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We just returned from Italy where we spent 2 1/2 weeks of 39th anniversary trip in around one of the most beautiful and interesting countries in the world. We wanted to bring everything home with us. Food, art, architecture, ceramics, jewelry, fashion, language, gatti, antiques, not so antiques, furnishings and also the wonderful human beings we encountered as we roamed.

Both of us had been in Italy in the 60s, however during this visit we found many changes both good and not so good. Like California there were many, many cars. Traffic was like being on the 5 freeway, no matter what time of day. Scooters were much larger than the ones we encountered a 1969. Now they are the size of motorcycles. No matter, one just drives at the rapid speed right along with everyone else. I should say that Jack drove, not me. Our B&Bs were  wonderful; clean modern bathrooms and great beds. The cost was pretty good as Jack had done a lot of research. Rome was our favorite followed by Taormina which is right on the coast in Sicily. A funicular was necessary to get there.
My wish was to visit Brontë which was the home of our member Gia Cabaret. After driving most of the coast of Sicily we left the freeway and headed to Mount Etna where this lovely town is nestled. I lit a candle in the church for Gia and for Irene, both past members of Newcomers and Friends.
I must say the Palermo was a mix of this and that. While our lodging was wonderful, and the hosts outstanding, some parts of the city were not as pleasant because of the ancient sewage lines. However, we also happened to be there when they had the gelato fest and gelato we did.

The last few days of our trip were spent a lovely Eco farm and spa. There were at least six pools and the main one was housed in a stone covered hut. It was heaven, the food was all grown on the farm and the kitties, called gatti in Italy, we're sweet and friendly. You know how I love kitties, so you would not be surprised to hear that I did feed them tidbits when we dined.

Fashion in Italy is marvelous. They have mixed looks from the past, 1940s, 50s, 60s, and 70s, plus added their own take for a current look. Color is wonderful and mixed to create a new look. The Italian women dress every day and evening. The men do the same, so it is not hard to tell the tourists from the natives.

Finally we toured many churches, the coliseum, the Vatican, hill towns, countryside and wished we had more time. Would we go back, oh yes, we will.
Now on to November, which is the month where we celebrate family and friends and gather together to give thanks for our blessings.

At the November Luncheon and General Meeting we will have a great speaker, good food and some fun surprises. I am looking forward to it and hope that all of you will come and help “NC&F” celebrate Thanksgiving together. Thanks to all of you for being who you are.

Don't forget to add your ribbon to our 'Tapestry of Friendship' Tapestry. It is at all the Luncheons, Tea and board meetings! Jeannine Boren or myself will be happy to help you add your personal touch to our tapestry art piece!

In Friendship, Jodie Baker

"Friendship's Tapestry"                      




The November Board meeting will be on Wednesday, November 4th, 1:00 pm at Jody Baker’s lovely home. We will continue planning for all the special activities going on and coming attractions for the Fall and beyond.
 All are welcome. Please RSVP to Jodie.



                                                AHOY ALL MEMBERS!  


The time is now to sign up for our ‘Friends a Cruising’ cruise!  What are you waiting for?  We have 38 people going and have filled 18 of our initial reservation of 20 cabins! Reserve your space now and join in the fun, we want to fill more cabins!!! We’ll take over the ship, haw haw! See the cruise page for all the details.

If you are considering going with us but are not yet ready to commit, please let Milly Ginsburgh, Barb Ferone or Barri Boren know so we can add you to our ‘maybe’ list. This helps our planning!

Come on, let’s go cruising together!




Our October Luncheon featured Carl Goldman, owner of SCV radio station KTHS1220 as our speaker. He regaled us with the history of both his station and the area including the Northridge earthquake and subsequent emergency preparedness within the valley! We enjoyed a delicious BBQ feast at Rattler’s BBQ with a scrumptious Chocolate Cake for dessert on their newly enclosed patio! The Cruise Troupe of Muriel Usselman and Donna Cerna performed a funny radio themed skit promoting our cruise. Joyce Brady decorated with orange tablecloths and clever radio themed centerpieces! Another fun Luncheon, see you in November! 

