhall Ranch Road at 10AM on January 21st.


Since we need to make reservations, if you plan at attend, please contact Luana Law,  Gwen Halstead or Donna Jones.  Hope to see you there.

Luana Law




Mexican Train Dominoes

You are invited to join us for a fun, social game of 'Mexican Train Dominoes'. Open to all members! We play the second Friday every month!

This is the only game currently available to "Newcomers & Friends" that does not require a monthly commitment or RSVP and is open to all members. Come whenever you’re available. Dominoes is a fun, but simple game that you can learn in a few minutes and play right away.

This game is held at the IHOP restaurant which is located on Lyons, near the I-5 freeway. We start playing at 10:30 am and take a break around noon to order lunch and eat together.      

We play till about 2 pm. If you are a new member, this is a great way to start getting involved with your Club and to meet new friends. If you are a long time member, come have fun with old and new friends. We would love to have you.     

Please contact me at 661-670-0395 with any questions.

Carol Costin                                                    



Tea Ladies


We had a wonderful time at Jodie's house. The December Tea usually has the largest guest list of the year, and today was no exception. Included in the delicious food we sampled was a tasty quiche with green chilis, lox and cream cheese, and scalloped pineapple. May I just say "Yum!"

We also got to test our creative skills as Jodie had all the makings for Christmas center pieces or wall hangings. We could choose from different types of pine boughs, various ribbons, flowers and berries, and let our imaginations run wild.

After lunch, we broke into three groups with each group entertaining the others by singing a Christmas Song of our choice. We will be cutting a CD soon.

The Ribbon Tapestry that Jodie is asking everyone to contribute to is really beautiful. If you have not added your own personal touch, be sure to do so, as it is really a work of art!

The fragrance of pumpkin, ginger and nutmeg welcomed us to the home of Diane Millikin, where we celebrated Fall. Once again, the food was wonderful and included a delicious cranberry jello, tea sandwiches and a layered Italian cake. We shared famous quotes about being thankful, enjoying what we have and not focusing on what we don't have, and appreciating even the small things. We also shared some of our family traditions, best memories of a Thanksgiving past, and favorite Thanksgiving dishes. Thank you, Kathy Kunkel, for being a great co-hostess. 

I would like to again remind everyone that I have sign-up sheets for every month in 2016, and they are starting to fill up!  Please let me know ASAP if you want to be added to the guest list for any month.  I always have a waiting list if the guest list is full.

As always, if you want to attend any of the Teas, please contact me either by email at or phone: 661-255-1619.  If the guest list is full, I always have a waiting list.  

Janice Weiner



Training Day

I am planning a Training Day Fri Jan 29, 2016

Please let me know if you can open your home or activity room for training and/or games you would like to learn. 

Sandy Nichols 661-252-7937, c-661-714-6327,


General Activity Information
Please let me know of any games you'd like to learn. If you are interested in participating in, or especially, coordinating any activities such as walking, games, movie outings, gardening or couples activities etc., please contact me and I will help you organize it.

Contact: Sandy Nichols 661-­252-­7937 or  661-­714-­6327


Happy Birthday to all our special ladies!

Come to the monthly Luncheon & General Meeting and you will receive a special gift!  




                "FRIENDS A CRUISING", APRIL 2016 
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