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Monthly Updates - 03/15


It is time to vote for a new slate of Board Officers for 2015-16.  Watch for an email from the Club with the slate of candidates prior to the March General Meeting and Luncheon.  Nominations from the floor at the Luncheon will be accepted with written permission from the candidate.  It is very important that you attend the March Luncheon meeting to cast your vote.


Remember, time is not what makes a friendship last.  It is the admiration and integrity that we   feel from one and another.  It has kept us together for the last 30 years. 

  Milly Ginsburgh, President

"Friendships for Life"



Wednesday, March 4th, 1:00 pm, at Barb Ferone's  home, please RSVP to reserve a chair. All are welcome! We will be finalizing the board member slate for 2015/2016 and going over the next             section of by-laws.

Good Friends
are like stars
you don't always 
see them, but you
know that
they are 
always there.



The February Board Meeting was one with much spirited conversation.  Article 14, Sections 2-10 were dissected and discussed.  Suggestions were accepted, rejected and modified
to the point where affirmative votes were given by those in attendance.

We did not have sufficient time to come to agreement on the wording for Section 5: Hostess.  New suggestions have been   made and can be seen below and that is where we will start the March by-law updating session.

Section 5: Hostess: The Hostess shall be responsible for greeting all new members at each meeting and providing name tags. If unable to attend a luncheon, the name tags must be given to a member who will be attending.

SUGGESTION: The Hostess shall be responsible for greeting all members (especially the new members and guests)  and assisting them through the check in process at Luncheons and other events as needed. The Hostess assists new members and guests in finding seats and introduces them to at least one or two of the members at the luncheon. The Hostess provides, distributes and collects Name Tags for all attendees.  She oversees a committee  of 3-5 ladies who will assist her in carrying out her duties and makes sure that all the duties of hostess are covered at each event. 

Next will be continuation of Article 14, Sections 11-15.  Section 11: Reservations: The reservation Chairperson shall be responsible  for maintaining the reservation list for monthly luncheons, as provided by the Membership Chairperson. The Reservation Chairperson will receive all reservations and cancellations required for luncheons, check people in at the luncheon, and    shall provide a monthly update for website and webnews to meet the required deadline. The Reservation Chairperson shall give the name of any person making a reservation that does not attend or cancel their reservation to the Treasurer. These person/persons shall be billed for the price of the luncheon. SUGGESTION: Remove web news

Section 12: Social: The Social Chairperson shall be responsible
for all Club social functions. If at all possible there should be a    fall social, a holiday social, and a spring social. The Social Chairperson shall obtain volunteers from the general membership to be on the Social Committee and encourage them all to come to Board meetings. The Committee will plan a social and bring it to the Board for a vote, and shall provide a monthly update for website and webnews to meet the required deadline. SUGGESTION:  Remove web news

Section 13: Sunshine: The Sunshine Chairperson shall be responsible for sending cards to members in response to births, illnesses, and deaths, and shall report all such occurrences to the Webmistress for announcement circulation to club members. Permission of the member/s listed must be obtained before offering their information to be published on the web and in the webnews. The Chairperson shall provide a monthly update for website and webnews to meet the required deadline. SUGGESTION:  Remove web news 2X

Section 14: Telephone/Internet The Telephone and Internet Chairperson shall be responsible for getting volunteers for a call/
e-mail notification system to advise members of items the Board
or President deems necessary for the membership. All special notices must be approved by the President or Executive Vice President and submitted by a board member. SUGGESTION: Make this Telephone only:  Remove Authorized board member???

Add new Section—E-Mail Communication. E-mail communicator shall maintain a list of current e-mail addresses for all members.  E-mail messages are to be sent to to all members when requested by  President or by anyone who has been authorized by the President to initiate e-mails. Section 15: Vagabonds: Vagabonds are responsible for arranging tours and trips for members of Newcomers and Friends of Santa Clarita Valley and shall provide   a monthly update for website and webnews to meet SUGGESTION: Change name to Explorers, Remove Web News.  Add day and overnight before trips; Add all events must have prior approval of the board.

Please think about these and contact us if you have any changes to suggest.  EVEN BETTER, Join us at the Board Meeting for what we know will be a lively discussion.  If you are currently doing one of the jobs we are going to talking about it is particularly important that you attend or send us your input.  Remember, when you undertook your present position you agreed to attend Board Meetings and/or send reports.  We need to hear from YOU!

