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Monthly Updates - June 2015


Hello Ladies,

Thank you to all who helped to make our Installation so wonderful.  It was 
a great launch into our 31st year for Newcomers and Friends 2015-2016.  As your President, I look forward to working together for a year of friendship and fun. 

For this year I have chosen the theme "Friendship's Tapestry".  I would like to share with you why I chose this theme.

A tapestry is woven with colors and patterns that represent a place, an idea, a thing, or a life. So is friendship an interweaving of lives. Friendships add to the intimate portrait of our lives, sometimes complex and sometimes complicated,  but also full of laughter, listening, sharing and joy. Each color and texture is a layering of yourself and your friends, who they are and who you are. Each layering gracefully overlaps to form a whole picture, each thread connected to one another and touching the heart at its core. Much like a rose that keeps blooming over and over through care and tending, so does friendship. No one is blank inside, there is beauty in all of us. In the coming year I invite each of you to reach out to one another and to discover the colors and textures of each member, thus blending our ribbons of talent, knowledge and individuality into a lasting bond.
                         Together, let's weave a tapestry of Friendship!

It has been a fun year and I would like to thank Janice Weiner and all of the wonderful Tea Ladies for their beautiful Teas and friendship. Great job ladies! To the dancers who so joyfully danced their hearts out for fun and entertainment for Newcomers and Friends. Bravo to everyone of you. Also thank you to the beautiful cowgirls who modeled for us. "You were swell, you were great " as the song says. To Sandy and Carol and Luana, thank you for teaching me to play Mexican Train. I will join you in a game when things settle down. Barri and Jeannine, how does one say thank you for such a wonderful 30th Birthday was fabulous! And finally, welcome to all of our new members and to those of you who agreed to be on the 2015-2016 board, thank you. Working as a team, we will have a great year.
Merci, Gracias, Thank You. Jodieb

                                  Jodie Baker  President 

 An "Evening in Paris"

Dear Installation Committee, 

Bravo to each and every one of you.  You did a wonderful job and I loved the results! Thanks to Milly Ginsburgh, Barri & Jeannine Boren, Grace Elliott, Mikki Garside, Donna Jones and Janice Weiner with very special assistance from Lorrie Kurowski and Diane Millikin. 

The arrival of "Johnny Depp" was a delightful surprise.  I loved sharing a glass of wine and a dance with "him".

For those of you who were not at our Installation Luncheon, ask someone who was there about this.   ps.  Thank You Lorrie K.!

Again, thank you to everyone of you who had a part in this memorable day!




Wednesday, June 3, 12:00 pm noon, at Jodie Baker's home.
This meeting is the annual outgoing and incoming Board Members lunch, and is limited to Board Members only. Please contact Jodie to RSVP and sign up for a potluck dish to bring. Planning  for our new year will  be discussed along with transition between new and old boards.


The REVISED By Laws Have Been Accepted!
At the May General Meeting/Luncheon, the revised By-Laws were voted on and accepted by the attending membership. The intent of the revision is to make our By-Laws reflect current practices and to provide clearer guidance for our future. The By Laws can be found in the By Law section of this website Please read and understand these revised By Laws which will be referred to as ‘THE BY-LAWS” from now on.  You need to be aware of the contents because when you are a member of Newcomers and Friends you are expected to abide by them.

Alyce Kesselman and Marlene (Mikki) Garside


Friendship doubles our joy and divides our sorrow

In Memorium 
(members we sadly lost this past year)
Evelyn Carpenter
(she was inadvertently left out of the May Memorium) 


Getting to know……..Jodie Baker, our new President!

St Charles, Missouri is where I was born on June 18, one of six children.  My given name is JoAnn, I go by "Jodie".  The summer I turned three my family moved to San Francisco.  My dad was doing "Top Secret war work" at the SF Naval Ship Yard.  During that time we lived in Navy Housing which was located where the SF Giants football team plays today.  I consider San Francisco my hometown and yes, my heart is still there.

After High School, I went to work for Wells Fargo Bank at the corner of Market and Montgomery Streets.  My work there was in the Bookkeeping and Investments Departments.  After 2 years there I followed my creativity and love of fashion to work for The City of Paris and Macy's.  Thru the Jim Grimme Modeling Agency, I modelled for Singer Sewing Machine Company, Simplicity Pattern Co., Macy's, City of Paris and several boutiques.  After moving to Contra Costa County, I worked as Fashion Coordinator and Fashion Show Coordinator for two upscale boutiques.  I attended Diablo Valley College where my favorite subjects were Women's Studies, Theatre, Creative Writing, Philosophy, and Anthropology.  During this time I married and had two children.  Sadly, that marriage did not last.  Moving on, I then managed the boutique 'Jean Harris Arts and Apparel' in Berkeley, California. Turns out that Jean Harris is related to Milly Ginsburgh, which we have just discovered, what a small world!  While there I met and married my husband Jack. 