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Please join me in welcoming new and renewing members:

                             Name:                                                       Birthday

                        Cookie Diaz (Schwartz)                              6/20

                        Shirley Hollingsworth                                11/30
                        Carol Maul (past President)                      10/20

                        Phyllis R. Stapel                                          8/09


Are you considering joining our Club? Annual dues are $30. Our year runs from June through May. We are in our 31st year!!!  

We are going on a cruise, join the fun!  Contact us with any questions you might have and to receive an application if you are interested in joining us for Fun, Friends and Happy Times Together!!!

For information on Membership, New Member or Renewing Member Applications, contact Janice Weiner, V.P. Membership by opening the home page on our website ( and click on the word ‘membership chairman’ in red letters.



"The great thing about new friends is that they bring new energy to your soul.”

 Shanna Rodriquez



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These past months of August, September and October have been challenging for some of our members. Health issues have been the main cause. Among those recovering are Lois Mills, Linda Bolanos, Milly Ginsburgh, Carla Crancer, Margaret Gilmer, Mary Grisaffi, and Felicity Tong. We have also sadly said farewell to Irene Jansson and Jo Bleecker recently.

Please be advised that we will only publish personal or private information from members who wish to be acknowledged in our newsletters.

If you or anyone you know has a special celebration or an illness, please send the information to Kitty Zimmerman, Sunshine Chairperson, she will send them a card and if given permission, include the information in our monthly Webnews.


Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear,  an honest compliment or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a day or a life around!



Upcoming General Meeting and Luncheons


(See the Luncheon page for details, reservations & cancellations)





Our November Luncheon and General Meeting is in a restaurant that

does not serve lunches during the week.





27007 McBean Parkway

Valencia, CA


Thursday, November 12, 2015 at 12:00 PM.

Terry Sonntag will be our speaker.

We have all collected items our entire lives. What do you keep, what do you donate, what do you give to friends and family, and what do you toss? November's speaker will provide you with some insight into how you can make this determination.

Terry Sonntag has conducted Antiques Appreciation Seminars in Santa Clarita, including at College of the Canyons, and for the community of Tehachapi. He is a member of the Santa Clarita Valley Historical Society and conducted educational seminars that were sponsored by SCVHS. He has been an active collector, buyer, and seller of antiques, and decorative and collectible arts for over 40 years.

He is an accredited member of the Appraisers National Association and is a retired member of the International Society of Appraisers.

From 1981 to 1995, he was co-owner and operations director of the Country Antique Fair Mall, a 12,000 square foot retail store with 100 antiques and collectibles dealers. He then established the Santa Clarita Antique Center, a 60-dealer retail antique mail. He retired from his retail endeavors to pursue his interest in antiques appraising.

He operates Appraisal Clinics and was accepted as a member of the monthly Rose Bowl Antiques Appraisal Panel, sponsored by the Appraisers National Association. He is also an accomplisher artist.

Whether you continue to collect items, want more information on what you have, or are downsizing, you will find that our speaker will provide you with valuable information and references.

Please plan to join us and please celebrate the Autumn Season with us by dressing in any or all the beautiful fall colors!

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Our annual Holiday gathering will be at the Paseo Club!  
We will be collecting new toys to donate for 'Toys for Tots' this month!


We will hold our '4th Annual Action Auction' at Marie 
Callender's. You will be able to have two items auctioned off. You can bring new items or vintage/antique items at least 20 years old!




“Our time together is just never quite enough” (unknown)




Hi girl friends-


'tis that time of year again to bring food staples to our November Luncheon and General Meeting to donate to our local "Help the Children". Our donations, made as individuals, are so appreciated by those in need in our community. "Help the Children" receives no government funding and operates on 1% overhead with donations from corporations, grants, and individuals like us.