Getting to know……..Muriel Usselman

After a brief hiatus, we are back with an interview of Muriel Usselman!  I am honored to get to know each of you a little better through this process and I hope you enjoy getting to know Muriel a little better as much as I have!

Muriel and her husband moved to Santa Clarita and purchased their first house here to raise their children in this area. They had 5 children while they married and he had 3 almost grown children. Muriel and her husband met at the hospital where they both worked, she as an R.N. and he was a 
bio-medical engineer.  They were in a bowling league together!

 Muriel joined Newcomers in 2009 when her husband passed away after 39 years of marriage. She moved back to Santa Clarita from Laughlin, NV.  She is currently the secretary for Newcomers, a position she had previously held for 2 years.   She has also been editor of the newsletter.  Muriel attends most of the luncheons and enjoys the card games and taking an occasional trip.  The club has been a source of pleasure participating in the activities and for all the wonderful friends she’s made.

Her children are now scattered; her sons live in Ontario, Canada, San Antonio, TX, and Santa Clarita and one passed away 7 years ago from cancer.  Her daughter lives in Eugene OR.  Her stepdaughters live in Cape Ann, MA and Phoenix, AZ, and a stepson in Atlanta, GA. From the eight children she has 29 grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren with 2 more due soon.

She also has a little buddy, a conure, which is a small miniature parrot. His name is Booboo due to a birth injury to his wing. He sometimes travels with her and is always talking!

Muriel worked for 32 years as a RN.  She attended college after having her children when she became responsible to raise them on her own.  She worked at the VA Hospital in 
Intensive Care for 7 years, then worked for Kaiser for 25 years as a Pediatric nurse. The last 10 years were spent running the oncology clinic for children.

Nowadays she runs an internet business selling promotional products, stock and custom flags, banners and pennants to customers all over the country.

She loves to play cards, travel and socialize.  She loves to visit her family when possible.  She belongs to a Red Hat Chapter and performs in 'Little 
Theater' in Friendly Valley, which is now rehearsing for their April show.  She was also in a Senior Tap Dance group until it disbanded last year.  In her spare time she likes to paint with oils and do crafts.  She certainly keeps busy!

When asked about the most recent book read or movie watched, she told me she enjoys reading mysteries by authors such as Patterson, Baldacci, and Sandra Brown.  She recently saw American Sniper and really liked it.

As for her favorite place to travel she said she has traveled many places in this world and couldn't really pick one. She loves Hawaii as she was raised there and lived in Pearl Harbor as a child, when it was bombed. That's another story that I would love to here!

Thank you Muriel for sharing a bit about yourself!

Submitted by Diane Millikin

***Upcoming General Meeting & Luncheons

March will be at the new 'Olive Terrace Bar & Grill'. We will be voting for the Board of Director's for 2015/2016 and Jodie Baker and friends are presenting 'Boots & Bling' a cowgirl's fashion show!

April will be at Las Margarita's Mexican Grill for our 'Boots & Bling' celebration of the Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival.

(fuhn), noun

An essential ingredient of enjoyment and excitement found by singing, dancing, laughing and many other things,



Please join me in welcoming our newest members:

Barbara Jackson                                  7/29
Bonnie King                                           6/25
Dorothy 'Dee' Lloyd-Gajniak            10/10
Margo Sherwood                                  8/28

and welcome back long time member:
Sue McMichael                                      5/13

Are you considering joining our Club? Annual dues are $30 but only $15 now through May. Our year    runs from June through May. We are celebrating our 30th year!!! Contact us with any questions you might have and to receive an application if you are interested in joining us for Fun, Friends and Happy Times Together!!! For information on Membership, New Member or Renewing Member Applications, contact Janice Weiner, V.P. Membership by opening the home page on our website ( and click on the word ‘membership chairman’ in red letters.



The Coffee Corner

Our ‘Coffee Corner’ welcomes potential new members and current members for a morning of friendship    at different locations around SCV each month.

The March Coffee Corner will be held on Thursday, March 19, 2015.

For location please call Carolyn Wolf or Shirley Lamoureaux

Please let me know of any games you'd like to learn. If you are interested in participating in, or especially, coordinating any activities such as walking, games, movie outings, gardening or couples activities etc., please contact me.

Contact: Sandy Nichols 661-­252-­7937 or  661-­714-­6327

Mexican Train Dominoes

You are invited to join us for a fun, social game of 'Mexican Train Dominoes'. Open to all members! We play the second Friday every month!