And so began a new chapter in my life.  Jack and I have been married for 39 years and have raised three successful and happy children. Douglas, Robert and Allison.  Yes, life gave us challenges but, together we worked them out.   During this time I studied Interior Design and went forward to open my design and antiques shop named Wildflower Design and became President of The Walnut Creek Junior Women's Club. Was gifted with my first horse and then competed in time and distance competition.  My four horses and I went on to win many blue ribbons and a Best of the Breed medal for my Paint horse, 'Leo's High Cloud'.  Jack and I have visited many countries, skied, kayaked, biked, camped and hosted many foreign Exchange Students making life long friends in many places in the world. 
After our last child entered her 3rd year of college,  my husband and I sold our home, closed up businesses and headed for the open seas. For five years we sailed on our beloved sailboat, 'Elixir', from Mobile, Alabama, up the Atlantic Coast to Prince Edward Island and then back to the Caribbean Islands and every Island in between including the Dutch Antilles.  Then west through the Panama Canal and up the Pacific Coast stopping in every country along the way.  We visited Tahiti on another sailboat with sailing friends.  Finally, we dropped anchor in Banderas Bay off the coast of Mexico.  We stayed there for almost a year before returning to California to reconnect with family and to purchase a home. 

Since my parents and several siblings lived in Lodi, California, we "dropped anchor" there  and I joined the Lodi Wednesday Club where I became President and led new friends and members in fun and frolic. That is until our daughter called to say she and her husband were expecting a child.  Now a new adventure begins.

After hanging up the phone Jack said " we are moving".  In order to be closer to our daughter, we headed South to find a new home.  After three days of house hunting, we discovered Santa Clarita.  The place advertised as "Awesome Town".  Thirty One days later we packed up our belongings and moved into our current home.  Now retired, I was looking for new friends and fun.  Luckily, I happened upon a notice in the local newspaper that led me to Carolyn Wolf and Newcomers and Friends.  Although Jack and I still babysit for our grandson and visit our family in the SF bay area, the rest is history to be made and enjoyed.  JB

Since joining Newcomers, Jodie started the 'Tea Ladies' group, has been Historian, is in the Gourmet Club, one of the Book Clubs and served as Executive V.P. this past year.  Some of Jodie's favorite's: Stargazer Lily and Gemini Rose, chocolate, Angel Food Cake, magenta, turquoise and plum colors, she collects 'Fleur de Lis' and friends. Her fantasy is a "date with Johnny Depp", and she wants to live in France for six months.

May Installation Luncheon

We had a fabulous "Evening in Paris" at Le Chene for our May 'Installation Luncheon". A moment of silence was held for the members we sadly lost this past year. The Club thanked Milly Ginsburgh with a 'Spa Day', her 'Memory Book' and Jeannine Boren created a beautiful Fairy Garden for her. The outgoing Board was thanked for their year of very hard work. After a lovely lunch, Jodie Baker was installed as our new President with her motto of "Friendship's Tapestry."  

Then the fun began with a 
surprise appearance by "Johnny Depp" fulfilling Jodie's fantasy of a date with "him". Johnny treated her to a little wine, cheese, grapes and chocolate, a toast of congratulations and a twirl around the dancefloor, he kissed her hand and bid her    Au Revoir, all under the evening stars and the Eiffel Tower. The  Club welcomed her with gifts of a Teapot filled with roses, a gift card to Marston's Restaurant, a box of See's Bordeaux Chocolates. Janice Weiner presented us with Jodie's 'dislikes' of coconut, gossip, rude drivers and drug abusers! Jodie swore in her new Board with their Oath of Office and they received a welcome gift. 

Jodie, in her welcoming remarks, spoke about friendship, a special project and her plans for the coming year.

She then announced the first ever
Newcomers & Friends Cruise! 

are planning a seven day cruise aboard the Crown Princess with ports of call in San Francisco, Santa Barbara, San Diego and Ensenada. This fantastic trip will include a bus ride to and from Long Beach, shore excursions, special events and activities just for our Club!  Of course there will be our own special fun and frivolity going on! So save the date; April 2, 2016!!!  More details to come! 

Upcoming General Meeting & Luncheons

(see the Luncheon page for details)

June 11th at New Moon Restaurant. Jodie Baker will begin her reign with a special year long theme and project for us highlighting "Friendship's Tapestry"! 