Gwen Halstead 

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Beauty Queen Brunch

Newcomers and Friends are Super Sleuths! At our Beauty Queen Brunch on September 16th  the following “N&Fs” SOLVED THE MYSTERIOUS MURDER and received The Smoking Gun Award: Linda Nueman (Miss Mary Mississippi), Barbara Ferone (Miss Natasha New Jersey), Kathy Hagemann (Miss Nina New York), Carol Costin (Miss Tina Texas), Evelyn Molina (Barbara Beauty – a Former Miss America), Donna Jones (Judge Julie – another Former Miss America), Nalini Amin (Miss Lizzie Louisiana). Yes, Wynn Weber (Miss Amy Arizona) murdered Carol Costin with poisoned breath mints. Thank You to Wynn for being such a good sport about playing the killer and thank you to Carol for playing the victim.
Additional awards were won by a number of the 21 guests who entered the world of a Miss America Beauty Pageant plagued with scandal, bribery and extortion! The Miss Congeniality Award was won by Terrie Cipriano (the reigning Miss Amanda America). The Dressed to Kill Award was won by Carol Maul (Miss Allison Alaska). The BEST ACTRESS Award was won by Muriel Usselman (Guido Gunsmoke – NY Mob Boss) and the Miss Moneybags Award went to Donna Jones. All of our guests did a Fantastic Job on their costumes. Amid all the Beauties in their tiaras, sashes and gowns, a VERY BIG THANKS to Muriel Usselman, Carla Lewis (Judge Jake) and Barbara Michael (Private Investigator Pete) for taking on the male rolls during the Murder Mystery.
The food everyone brought to share was DELICIOUS! The Cheesecake brought by Barbara Michael won 1st Place in the dessert category and Barbara Ferone’s Chinese Chicken Salad won 1st Place in the “other” food category. Thank You to Muriel Usselman and Barbara Ferone for decorating the entrance to the party and we can’t forget to thank Donna Jones, Barbara Ferone, Wynn Weber and Carla Lewis for helping to clean up after the party. Maybe we could have another MYSTERIOUS MURDER next year!

Pat Oguss
Social Chairperson
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Water Aerobics!

We have suspended Water Aerobics till next spring.

 Watch for an announcement then.

Jodie B




The Coffee Corner

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Coffee Corner welcomes potential new members and current members for a morning of friendship at different locations around SCV. The event is scheduled on the third Thursday of the month.  New members are encouraged to attend as it is a great way to make new friends and find out about the Club's activities.

The November Coffee will be held at Mimi’s Café, 24201 Magic Mountain Parkway on November 19, 2015 at 10:00AM.

Since we need to make reservations, if you plan at attend, please contact Luana Law,  Gwen Halstead or Donna Jones.  Hope to see you there.

Luana Law




Mexican Train Dominoes

You are invited to join us for a fun, social game of 'Mexican Train Dominoes'. Open to all members! We play the second Friday every month!

This is the only game currently available to "Newcomers & Friends" that does not require a monthly commitment or RSVP and is open to all members. Come whenever you’re available. Dominoes is a fun, but simple game that that you can learn in a few minutes and play right away.

Start time is 10:30 am and we stop around noon to order lunch at a local restaurant.

We play till about 2 pm. If you are a new member, this is a great way to start getting involved with your Club and to meet new friends. If you are a long time member, come have fun with old and new friends.    

We would love to have you! Contact me for location.

Carol Costin                                                                              Mexican Train Game stock photo  


Tea Ladies

The Halloween Tea held at the home of Sandy Enerle was enjoyed by all who attended, and the food was excellent. We enjoyed Nalini's famous orange jello as well as Nancy's first ever homemade scones. Lots of laughs were heard as we worked on a Halloween Word Scramble. There were also a couple of moans, when we realized how obvious some of the answers we missed were. It was a fun challenge that everyone enjoyed. Thank you, Sandy, for a wonderful afternoon.

I would like to again remind everyone that I have sign-up sheets for every month in 2016, and they are starting to fill up!  Please let me know ASAP if you want to be added to the guest list for any month.  I always have a waiting list if the guest list is full.

As always, if you want to attend any of the Teas, please contact me either by email at or phone: 661-255-1619.  If the guest list is full, I always have a waiting list.  

Janice Weiner

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New Rummikub Game!

First time will be the second Wednesday (November 11) from 1 pm-3pm

Call Barbara Jackson 925-336-6211


General Activity Information
Please let me know of any games you'd like to learn. If you are interested in participating in, or especially, coordinating any activities such as walking, games, movie outings, gardening or couples activities etc., please contact me and I will help you organize it.

Contact: Sandy Nichols 661-­252-­7937 or  661-­714-­6327


Happy Birthday to all our special ladies!

Come to the monthly Luncheon & General Meeting and you will receive a special gift!  


First Name Last Name Birthday














































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                "FRIENDS A CRUISING", APRIL 2016 
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