This is the only game currently available to Newcomers & Friends that does not require a monthly commitment or RSVP and is open to all members. Come whenever you’re available. Dominoes is a fun, but simple game that that you can learn in a few minutes and play right away.

Start time is 10:30 AM and we stop around noon to order lunch.

We play till about 2 PM. If you are a new member, this is a great way to start getting involved with your club and to meet new friends. If you are a long time member, come have fun with old and new friends. We would love to have you! Contact me for location.

Carol Costin


We enjoyed a lovely Valentine's Day Tea at Nalini's beautiful home.  Guests got into a celebratory mood by dressing in pink or red in honor of the theme, and we participated in a light-hearted quiz about famous couples.  Off the top of your head, do you know who the other half of these couples is?  Lucy, George W. Bush, Roger Rabbit, or George Clooney?

Our Tea Ladies are off to a great start for 2015.  In the last couple of months, we have had quite a few ladies attend a Tea for the first time, and we also have several who will be hosting for the first time. We now have Hostesses for every month in 2015.

We are back to one group, and I am currently taking reservations for every Tea in 2015.  Names will be added to the Guest Lists on a first-come, first-served basis, so let me know as soon as you can if you want to attend a particular Tea. (Several are getting close to having a full Guest List.)  As always, the number of guests is determined by the individual Hostess and how large her home is.  Some Teas may fill up quicker than others. I will always keep a waiting list in case someone has to cancel at the last minute.  If you know what food item you'd like to bring, feel free to jot it down on the sign up sheet.

I would like to remind any of you who are considering Hostessing that you can borrow anything you need ( cups, tea kettles, etc. ) If you cannot be a hostess, but want to co-hostess, let me know, and I will be happy to work with your schedule.
We have had some great food, wonderful conversations, and lots of laughs over the past several years, and I look forward to seeing all of you this year.
You can call me, email me, sign up at a Tea, a Board Meeting, or at a Luncheon.  Email is best, but know that I will confirm with you that I have received your message how ever I receive it!

As always, Teas are open to any member of Newcomers, and I have sign-up sheets for all of 2015.  They are held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month, at 1:00 p.m.  Several of the Guest Lists are full, but I always keep a waiting list in case of any cancellations.  Please contact me via email, phone, at a Tea, at a Luncheon or at a Board Meeting if you are interested in attending. Email works best.       661-255-1619
Thank you.

Janice Weiner


Newcomers Explorers' News

Hi Newcomer’s and Friends!

Gray Whale Watching 

March 23rd, Monday

12:00 noon, 3.5 Hr. tour

Ventura Harbor, off Anacapa and Santa Cruz Islands

$33.00 Senior and group rate


Snack bar on board

Wear layers with warm jacket, comfortable shoes

Bring camera and binoculars to view

Gray whales, seals, sea lions and possibly dolphins

Orca Whale pods may also be seen on this trip.


We will meet locally and drive to Ventura Harbor.

Volunteers for driving are needed.

There is a chip-in for gas and parking of $5.


If the group is 10 to 20 it is a full payment ahead of trip,

If the group is over 20 people it would be a 20% deposit.

This will be determined and a check will have to be collected for the fee required 2 weeks before the tour. 


There is a sign up sheet for those interested and please indicate if you might have a friend or relative that might want to come along.  Include your name, telephone number, and email address (If available) 

$5.00 check for deposit accepted today. 


Any questions:  Contact Jane Conklin, 661-255-2003 or  Jody McEvoy  661-367-4158

Jane Conklin and company


Please be advised that we will only publish personal or private information from members who wish to be acknowledged in our newsletters.

If you or anyone you know has a special celebration or an illness please send the information to Margaret Gilmer or Carla Crancer, Sunshine Chairpersons, they will send them a card and, if given permission, include the information in our monthly WebNews.


March Birthdays  

Happy Birthday to all our March ladies!
  If you come to the monthly Luncheon you will receive a special gift!

Laurie Prince                    03/01
Jean Dresser                      03/02
Nalini Amin                      03/04
Lorraine Brewer                03/04
Marjorie McKenna            03/08
Christina Spear                  03/09
Gale Effinger                     03/13
Linda Redmond                 03/14
Maggie Blanchard             03/16
Diane Andrus                     03/20
Marcia Harvey                   03/27
Ernie Motter                       03/29
Gloria Adams                     03/30
Diane Millikin                    03/31

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