July 9th - Magician Tim Jennings, a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, will be bringing his high-energy, interactive, and comedic magic show to entertain Newcomers at our July luncheon.  

August -  Mayor Marsha McLean joined the Santa Clarita City Council in 2002.  She is passionate in her support for small business, regional transportation, environmental issues, and local government.   

September - President Jodie Baker will host a Zodiac Fashion Show.  

October -  Our luncheon speaker, Carl Goldman, has worked in radio since 1974. Carl and his wife, Jeri, purchased KHTS AM-1220 in Santa Clarita, and they rebuilt the station as a critical voice of the Santa Clarita Valley.  

(fuhn), noun

An essential ingredient of enjoyment and excitement found by singing, dancing, laughing and many other things,



Please join me in welcoming a returning member:

Jeanne Iler             birthday  3/13

***Membership Renewal is due now.  Please note that they are due back to me NO LATER than June 1st if you wish to be included in the new Membership Directory. The sooner, the better! If you wish to receive a paper copy of the webnews, you can indicate so on the Application, and include an additional $12.00 in your check.

Are you considering joining our Club? Annual dues are $30. Our year runs from June through May. We are beginning our 31st year!!!  Contact us with any questions you might have and to receive an application if you are interested in joining us for Fun, Friends and Happy Times Together!!! For information on Membership, New Member or Renewing Member Applications, contact Janice Weiner, V.P. Membership by opening the home page on our website ( and click on the word ‘membership chairman’ in red letters.



The Coffee Corner

Coffee Corner welcomes potential new members, and current members, for a morning of friendship at different locations around SCV. The event  is scheduled on the third Thursday of the month.  New members are encouraged to attend as it is a great way to make new friends and find out about the club activities.


The June coffee will be held at Marie Callender's, 27630 The Old Road, on Thursday, June  18th at 10:00AM.


Since we need to make reservations, if you plan to attend, or have questions, please contact Luana Law.  Gwen is on vacation.


Hope to see everyone there!


'West Side Story'
Canyon Theater Guild

"Said to be Patti Finley's, (our former President) last performance in a production at the guild."

I'm planning a Saturday afternoon, 2:00 p.m. June 20 to attend this iconic musical. Optional dinner to Newhall Refinery. Please let me know if you are interested in participating. The cost will be between $17-$19.

Sandy Nichols 661-252-7937, 661-714-6327 or

Please let me know of any games you'd like to learn. If you are interested in participating in, or especially, coordinating any activities such as walking, games, movie outings, gardening or couples activities etc., please contact me.

Contact: Sandy Nichols 661-­252-­7937 or  661-­714-­6327

Mexican Train Dominoes

You are invited to join us for a fun, social game of 'Mexican Train Dominoes'. Open to all members! We play the second Friday every month!

This is the only game currently available to Newcomers & Friends that does not require a monthly commitment or RSVP and is open to all members. Come whenever you’re available. Dominoes is a fun, but simple game that that you can learn in a few minutes and play right away.

Start time is 10:30 AM and we stop around noon to order lunch at a local restaurant.

We play till about 2 PM. If you are a new member, this is a great way to start getting involved with your   club and to meet new friends. If you are a long time member, come have fun with old and new friends.    
We would love to have you! Contact me for location.

Carol Costin


Our theme for June is a "Gemini" Tea, one of Jodie's favorite flowers is the Gemini rose! Jodie is hosting it at her lovely home.  Reserve your space soon!
There are different guests at each Tea, and guests are welcome to attend as often as they would like.  Please let me know if you would like to sign up for one of the Teas.  

You can call me, email me, sign up at a Tea, a Board Meeting, or at a Luncheon.  Email is best, but know that I will confirm with you that I have received your message how ever I receive it!  
As always,Teas are open to any member of Newcomers, and I have sign-up sheets for all of 2015.Tea is held the second Tuesday of each month, 1:00 pm.  I always keep a waiting list in case of any cancellations.       661-255-1619
Thank you.

Janice Weiner


Please be advised that we will only publish personal or private information from members who wish to be acknowledged in our newsletters.

If you or anyone you know has a special celebration or an illness please send the information to Kitty Zimmerman or Margaret Gilmer, Sunshine Chairpersons, they will send them a card and, if given permission, include the information in our monthly Webnews.


Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear,
 an honest compliment or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn
 a day or a life around!

June Birthdays  

Happy Birthday to all our ladies!
   Come to the monthly Luncheon & General Meeting and you will receive a special gift!   
DIANE Mc MANN      6/18

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